Female Graduate Student Bribed 70 Year Old Professor with Sex for PhD admission

20090818-sex-bribe-02 Central Conservatory of Music  (the national leading musical institution in Beijing, China This is their website) 70 year old doctoral advisor professor Liang Maocun (梁茂春) had sexual relations with Shenyang Conservatory of Music MS Graduate (class of 2003) Zou Jiahong (邹佳宏). He also accepted 100,000 yuan in bribe from her in order to “help” her to be admitted to the PhD program in CCOM. This is recently exposed so called “Exam Gate” incident.

Professor Liang has already turned himself in to the school’s disciplinary department, stating he had physical relationship with female student Zou Jiahong that is beyond a relationship between a teacher and a student. He also admitted that he accepted 100,000 yuan as bribe. It was understood that in order for Zou to be admitted to the PhD program, she gave 50,000 to Professor Liang as learning fee, and 50,000 yuan as other costs. She also promised that once she is receives the admission that 50,000 yuan will be sent to the professor as cost of living. But in the end Zou Jiahong still was not admitted to the PhD program. In May of 2009, Central Conservatory of Music announced final scores and admissions and Zou did not get in. She then came to the school looking for Professor Liang throwing a fit. According to the school professor Liang thought school would eventually find out, and felt helpless. So he took the initiative, went to the school and confessed everything. During the confession Liang was very sincere. The 70 year old senior intellect was described as “tearful” and “full of regret”. Before the confession he has also returned 100,000 yuan bribe back to Zou Jiahong.

According to insider, when investigating Zou’s scores in each categories, they noticed processor Liang always scored her slightly higher. But the other 4 processors gave consistent fair grades. In the end Zou was not admitted. School spokesman said this is the first time this kind of scandal happened here since the school was first built. He made a statement on behalf of the school urged candidates do not believe the promises made by certain professors and intermediary about any exams.

After Zou Jiahong had sex with the professor and gave bribe to him and she still did not get in to the program. She then also immediately went to the school to accuse and expose Liang Maochun. She exposed everything. Once seen as disciplined, respected music professor carried out such outrageous act, this news shocked school and many of his colleagues. People already made up a pun calling him “the beast” (‘Professor’ has part same pronunciation as ‘beast’ in Chinese).

This case is now in the hands of the police. When Zou went to the school and “reported” the situation the school security was not able to handle her disturbance and called the police right the way. Law experts said professor can be prosecuted for bribery.

Professor Liang Maocun:20090818-sex-bribe-06

Central Conservatory of Music Professor Liang Maochun’s Biography: Male, born in March 1940 in Shanghai, the Central Conservatory of Music professor and PhD supervisor, Chinese music historian, music critic. Liang Maochun has long been engaged in the history of contemporary Chinese music teaching and research work. He served as deputy director of the Department of Music, Chinese Music History Teaching and Research Office. Currently he is executive vice president of Theory of the Chinese Musicians Association, deputy director of the Commission "Chinese Music Critics Society". He many times participated in academic exchanges in China and aboard. He published "China’s Contemporary Music", "Hong Kong Composers," "The Sound of Music years" and so on. And he is the editor of the "General History of Chinese Music Guide" and other monographs.

Professor Liang Chunmao on November 5, 2006 at the fiftieth anniversary of Central Conservatory of Music Department establishment wrote this "dare to speak the truth, think independently; willing to be lonely, living a simple life with principles"


These words like needles sting every student who respected and worshiped him. Professor Liang was "dare to speak the truth", after the incident he brought things to light went to the school to admit its mistakes, but what about "willing to be lonely, living a simple life with principles" He uses student’s desire of being admitted to PhD program to have sexual relations with her, and also accepted 100,000 yuan of bribe. Can his students ever believe him again?

State institution of higher learning is the holy land that has long been recognized as pure as an ivory tower. But for such scandal happen there, it really struck the sensitive nerves of the Chinese people. People made all sorts of comments about this.

Some said professors was obsessed with lust, use student’s higher education as a bargaining chip to have sexual advances, this seriously hurt the feelings of those who entered the University with hard work. Some said this lustful female graduate student is unmoral and shameless. She uses her dignity as bargaining chip for fame. A young girl does the grandpa, what a shame!

Shenyang Conservatory of Music graduate Biography,

Birthday: August 2
Education: Master’s degree from Shenyang Conservatory of Music 2003

Published works: "Music Magazine" 2007, "Music Magazine" during the 20th century, had a positive impact on the professional music publications in China. It reflects the music’s status quo and aspirations.

More pictures of Zou Jiahong:





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2009 08 24 Update:
The pictures of Zou Jiahong can not be confirmed.  Apple daily misused a Taiwan TV host’s (林逸欣) picture as Zou’s picture.  They have already openly apologized to Lin.

These are the pictures of Taiwan TV host being misused200900818-update-01


These are other different versions of unconfirmed pictures of Zou used200900818-update-02

  1. haha wat a hoebag

    Chinese higher learning a pinnacle holy land? pure as an ivory tower? what a joke. Common knowledge that students throw their bodies around, and professors prey on the desperate….even the not so desperate. I wouldn’t be lying to say that both parties are willing to do the deal. This is quite common in China, I’m sure hes not the only one in that school to do this sort of thing.

    I don’t know who intiated the proposal, but I put my money on the girl begging rather than the professor leveraging her desperation. This is based on the reasoning that he knows that its not a for sure deal. If it were not 100%, he wouldn’t take the risk out of fear that something like this would happen. So she must’ve approached him, thinking that his status and clout would help her get a golden ticket. Wat a dumb bitch. Now shes a 15 minute celebrity whore who didn’t get paid, and hes a lustrous asshole.

    This is the holy land of higher learning.

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        1. Looks a bit like an automated translation tbh. They never really make much sense when its done Chinese-English. “Jay’s Dad” is either a 5 mao retard or he doesn’t know much about China’s higher educational system. Virtually ALL professors do shady things in China. Some of which they don’t even regard as shady in this country. Students are pressured to take extra (extremely wellpaid) private lessons. Professors expect students to invite them to expensive restaurants occasionally. Lots of this shaite going on. Most of it is questionable guanxi but not rarely it evolves into outright bribes. Dare to deny it “Jay’s Dad”. EVERY Chinese person I know who attend or attended university can testify my case.

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  2. I shall treat that suggestion with the contempt it deserves.YEAH!!YOU!!I mean u,wee boy,nobody root for you,HAHA,feeble rally,huh“““`we home and five and flying high

  3. The man’s mistake was he didn’t keep his side of the bargain! He should have helped her in the Phd program if the story is true. Maybe she would show her gratitude again. The man tried to cheat the girl. Never try that guys.

  4. I know this is an old story, but I don’t care.
    How many guys can honestly say that this wouldn’t work on them? This shouldn’t be considered a scandal, but it should also go without saying that he did violate his trust with the university, and that can’t be ignored. So fire him, but the publicity of something like this is only going to raise support for the dirty old man, because most of us are not from the hyper-moralist gestapo.

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