Garbage cleaned up in Wuhan Village

Wang Haofeng Focus Times” (王浩峰聚焦) posted a follow up of the blog post “Garbage out of Control in Wuhan Village” couple days ago. NetEase BBS, IFeng BBS and other Chinese websites published the story of garbage out of control in a village of Wuhan city Hongshan district causing village residents, students, women and children having a hard time passing through the street and severe contamination of the river nearby.


Wuhan government paid much attention to this after the wide spread coverage on the internet. Wuhan city management and relevant leaders went to the sense for inspection and the cleaning up work was started.

On September 15th the village entrances are filled with machines’ rumbling sound. Several construction vehicles were working overtime busy clearing up the foul smelling garbage mountains. Hongshan District village officials came to the scene and directed the work. After the garbage is cleared up, fresh solid was used to cover the ground, a clean environment was restored.

To prevent the problem from reoccurring, officials said the next step is to install the cement pool to store the garbage and appointed proper management. Facing with this situation, residents were full of joy, praising the power of the internet and public opinion becoming more and more significant. Grandma Lee who used to pass by the street everyday to see his grandson at a nearby university always had a difficult time to “break through” the “blockade”. Today she saw the environment is cleaned up, she was very excited, continuously said more than 10 “thank you”. An old man gave the thumbs up and praised “the Internet is really great, the environment is now beautiful just in time for the National Day.” (China’s National Day is 10/1).










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  2. Classic. Story breaks, causes loss of face. 2 days later, act is cleaned up. Well, I think we know how to get things to change, eh ? Just keep exposing…

  3. Stupid chinese government. Go to hell. I give them two weeks before the low class villagers start making a new heap.

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