Video of “Cloth Shoes Girl” being Ganged up


[QQ] Recently this video of a female high school student wearing cloth shoes being beaten up by several other students spread on the Chinese internet.  In the video this girl was blocked by other students at a staircase.  They forced her to kneel in front of them.  They pushed, kicked and slapped her in the face when she refused.  Yesterday, netizens human flesh searched and found this happened in Xinzhen Longhu First High School (新郑龙湖一中) in Henan province.

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This video is 3:45 long, looks like happened in a corner of a school building.  A female student wearing a yellow top is standing there cornered by many other students (mostly female).  Because she was wearing black cloth shoes, netizens called her “Cloth Shoes MM” or “Cloth Shoes Girl” (布鞋妹).

In the beginning of the video you can hear people shouting “start, hurry”.  With the urging voices, five to six female students started to push around “Cloth Shoes Girl”.  Some kicked her behind, some punched her back and some poked her with a stick.  Because some student did not hit very hard, they got laughed at “are you scratching an itch?” “Cloth Shoes Girl” did not say a word, being pushed back and forth while aggressors laughed.

After a minute into the video, someone said “if you didn’t take it, then kneel here and swear!” “Cloth Shoe Girl” said with a low voice “I didn’t take it”.  Then she raised her right hand ready to swear.

Someone shouted viciously “Kneel!” and also started counting “5, 4, 3 …” when they finished counting, “Cloth Shoe Girl” still did not kneel.  Someone then shouted “hurry and just beat her up!”  One girl walked up to “Cloth Shoe Girl” and slapped her in the face.  “Cloth Shoe Girl’s” face turned red.  After awhile of pushing, shoving and hitting one student shouted “hurry, class is starting.”

During the entire video, someone would walk up to her from time to time and kicked her into the corner.  “Cloth Shoes Girl” was just standing there with teary eyes.  At the end of the video, someone ordered “Cloth Shoes Girl” smile at the camera.  The “Cloth Shoes Girl” did not respond so one student came up to her and pinched her face pulling it to one side to make a smiley face.  Video ended in more laughter sound.

On August 10th someone posted this video on a website’s World of War Craft forum caused netizens’ anger and criticism.  In this post wrote “Innocent eyes, not knowing what to do with her hands, red faced and with tears in her round eyes, this girl never kneeled down.  How do you feel about it? Are you sorry? What if she is your sister, if her parents saw this, how will they feel about it?”

Soon many people started the human flesh search on “Cloth Shoes Girl” and the aggressors.  From the accent used in the video and the location, netizens located the target to be Xinzhen Longhu First High School.  Netizen “夜ZOX” said “On August 11th, one student from this school went to school and took a picture of one school build’s corner.  In the picture, the staircase, the mirror on the wall and the color of the wall are identical with the video.”  Another student even posted “Cloth Shoes Girl” and the other 6 aggressors’ names online.

Yesterday 8:30 pm, reporter contacted the school.  School principle admits this incident really happened in their school.  But it happened in June, these girls in the video lives in the same dorm, one of the student’s clothes were missing, they suspected “Cloth Shoes Girl” stealing it so they cornered her and integrated her.

After the school found out about this incident and taking into consideration of girl’s self-esteem, they did not deal with this publicly.  The aggressors were criticized and asked them to apologize to the victim, and she forgave them.  Later the students’ lost clothes were found also, it was a misunderstanding after all.

Key: So why was this video spreading so quickly and got so many attentions of the netizens?  Here is my take on it.  There is significance on the cloth shoes.  Cloth shoes are to be viewed as unattractive, unfashionable among the new generations; especially people live in the city.  Cloth Shoes existed in the older days of China as far back as the dynasty era. The common conceptions is whoever still wears these especially the black ones, they must be farmers or peasants.  They must be poor.  You will almost never find anyone wearing these in the Chinese major cities, well of course except the migrant workers.  As China is being modernized there is an increasing gap between the rich and poor, between the cities and country side.  People from the cities look down, bully and disrespecting people from the country side is a hot issue and often being discussed on the internet.  Because of the black Cloth Shoes the girl was wearing in the video, netizens took the incident as a country-side student being bullied by city student.  It just shows how sensitive Chinese people are towards this issue.

  1. I got a pair! I know one of my badminton buddies wear them to gym, hes 50+ and definitely not a farmer.

    I applaud the girl for not kneeling. It’s an example to be followed. Her passive resistence should be commended.

  2. Heeeeellllllz yeah. Good on her part for not kneeling down.

    But seriously, this video just shows how bad our world is getting, socially, and economically.

    I’m surprised at how much hate is going on in this video…

    This incident is gonna be engraved in the poor girl’s mind, for the rest of her life. People should really think about these things before they decide to go screw someone over. Even if they ARE kids.

  3. I wish i could have been there that day for that girl to drag her away and make her safe from the ugliness of humanity that is present in this video. She is an AMAZING young girl and the strength for her not to kneel makes her even more Incredible!

    If you read this young lady, please know that this has nothing to do with who YOU are, it has more to do with others that not acting on strength or humanity, they are acting upon complete and utter weakness and within themselves to build up what they lack and they lack so much of which you already possess.

    You are a princess, a beautiful soul that has a bright future ahead. The Clothes you wear do not dictate the person you are, and even if you do wear Cloth Shoes, WHO CARES!!!… There is NOTHING wrong with this, and By the way! I LOVE YOUR MICKEY MOUSE SHIRT!!! … Its extra COOL 🙂

    Take Care little sweetheart, you a diamond so make sure you shine like one from this day forward. The WORLD after seeing this loves you and cares for you and that includes me.

    Be Happy 🙂

  4. Lol those girls are so weak, i can go there and take care of them with one arm lol.
    I wish i was there to save her, those mean girls need a beating…

  5. D*mn , after watching that , it got me all pissed .. I’m glad she didn’t kneel down though . Those b*tches areee weak , lols . I wish I was there to help her though ;(

  6. Wtf? All ’em fuc-ers are making Asians look so bad. Now if I were there.. I’d make Asians look even worse by actually fighting back. But then again. I’d be in more trouble. Since I’d probably get arrested, and tried at the court. Unlesssss the judge considers it as ‘self-defense’, which probably would be into consideration. Hey Boo, I see your username-thing. xD

  7. And then people wonder why we (ROC) don’t want to be “assimilated” by the Borg (PRC).

    But props to “Cloth Shoes Girls” for not bowing down to those bullies.


  8. LOl it’s called a girl fight.
    guys wouldn’t understand the difference between a guy fight and a girl fight.
    Girl fights are fought with fingers, slaps and pokes.
    Most girls only use threats.

    LOl it’s called a girl fight.
    guys wouldn’t understand the difference between a guy fight and a girl fight.
    Girl fights are fought with fingers, slaps and pokes.
    Most girls only use threats.

  9. Wow, James Kan. This kind of situation happens in EVERY country, not only in China. So please, don’t bring countries into this. We can only help those who are victimized.

  10. I hate that shitty soft nanny crap about apologizing. So those moronic 妓女 said sorry and the girl “accepted” it. What else is she supposed to do if she wants to live a barely tolerable life at school? The thing is that when other Chinese kids see these niubi videos and read that the punishment is to say “I’m sorry” they’ll realize they can do the same without being punished. The solution is to kick them out of school. Teach them a lesson and let other kids know that this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable.

    Gilbert K. Chesterton: ” A stiff apology is a second insult. ”

    And “Cecilia” we DO want to make it a country issue because here in China the punishment is so low. Noone dares take responsibilty to throw thug kids out of schools, noone dares to dish out harsh punishments because the families might hire 5 goons to beat you up or worse. The “might is right” idea is so common here that if a majority is beating up a minority then there’s got to be something right about it. That’s also why you often see 10 people kicking the shaite out of some poor guy in the street. Most Chinese people will think that he is either a thief or that he in some other way deserves to be beaten into a pulp and crippled for live. China,, clean up your mess.

    1. I couldn’t agree more mate, there needs to be a FAR GREATER punishment system, and yes you are right this not be a Country issue more of a punishment issue and those Women as you stated need to punished accordingly.

  11. WOW, only a SORRY? thats shiitzz
    yea sure but they should use REAL punishment. Rich brats. I hate them. What they did contained physical harassment, insult, threat, physical bullying, verbal bullying and more. That issue would have been brought to court if they were in another country like Canada (cuz i live in Canada)

    Sometimer a simple sorry cannot pervent things like that from happening again. Its obvious those bullies should have at least been charged. Teachers dont care, they just want to keep their jobs. psssh

  12. I couldn’t even watch the entire video because it hurt too much. I’d LOVE TO TAKE THOSE BITCHES to an american high school and have someeven bigger bitches from there beat them up.

  13. Wow yet again another story of a young girl being beaten and no recourse taken on the aggressors.. Dishonor on those girls and their families! There is no honor in ganging up on a helpless young girl and umiliating her infront of her peers and then making it world news….

  14. That’s shows what money is actually bringing to China. What’s upset me is when people refer to China as “Communist China”…..I would rather say “Capitalist China” with a CAPITAL C and so you have things like this going on.
    Feel sorry for the girl sure, no one with minimum sense of compassion would not feel the same. But hey this is how things are gonna be in China now that making money has become glorious. The story reflects very much the changes the country is going through. I have heard of similar stories in many developed countries where students bully weaker peers. I am sure civilized America will have many similar and so does Europe.

  15. Beating a girl over a pair of “old fashioned shoes” is rediculous and quite frankly childish. China is losing control over its young people. I have a friend from Ireland who teachers in China. One day he told me he saw four Chinese men beating on another whild a crowd of 15+ watched and did nothing. Without taking his own life into consideration he stopped the beating to the amazement of the aggressor. The four men stepped back in awe. My friend picked up the injured man and took him to the hospital.

    Apparently the four agressors were brothers of a young girl who was dating the man being beating. He broke up with her. she did not take it well, so she told her brothers and the cowards ganged up on the man and beat him. My friend said the guy was badly bruised and cut. The brother probably would have killed him.

    The sad thing is the bystanders did nothing to help the defenseless man. Which I am told is a common occurance in China. If it is not your problem do not interrupt. Being a bystander and watching an argument or fight is much safer.

  16. So weird that her condemnation came about from something like wearing cloth shoes.
    Plenty of elderly wear them still, and still wear the attire that one would have worn during China’s Cultural Revolution (hard to describe) do these young people gang up on and beat the elderly for wearing cloth shoes or oldfashioned clothing? Never. In fact most of these girls probably have grandparents who still do wear them. It makes no sense.

    Gutless cowards they are!
    No i’m not talking about the students, I’m talking about the school administrators for not imposing reasonable punishment on the pathetic and disgusting girls who beat this young woman.

    1. fuck you you think this is funny go suck a cock and die bitch. I like to see how funny it is if that was you stupid ass. I say put my cock in your mouth and shut the fuck up bitch.

  17. What the fuck is wrong with China. I don’t care if I am not a chinese but shit like this is just wrong. Do something about it. You can’t even fucking take care of small shit like this how the fuck are you gonna run your fucking country. For all the Chinese get your shit straight and take care of shit like this. You have billions of people open up some jobs to have people watch the school and don’t let shit like this happens. Parents fucking look out after your kids and ask them if shit like this is happening to them. All you fucking bully go fuck yourself and die. The world is too crowed for bitches like you. Think before you reply back cause I will fuck you up.

    1. Your argument loses appeal when you cant write a single sentence withouth swearing. I’m just saying.

  18. Correct. I don’t disagree. I’m not just an angry guy but also a reasonable guy. If replys are reasonable I will agree to. But to be honest who it the right mind would not be angry about things like this. Just imagine if it was your daughter going through this everyday. Would you be angry? I know that if the Chinese wanted to they can reduce stuff like this by adding more faculty member to the school. Adds more job and also reduces this kind of violence at school. Win Win situation right there. But bottom line is bullying or any violence of that nature is not acceptable period.

  19. Aww poor girl! I really hate bullies! Chinese people are really sensitive. That’s what I’ve observed.

  20. The girl was not just bullied because she wore cloth shoes. She was accused of theft because narrow minded people said she probably took the missing item because she is poor. The item was found and everyone knows she is innocent. I hope the bullies now know you must think before you accuse anyone. I also hope the girl proudly wears cloth shoes or anything else she wants to wear. I hope she went to college. She is a wonderful person and I hope she knows that.

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