Mother Beaten to Death By Hotel Manager While Defending Young Son


Chongqing Business News,  Zen, Donghai (曾栋海), an employee at Longtousi Train Station, has never imaged in his wildest dream that a tragedy would land upon his family because his 3-year-old son picked a flower in a hotel lobby–having his wife beaten to death led by the hotel management. After the incident took place, the murder has been arrested, yet the devastating sorrow remains with the family as well as the future of his children. As of yesterday, the victim’s family’s request of a payment of 280,000RMB from the hotel was rejected. Currently, the police from Gaoxin District has joined the investigation to resolve the case.


3-Year-Old Boy Got Forced Out of Hotel by Picking Flower In The Lobby

The victim’s name was Tian, Jiafang (田家芳), 34 years old, and resident of a small town in Jintang County, part of the city Chengdu. She moved to the city with her husband, Zen, Donghai (曾栋海), two years ago, who was working as a ticket sales man at the Longtousi Train Station.

Yesterday, Mr. Zen explained in much sorrow that, on August 1, 2009, his wife took the 3-year-old son with her to get more sales stream near the “Jin Xiang Ge Business Hotel” that locates directly across from the train station lobby. Suddenly, his son ran into the hotel lobby and picked a flower used for decoration in the lobby. After the incident, a female staff yelled at his son and forced him out of the lobby. “The boy was so terrified that he started crying at the scene.” Stated by a witness to the reporter.

Mother Killed While Defending for Her Son

After the incident, the mother walked toward the female staff and tried to defend her son. As the argument got stronger, it turned physical. The female staff’s rage was quite fueled by the argument and the fight, she claimed to find ways for revenge.

Around 9 p.m., the victim continued to be around the hotel for more sales opportunities. The scene was noted by the female staff and told her boss, Mr. Zen, about the incident in the afternoon. Immediately, Zen led 4 more female staffs from the hotel and stopped the victim in front of the hotel entrance and applied violence. During the flight, the victim fell on the ground. A witness described, after the victim fell, she sat up and fell face up again within few seconds. “Hurry, call the ambulance. Someone is really hurt.” Another witness shouted to the crowd.

The victim’s family and friends rushed to the scene after hearing the crowd and sent her to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment. According to the doctor, the victim was diagnosed with sever head trauma, and passed away at 12:55am the next morning as a result of weakening respiratory function. The body was then sent to the nearby morgue and has not yet been cremated.

Request for 280,000RMB Payment Denied

After the tragedy, the police quickly arrived the scene for investigation, series of follow up procedures, and arrested the responsive parties. According to the spoke person at the police station, Zen was arrested and is waiting for further investigation.

The husband said his wife was a very kind and easy going person, who never raises her voice at other people. “We went to the police station and watched the whole incident recorded by the surveillance camera, from 8:38pm to 8:39pm on August 1, 2009, less than 1 minute, a group of people surrounded my wife and forced such violence on her.” Mr. Zen was sobbing, wiping away the tears with his hand. The family asked for a 280,000 RMB payment to compensate the loss, yet the hotel thought the price was too high to pay and is willing to negotiate.


Witness Claimed The Hotel Manager Said He’d Pay 200,000RMB for A Life

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went back to the scene. The hotel lobby was small and was occupied by 2 couches and 2 coffee tables. A blow of plastic lotus was set by the entrance, and another pot of red plastic flower was set by the front desk. According to the witness, the whole incident started with the little boy picking the red plastic flowers by the front desk. During the interview, many witness said that the hotel manager had made comments like “I’ll just spend 200,000RMB to buy a life” after the incident. They also added that the manager did not show any regrets either.

While confronting a supervisor from the hotel, he denied such statement about “buying a life with 200,000 RMB.” He added, all staffs have been cooperating with the police to resolve the issue and to comfort the victim’s family. He also said that the final compensating payment to the family should be quite close to what they have requested, and all parties are waiting for the final decisions from responsive agencies in cases of legal issues.


    1. What about you? How much does your life worth, a crock of shit and a few maggots, idiot????

    1. It is an isolated incident which can happen anywhere in the world not just China. It is not unusual to see deaths resulted from fights for a very small petty conflicts. Laws, rules will not and can not prevent something like this from happening and corruption has nothing to do with it, you moron. It was a petty conflict between the woman and the hotel stuff members.

  1. Totally insane and incredible.

    How about a group of people surround Mr Zen’s wife or daughter or mother, then they beat her senseless and let her die. And maybe for something even less, perhaps for letting her son touch a flower, or just look at a flower, or just for thinking about a flower.
    Then, when they ask for cash to quell their grief (as seems to be so common here in China) we negotiate the payout, haggle, nitpick and clutch at pennies, for no reason other than to save a little money, ofcourse adding further insult to his pain and injury.

    I wonder how that peice of human garbage would feel then.
    I hope he is murdered in cruel ways.

  2. That is so sad… Someone DIED because of some plastic flower. What has this world come into?

  3. This could be the beginning to one of the greatest revenge stories in Chinese history. Imagine this, this boy grows up filled with hatred for the hotel manager and any authority. He trains hard every day to be a merciless killing machine bent on revenge. On the day of his 18th birthday, his master decides he’s finally ready and he finds the hotel manager and kills him and his whole family in the most brutal fashion.
    Oh wait this is China. The boy probably died already when he drank Sanlu milk at home LOL


    1. Oh well , you must be a film story writer

      anyway, this brutality tragic can be seen anywhere on earth, but 99% happens in China

  4. >>
    American-Born-Chinese says:
    2009/09/07 at 2:16 pm

    Typical Ch!nk society. No laws, no rules, ALL corruption !!!

    YEAH & in AmerikA they steal by the trillions – those banksters!!

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