NetEase Interview with Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing (娄婧)” became popular on the Chinese internet because of the brutal comments and attacks online over her ethnic background and her skin color. Readers also strongly commented on the blog post 2 weeks ago on the issues of racial discrimination in China as well as the moral debate over her mother’s “extramarital affair”. On September 14th 2009 Netease reports, recently Jing Lou accepted an exclusive interview with NetEase news, responded to the controversy of her personal life and skin color.


Lou Jing’s mother is from Shanghai, father is an African American. With her black skin, Lou Jing stood out among the competitors of “Go! Oriental Angels” competition reality show. But her perfect Shanghainese and Mandarin also shocked the audiences. After she advanced into the top five of “Go! Oriental Angels” in Shanghai district, she was named “Halle Berry of the east”, “Black Beauty”, Lou Jing made into the top 30 of the country. However at the same time the controversial discussions over her personal life on the Chinese internet have never stopped.

According to a short video on Oriental TV, Lou Jing was born in a single parent family. Her American father did not know Lou Jing’s mother was pregnant, “because of various reasons” he left China, Lou Jing was raised by her mother alone. Because of her unique life experience and skin color, more and more netizens jumped onto the band wagon of insulting Lou Jing. On August 30th, a person with the user name of “Lou Jing” issued an announcement on KDS. (I have also mentioned it in my last post) And this announcement let to more controversy. When interviewed with Netease face to face, Lou Jing again said, her parents’ extramarital sex was a pure rumor, and she has never made the announcement on KDS. She said that the incident has caused great harm to her and her family. She hopes that everyone can be more tolerant, hope netizens “do not misunderstand me anymore, quickly let this thing pass.”

In addition, different from when she was on the Oriental TV show, which she was in tears when talked about her father, Lou Jing told Netease news that she did not particularly want to find her father. “All of sudden, if I find him who has my blood, but was never there for 20 years, I think it is not unnecessary.” She also read out in front of the camera Zhou Guoping’s (周国平) poem addressed to his daughter (described in a sense of the sanctity of fatherhood). Lou Jing said, to her she has no concept of the word “father,” it only means half of the mother.

Finally Lou Jing spoke in Shanghai dialect that she and her mother have already applied for World Expo volunteers. She welcomed netizens to come to 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

The Interview
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1. I gave myself 80 points (out of 100)

Netease: Lou Jing, Why did you join “Oriental Angels” competition?

Lou Jing: In fact, to tell the truth it is because teachers from school applied for us, and then I actually have couple of my classmates going with me, and there are quite a few in my school also, so we went as a group.

Netease: How is your performance after going through the competition?

Lou Jing: First when I was selected in Shanghai, first day I was very very nervous, that day first time performing in the plaza, there were over 200 people standing on the stairs and looking down at the competition. Also there were judges, would tell you the results at the same day, including some performers didn’t even finish singing, the judges would ring the bell and tell them they did not need to continue singing anymore. I was calling my mother since the preliminary competition, “Mom, Mom please hurry up and come, I don’t dare to go on stage if you don’t come.” Mom was working but still came to see me compete. Even though I did not win the pass to move on right there but the judges called me in two hours to ask me to attend the semi-finals. From Shanghai competition to Shanghai top 5 only took seven days, suddenly, how did I become the top 5 of Shanghai?

Netease: How many points do you think you give your performance?

Lou Jing: 80 points, because I think I have more courage than before (laugh).

Netease: When were you eliminated?

Lou Jing: When from top 30 to top 12.

Netease: You didn’t make into the top 12?

Lou Jing: No, in fact I expected it. I think top 12 competition was becoming increasingly fast paced, that is the time to prepare was two days, then later only one day. In fact, I do not have a strong background in singing and dancing, so this kind of competition was more tiring for me, and also the audiences did not have very good visual sense. So I expected to be eliminated.

2. Two Nick names, “Gong Gong” (戆戆) , “Little Black” (小黑)

Netease: I see the information that you have several nicknames as a child one is called “Gong Gong”.

Lou Jing: Yes, “Gong Gong” in Shanghai dialect means “stupid”.

Netease: Stupid? Why do they give you this name?

Lou Jing: Because I do not get angry at people. For example, generally my mother always taught me to be generous, tolerant. So to my classmates, when I thought I was angry, other people think, this is called angry? It’s like I cannot get angry, always ok, ok and only know how to help people. Another stupid thing is when you are good to others, others might not necessarily be good to you, and then I would think it does not matter. Anyway, I think I am good to other people then I am happy, but other people think I am stupid like that, therefore classmates gave me this nickname.

Netease: Another nickname is “Little Black”?

Lou Jing: Yes, this is coming from skin color, only my close friends call me this, normally no one else calls me that.

Netease: Isn’t calling you this “racial”?

Lou Jing: Not racial, because we are close, normally middle school and high school classmates that are close to me and sit around me in class call me that. But they are weird, when they heard other people calling me that, they would say “Who told you to call her that? This is our exclusive name for her.” It’s like that.

Netease: Were you angry?

Lou Jing: First time I was then I got use to it. Because when we were little, classmates were very close, also when we were little, we had good intentions. Other people gave me nickname I also gave them nicknames. (Laugh)

Netease: Hm, I saw some of your childhood pictures on the internet, and you had happy similes, when did you realize that your skin color is different than other children?

Lou Jing: I think, maybe because you are always in the same environment, when in the same environment, other people will get use to it. When used to it, they will not say anything anymore, but every time when you change to a new environment, other people will say how come her skin color is different from others, then I realized at that time.

Netease: How are you not used to it?

Lou Jing: I didn’t feel it when I was little. When growing up I guess I feel that, but not very particular because it takes not too long to become acquainted to the surrounding environment. Generally, it’s when I go out and see people I do not know. It’s ok if I didn’t talk. When I talked, people would then start to discuss, at that time, I felt so annoyed, it’s like again??? kind of feeling.

3. I am not stupid, I am just kind

Netease: I remember you said it caused inconvenience to you because of your skin color at early age. What inconvenience? Can you give an example?

Lou Jing: There is no inconvenience as a child. Now it is quite inconvenient, particularly after participated in this competition. I do not recall any childhood memory of inconvenience. As the old saying says “When god closes the door on you, at the same time he opens another window for you.” Normally, when I go out occasionally other people would say something, most of them with good intentions. But there are people with not so good intentions, they would insult me. But just a few words, I listen to them and let it pass. I think, it’s just annoying, as long as people around me all are very good to me and that is enough. After participating in this completion, I finally found out, the world is not like what I thought it was. (Laugh)

Netease: Is there time you feel especially angry? That is to hear what other people say to you?

Lou Jing: Does this competition count? (Laugh) Maybe it’s this competition, I feel the media, some media, said some things are very irresponsible, and not true also. Well, it was very helpless. After all, they are just ordinary petty people who cannot do anything.

Netease: How about at the scene of the completion?

Lou Jing: At the scene… yes there is. I saw the fake KDS tour online, there were people came to the competition, they said how come the top 5 of Shanghai all look like this? And calling me “Black Chimpanzee” and such… there are many.

Netease: So how do you respond?

Lou Jing: I don’t care. If they love to talk then let them talk. After all, if you are out here to compete, you must accept other people talking about you. You also cannot control other people’s mouth then just let them say it.

Netease: When you were growing up, you may see other people’s fathers, and you don’t have a father. Do you remember when you first asked your mother about this question?

Lou Jing: When I was about 7, 8 years old.

Netease: How did you mother respond?

Lou Jing: Mother’s response, are not willing to answer me. So then I never asked again. When I do things… if mother does not like it then I would not do it.

Netease: When did you start to know about your birth?

Lou Jing: My 18th birthday.

Netease: How was it?

Lou Jing: During my birthday, when my mom was eating the cake, she suddenly told me very calmly, so I accepted it very calmly.

Netease: You just said that as a child you are very timid. Does that mean you are different from other children?

Lou Jing: That may be it. Maybe when you are different, when you survive in this environment, it’s better to be transparent. It’s not timid, it’s really not wanting to be noticed. I was like this when I was young. For example, when teacher asked us a question, I knew the correct answer but I would not raise my hand. I wanted the teacher to hurry up and call my name, why still not calling my name. (Laugh) Then teach asked one student, he did not know the answer, then I wanted the teacher to call me, call me please. But I would never raise my hand. I am not a student who likes the attention, I am very low key.

Netease: I saw an article you wrote said you are a girl who likes to laugh.

Lou Jing: That’s correct.

Netease: Using the words of McDull to describe yourself, she is not stupid, she is kind.

Lou Jing: When I was watching McDull my classmate called me and said, Lou Jing, Lou Jing, a phrase in McDull suites you very well. I asked which phrase. He said, “You are not stupid you are just kind.” I was angry at the time, I am very smart! (Laugh) Then I was thinking about it, it is true. Because I am good to everything, I don’t care. This kind of person, if everyone else is happy, then it’s ok. That is why he used this phrase to describe me.

4. “Four points announcement” was ridiculous

Netease: I remembered you said you want to become a famous host in the future. But after participated in this competition a lot of people got to know you this way which is not what you expected, and until now do you regret participated in this program?

Lou Jing: No, Certainly I have no regrets. Because no one forced me to sign up, I volunteered myself. During the course, directors and staffs were particularly good to me. But those developments after the completion are something myself and the program could not control. Therefore I do not regret.

Netease: I saw the “Four point announcement” online, then you said you did not write them?

Lou Jing: People who knew me, people who have talked to me all knew this statement was not written by me. When I saw it, I was like if you are going to make a statement please make a normal statement. Don’t make this weird statement.

Netease: The tone is not like you.

Lou Jing: Yes, his tone was weird. “Everything was not my fault.” I am the kind of person if anyone has anything I would rush to help, I would never say it’s not my fault. And I happened to be performing that day, when I saw it, it was issued on August 30th and I was busy all day didn’t even have time to eat. From 9 am to 2 pm I went home to eat my first meal. How could I have time to write this statement?

Netease: So this post was not written by you?

Lou Jing: No, of course it was not written by me. And the program group also found the poster’s address but did not find the person. All objective and subjective evidence proved that it was not written by me.

Netease: As you can see the 4 point statement which says, your father is an American not an African.

Lou Jing: Silly, our China is America’s largest debt creditor. (Laughs)

Netease: And then “native Shanghainese”. Also “parents’ fault I should not be responsible for, I am innocent!” and “Solemnly Protest against acts of racial discrimination by some of you, my skin color should not be the target of attacks! I will retain the right to take legal actions!” Of these 4 points, which point can you agree with?

Lou Jing: None of the points I can agree with. I think what he wrote, every point was very weird.

Netease: How about native Shanghainese?

Lou Jing: I think I am a native Chinese, aren’t we all the same? And I find myself play with most people from the north. My best friends are from Henan and Anhui.

Netease: “Parents’ fault I should not be responsible for, I am innocent!”

Lou Jing: This sentence feels too… “I am innocent.” Really I think my parents are not wrong. What was wrong was the article. I should thank them, they gave birth to me, and it was not their fault, it was the article twisted the truth.

Netease: Finally, protest against racial discrimination?

Lou Jing: I think there wasn’t any racial discrimination, until he wrote the article and caused it.

Netease: You did not feel this kind of thing before the discussions on the internet?

Lou Jing: I think I didn’t feel it, I felt that all the media were all good to me, except the media who wrote that particular article. Until now I do not know which reporter wrote the article.

Netease: Since you said that you did not write the statement, what do you want to say about the whole thing?

Lou Jing: I want to say the inaccurate information misled the netizens. I hope you will be able to see some official news updates, do not misunderstand me, and also quickly let this incident pass because this incident has caused harm to our family. My mother did not even want to go to work this month, because there are too much pressure from the public opinions, also there are so many people talking, so weird. One day when I was walking, suddenly someone pulled my classmate away and said, is that the person from the internet? My classmate was shocked and did not dare to move.

Netease: Do you think there is too much attention on this subject?

Lou Jing: No, it’s not too much attention. It’s the angle of the attentions. All the attentions are not from positive angles, but from negative angles. Including after the article was written many media were able to calculate the precise month of pregnancy such is in October. My mother said it was too strange, how could people know?

5. What extra-marital sex? All of these things do not exist

Netease: We looked at the development of the whole thing. When you are participating in this program, one time you and your mother both showed up on stage, and after that the discussions on the internet have started. When your mother decided to go on stage, did she consider this matter may have a negative impact on you?

Lou Jing: My mother said I was very obsidian, very sensible, and that’s it. I feel strange, how did it become a mess of violation of moral and ethics. I have never thought about it. At that time there was a very good response from the broadcast, many mothers, audience which had the same age as my mother all liked me. But the article written after the program which I did not know about, Two days later I realized that this article on the internet, after it spread online for long time. I felt…

Netease: I saw a few days ago in the program you said there are many things which are not true. Would you like to take this opportunity to say something?

Lou Jing: First they said my mother talked about my birth in the program, in fact it is not true, my mother only said I was obedient and very sensible and some stories of my childhood. And that was it. I don’t know who said my mother talked about her own affairs, as well as those who made up the extramarital sex. All of these things do not exist. It was written in newspaper and they didn’t even know which reporter wrote it. So we are helpless, but those things do not exist. Including the statements on KDS, I think if that person wanted to fake the statement I hope he could have done a better job. I think those words could not have come out of my mouse. I think I am not a person who avoids responsibilities, and say it is someone else’s fault but not my fault. In the course of the completion it was still very pleasant, but a series of things occurred after which I cannot control. It also caused me and my family a great deal of harm. I hope that everyone can all be a little more tolerant, thank you!

Netease: I remembered that in the program, it said your father because “various reasons” suddenly left you, your mother raised you alone up till now. Because it did not clearly say what reasons in the end, many people wondered. Are you willing to talk about this today?

Lou Jing: About this issue, my mother did not want to talk about on stage. It was because TV needed some ratings, the program group repeatedly requested my mother to say “various reasons”, it was already the last thing we wanted to make public, so I think this is after all our own privacy, no need to tell the public. But certainly it was not like what the netizens are spreading on the internet.

6. Do not want to find father

Netease: Maybe every child who does not have father will image about his father, what do you want your father to be like?

Lou Jing: Did not imagine. When I was young I thought he was a minister of an African tribe. I was just guessing when I was young, nothing specific. He should be just an ordinary person, didn’t think much about it.

Netease: Do you hope to find him?

Lou Jing: Actually, no. I grew up living with my mother and felt very good. Also it was a good (life) track. All of sudden, if I find him who has my blood, but was never there for 20 years, I think it is not unnecessary. At least now I have my mother and a lot of friends in my life. This environment is enough for me, I am very content.

Netease: But growing up without fatherly love, do you feel anything is missing?

Lou Jing: I think I will become more independent. Because at home I would repair the broken tape recorder, repair the computer and small electrical appliances. I knew how to do a lot of things a father would do, except for making money to feed the family. I have stronger ability to be independent.

(Lou Jing reads Zhou Guoping’s poem.)

Netease: I want to ask a question, what does “after” mean to you?

Lou Jing: The word “father” means half of mother. I think mom raise me, she was a father and a mother. I do not have the concept of father. I felt whatever father can teach me mom have already taught me. (Laughs)

Netease: What plans do you have for your future?

Lou Jing: I think I still very much hope to be a media person, but I want to be one who cares about justice. (Laughs) Other than that is enhancing my skills through learning, try to be a good media person.

Netease: I remember you once said that your biggest dream is to become a host, but while you are pursuing your dream, the color of your skin might bring you some unnecessary trouble, why is that?

Lou Jing: Because some of the netizens think I do not meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese public. And being a host is the most direct way to present images to the public. It is possible some people will like me and some people don’t, for those who do not like me, I need to spend more effort than other hosts to gain their recognition.

(Lou Jing spoke in Shanghai dialect)
Lou Jing: Netease audiences, everyone, my name is Lou Jing, we all know that World Expo will begin next year. My mother and I had already signed up to be the Expo volunteers. Welcome everyone to attend the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Selected Chinese netizen’s comments on this article:

Little girl, I support you.
Your mother made mistakes, we do not blame you.
You are good to be Chinese, Shanghainese. Do not live for other people.

I can’t believe our country is so tolerant to this point. I have am speechless, Even if her mother is not wrong for cheating, but at least it was not a glorious thing. Does it need to be brought out to day light and bath under the sun? Yes the mother and daughter went to the stage and publicized the scandal, no one else dug it up. They used this opportunity to hype themselves up, ok? Shit already stinks, and you use a stick to poke it, it would be more stinky.

Child is innocence, the mother is not guilty. Why make life difficult for mother and daughter?

In 21st Century also used black and white to distinguish a person is uneducated, no upbringing, ignorant idiots.

Shanghai people like to date foreigners, dating on to TV…

Sure enough, the blacks started to “Dyeing” China Black.

Support you the beautiful Chinese little sister, do not care how others look at you, Go On!!!

Lou Jing is good; smart girl, support her and wish her happy.

Cannot believe of right now part of the Chinese people adore the blacks also! No wonder the Chinese in foreign countries sucks!

Lou Jing did nothing wrong, just blame her mother was too casual.

Bastard + wild species how is that Chinese?

Go! Sister! What other people fond of saying that is their business, even the yellow skin does not mean that person is Chinese, in the United States there are a lot of Chinese (ABC) do not even know Chinese because of their environment, in the same token, even if you are dark-skinned does not mean that you are not Chinese, because this is your hometown growing up!

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    1. You are so full of yourself, what do you mean by Does anyone still give a shit about this woman?” She is as Chinese as you are, get used to it, dummy!

        1. Well, well, well! Another white person putting his racist non-sense on the web? how interesting (white trash); and if you are so called Chinese; then you are not a true Chinese person (just a trash of your low education). Wow, i am amazed at the racism of some of these NET Citizen. Never learning from history! Niggers did not invade you or treat you like dogs! I guess some of you want to be treated like dog (right?)… forgot the middle of the 19th century and early 20th century Chinese history???

    2. 哇,我从来没有想到,一些中个人是种族主义,愚蠢,可怜的美国白人!中国要小心,如果你像“白”的人,你会死喜欢他们。了解你的历史非常好,你是欧洲国家的奴隶,因为你不想醒来!如果你仍然是种族主义者,偏执狂,和自私,你的人将死于无论你有多少人口。我知道,只有少数人是人民无知,在欧洲和北美人的教育采取了不良教育和不已,还带回中国。唤醒中国,否则你将失去,她的父亲是个失败者,但她的母亲是勇敢,认为她的女儿是中国和欣赏她的差异。我不想娄其盎来北美,因为这将意味着,没有中国的希望,并在日本相比,羞耻/朝鲜和其他亚洲国家。没有“纯”中华民族,中华民族是一个混合的部落众多。汉族部落只是许多其他部落的少数。我爱我的中国兄弟姐妹,但不要让非洲人,和其他人恨你,因为你是伪君子!因此,请接受她和停止接受非体会到互联网上… See More的人没有生活白痴,并会放下自己的感情,因为自己的人民。中国应该是一个例子,而不是一个耻辱的世界。诚然,有好的和坏的人在这个世界上,但由此而来的儿童不应受到损害或承担他们的父母(无论是什么耻辱)。非洲人和他们的后代有很多问题,但只是因为我们并不富裕或多少作为一个整体对这些成就种护理:不意味着我们低劣或疾病的这个星球上的任何人。学得很好,这些教训并没有让第二次机会!此外,她的母亲不想隐瞒耻辱(由作为伪君子)和做堕胎,因为她爱自己的孩子从他们自己的行为无罪。有多少中国妇女可以做她的一样吗?在中国人民对羞耻谈话或称她是婊子!请记住,堕胎是西方的工具,以消除他们的敌人(中国或亚洲人和非洲人);我估计中国在毛泽东真正接受这些(优生学的部分)西方的价值观去屠杀自己的人民!哇,告诉你真相,她的母亲是真正勇敢和真正的女人和她的孩子是超过这些混蛋或母狗称这些人是邪恶的名字中。这需要勇气,去面对谦卑自己的过错(她的母亲同是愚蠢的人抛弃了他们,美国),它至少表明了这样的勇气,很多华人除了没有侮辱,并放下其他….行动了解中国,学习,然后再打开你的愚蠢犯规口你的历史。我曾在蒙古的血液我,我不会侮辱任何人民或在这个世界上任何人!是什么使你感到骄傲,因为你有16亿人,你有军队?非意识,没有真正的人类恐惧号码或军队或武器,有比这更坏的事情的生活。再次,学习你的历史,不要再感到自豪,因为你有一些钱,100年前,一些白人对待你不如狗和虐待你,停止做这些给他人。如果您有勇气战胜你的那些人的羞辱,而不是进攻弱!



  2. Why are the Chinese blog quotes so one sided? When I when I Baidu I found as many, if not more, sympathic comments against racism:

    “洪晃:我们凭什么歧视混血女孩娄婧” – “Hong Guan: what right do we have to discriminate against mixed blood girl Lou Jin”

    “娄婧没有错,对娄母也应多宽容” – “Lou Jing is blameless, her mother deserves understanding too”

    “看中国男人怎对娄婧母女发邪火” – “observing Chinese male-chovanism againt Lou mother-daughter”

    “娄婧的呼声感人肺腑” – “Lou Jing’s appeal [to find father] moved me to the core”

    “娄婧天使舞台证明自己和大家一样” – “Lou Jing’s stage presence proves she is the same as everyone”

    “并不是因为她有着奥斯卡影后上海“哈利贝瑞”的称号。而是娄婧切身的故事” – “not because she resembles Halle Barry, but because of her life story”

    “勿以肤色论英雄” – Shouldn’t judge by skin color

    ” “黑珍珠”娄婧证明自我” – “black pearl” Lou Jing proves self-worth

    “娄婧比模特儿更美” – Lou Jing is more beautiful than models

    “大家多谅解她吧” – people should cut her some slack

    “娄婧是个小天使,这与她的肤色无关” – Lou Jing is an angel, matters not what skin color

    “黑色只是普通的肤色” – Black is but a normal skin color

    “很佩服你的勇气” – I admire your [Lou Jing’s] courage

    “自认为一番高论的鸟语,首先让我感到你真丢我们炎黄子孙的脸” – your [racist] self-righteous BS made me feel you’ve lost face for all Chinese

    “应该让我们所有的人值得同情” – they deserve all our sympathy

  3. I am an american male of african decent . Lo Jing is a beautiful women . Tall and graceful.
    Articulate and intelligent . In the United States she would be seen as a African American
    Women. Until she spoke no one would think other wise. I think if she was here she could be America’s next top Model ( Tyra Banks TV Show ) or anything else she wanted to be. I pray she is blessed with the life she wants and that some day her father re-unites with his
    stunning daughter.

  4. I am an american of asian decent and she needs to know that the asian american communities support her. She is gorgeous and her chinese is off the hook. The haters can all go f themselves.

  5. Lou Jing, you are a smart and beautiful young woman! The fact that you are different than the large majority of Chinese makes you very special. You should be proud of yourself!!

    1. Chinese people are not pure; she is very different; China should be proud to have such person! It is only a very few pathetic, foolish, ignorant chinese so called han tribe whom believe they are pure (hahahahahahahahaha); bull shit… China has as many tribes, cultures than African and India…. She is beautiful; and yes her mother made a mistake with that stupid American (not even worth calling him African American); whom abandoned the both of them. Her mother did not want to kill that child but to show others that she she can take responsibility for her own actions. She did not abort her child like millions of Chinese woman to hide her shame; SHE is truly a MOTHER and CHINESE (true) woman. I hope that the Father shame himself to death in pure humiliation (pathetic fuck).

  6. picking on this young woman is ludicrous, the Chinese have intermarried/procreated with Aussies, Turks, Filipinos, Americans, Britons, Latin Americans and i could go on and on . so what is the big deal about a blasian girl. This is just exposing China’s ignorance towards Blacks, and im glad for that. why were people suprised she spoke Mandarin when she is born in China? I will go on to say, I see no trace of asian anything in Lou Jing, seriously, her father’s genes were STRONG. Looks wise she looks totally AFAM, amazing.

  7. Lou Jing displays considerable wisdom and maturity for her age which is a reflection of her mother’s parental guidance coupled with China’s excellent educational system. She’s astute in recognizing the unstable financial position of the United States and it’s need to rely on loans from China It’s readily seen her heart and soul are Chinese and and my hope is her color issue is a thing of the past. She is, like most Chinese and Black Ladies, very beautiful. I hope her native country embraces her and she makes China proud in the future.

    1. Blacks call black chinese blacks, there is no chinese in black.

      Not even in Amerika, all the mixed whites, yellows, Indians are blacks, don’t you know.

  8. Well some like it hot and some like it cold, some like it White and some like Black, some like it Hard and some like it soft, some like it good and some like it bad, that’s how this world is made up so get use to it and move on

  9. I say, if you like her in the USA than you should take her in and make her an Amerikan.

    And there are many like her in Vietnam and Korea, so why is she more beautiful than the other rejects in Asia?

    Also, I would want her to be treated the same way as the westerners treated me here in the west, like dog shit.

    1. VoiceOfOmer – You have some seriously psychological problem, because you got hurt you want others to be hurt or hurt them….. pathetic… .grow up

      1. “You have some seriously psychological problem, because you got hurt you want others to be hurt or hurt them….. pathetic… .grow up”

        You do not live in Amerika, so you do not know the gods words words.

        Eye for an eye and do to others as they do to you.

        What’s wrong with you 3rd world country folk?

        Cannot stay up by yourselves?

        Just like the blacks they take what they want, like Obama takes the whitehouse from the whites and black men takes the white women from the whites.

        A great wise man says, “If you do not want people to know that you and your kind are such pothead Rastafarians. Then you all should go to Catholic schools!”

        Hey Hans scumbag, keep a cock in your mouth and STFU.

      2. “Breivik has admitted to setting off a bomb July 22 in Oslo, killing eight people, before opening fire to the governing Labor Party’s annual youth camp on Utoya island. But he has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying his victims had betrayed Norway by embracing immigration.”

        Hey grandpa, when we grow up you will be very very sorry, indeed.

        Black lovers like you have no place in China.

        But black Amerika wants you.

  10. “Hahahahahahahaaha I have never seen a coward like you before”

    You should go out more often if you live in the US and Canada, for sure some other coward with a gun will do you and save me the trouble of looking you up.

    We don’t need to kill ourselves here, there are enough crazies in the US and Canada to do it for you and the rest of us in the west.

    Black Amerika is for blacks, yellow China is for Chinese, one China one people.

  11. I am very very proud of Lou Jing and especially her mother, after everything they are having to deal with and go through, particularly negative and ignorant people. Lou Jing
    choose to deal with life in a very tolerant, dignified and respecting nature, you will go very far in life and be a shining example of how humans should be and behave towards each other.

  12. Hey VoiceOfHomer..

    I know that you are white – (even if you are not) a white person must have fucked you up the ass; and you got trauma (serious) that went straight to your brain.

    I do not know the feeling but I am sure that you are wanting more of it…. Please, you are not even Chinese…..

    When you come to Canada (Toronto); let me see whom you are in person; and test your skills (language, history, and other aspect of Chinese cultures); then we will see ..

    Anyways, you are still a coward – try not to kill yourself because it would be a benefit for the Chinese people and the world.

    So lame… Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahah – Use your real name mine is “Hans Harry Felix”not “Voice of Homer”hahahahahahaha

    Plain coward – do not even say that you are Chinese because you are not..

  13. To Lou Jing,

    Just be yourself, don’t care about what people think of your color, your race. You are citizen of the World. You have the right to be here with all of us, to be happy as a person and be successful. Be proud of your mother, too. She gave birth to you, and raised you to be beautiful as you are today through pains and efforts. You can be strong and famous and be loved just like any one of us.

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