Boy Electrocuted by a Roadside Advertisement Case in Shanghai, China

[QQ] Yesterday afternoon, in Shanghai Qingpu district Xujing town a roadside Advertisement Case (A translucent case with advertising printed on it and light inside) was leaking electricity, unfortunately electrocuted an 8 year old boy.

The boy20090828-electrocuted-01

Eastday reporter found out that after the incident the advertisement case was already removed and the power has been cut off, there are still a lot of water remained in the case.20090828-electrocuted-02

According to the victim’s family, the boy’s name is Zhang Yufeng (张裕丰), turned 8 years old this year, was from Anhui province. Yesterday afternoon around 4 pm, he and his mother were shopping for books and school supplies, preparing to return back to Anhui for school. When the mother was trying to get a cab, the boy was at aside, one hand holding the street sign and the other hand grabbing the advertisement case. Suddenly the boy collapsed because of the electric shocks. After the incident, Boy was immediately rushed to town hospital, where the doctors were unable to save him, pronounced him dead at 5:25 pm yesterday.

Boy’s mother Ms. Zhang said “His 2 hands were touching them and then his head started to spin. I thought he was playing, I said he was naughty. Then he felt down and told mommy, I was not shaking, I was shocked by electricity, that’s why my head was spinning. He said his hands are so numb, there is electricity, numbed his hands.” Eye witness Mr. Yang said “I was standing next to them at the time, Kid was playing and his hands are touching the metals, and then just collapsed all of sudden.”

Reporter learned the reason of the accident might be because the boy was touching the advertisement case which was leaking electricity at the same time  he was also touching the street sign, which formed a closed circuit. Victim’s family said, advertisement light case is a public facility, must be managed properly to eliminate potential safety problems, please learn this lesson paid for with blood.

Boy’s father said “This is an advertisement case with light, placed at a public place, must guarantee it does not leak electricity!”

Currently, Xujing town relevant department are in consultation with the family to deal with the aftermath.

Boy’s father showing the accident sense.20090828-electrocuted-03

Key: After reading this news, I couldn’t help to feel this was taken really lightly, even with the tone of the news and the tone of the family in the news. To me it is outrages. I probably won’t dare to touch anything metal on the street of China for a while. Is anyone going to be responsible for this? Or the family just going to get some pity cash for it and calling a day?

  1. holy crazy…… I wonder how long the sign was leaking electricity for? I wonder how many other signs are doing the same? I wonderhow long i can go without touching anything metal? Time to start wearing gloves.

  2. Media ask that of people all the time, so it doesn’t mean it’s fake. Plus, stories of people getting electrocuted by shitty wiring happen way more often than I’d like…

  3. Hey like it or not, this is China. Shit happens. Real shit. and ALL THE FUCKING TIME HERE IN CHINA.
    (dont worry, i’m not racist. I just fucking hate stuff like this happening to good people who dont deserve it)

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