Garbage Out of Control in Wuhan Village

Do you believe it? When people pass through this street of a village in Wuhan city Hongshan district, they need to cover their noses and eyes and hold their breath.


September 8th a Netease blog called “Wang Haofeng Focus Times” (王浩峰聚焦) went to the scene to inspect and reported the observation in the blog post.

Endless piles of garbage are burning by the river at the entrance to the village. Foul smelling odor coming from the thick smoke and ashes of the burning plastic pours into the village with the wind. Village residents, students, women and children who pass by the street are irritated into tears and full of complains. The person sits on the backseat of a motorcycle with one hand covering his mouse and nose and the other hand covering the rider’s mouse and nose. Helpless rider rides his motorcycle with his eyes closed. Some college students pass by, using their clothes to cover their mouse and nose, quickly run and breakthrough the smoke filled “blockade”… Group of green headed flies are buzzing around the area.

As it turns out, the daily garbage all around this area are all dumped at the entrances of the village. No department and organization are cleaning and transporting the garbage. Every time when waste piles up like a mountain and a dense mass of flies “blocking” the road, some people would start a fire to burn the garbage and repelled the flies. Sometimes once the garbage is lit it will burn continuously for several days. This kind of “digesting of the garbage in place approach” has been there for many years. The river next to the village is also polluted into a waste river.

There are not only universities and research institutes connected by this street, but there is also an elementary school inside of the village. Many students pass by here every day, some of them are new college students from all over the country.

When are we going to end the harms caused by piles of unmanaged toxic waste?












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  2. I know it is sad and terrible but this shows selfish thinking. We would rather be miserable in this wasteland then to get together and clean it up! Why can’t they get together as a neighborhood team and do something about this? Naw….that would be too much work and it would make someone responsible and WE don’t want that. Oh and hey, how about stop throwing the garbage there? Someone started throwing garbage there and just like copycats everyone else started to do the same. So they have nothing to complain about. THEY did it and now they are sad. At least dig a hole.

      1. first off, noone here is blaming the US, and 2nd off, the system we have in America is far from ideal. if you think all our toxic garbage just turns into a healthy compost in some isolated nook of the country you’re wrong

    1. And do what with it? Where do people take the trash, once it’s cleaned up?

      Define “cleaning up”. Do you intend to burn it? Compress it with a giant compactor you are going to have shipped in? What? Tell us, please, of your plans. “Dig a hole”? With what equipment do you dig a hole big enough for all that garbage?

      Hello, can we be any less ignorant in public, please? These people don’t have municipal trash pickup or controlled dumping. Government doesn’t take care of it. What are YOU and your CIVIC PRIDE going to do with it once you “clean it up”? You’ll be toting every last scrap of it out of that toxic dump in the pictures and you will be taking it somewhere yourself, that’s what.


  3. I don’t think we have the right to judge and criticize them unless we really know what is going on. Maybe someone has tried a clean up only to see it refilled the next day? there is probably some shady govt business deal that where some guy gets paid to dump there. I hope they get their act together and find the guy responsible and have a nice weekend protest. nothing makes things happen faster than a big angry mob.

  4. Is it dumped there by one person or is this a contribution from the whole neighborhood?

    “As it turns out, the daily garbage all around this area are all dumped at the entrances of the village. No department and organization are cleaning and transporting the garbage. ”

    These sentences don’t make it clear. But it seems that the neighborhood people just do it. Anyway, these people need to work this out together and not just sit around burning it every once-in-a-while.

  5. Photos of the garbage, but why not of whoever is dumping it?

    If it is a regular thing, then why not follow it up?

    Why did anyone bother reporting this story, without getting a little bit more information.

    If it is the people of the village dumping, then it’s up to them to sort it out.

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