The Two Naked Girls on The Balcony

When I first saw this hot post on the Chinese forum, I thought chinaSMACK probably will translate this, indeed Fauna did posted this story yesterday.  But my good friend Nancy already also translated the story from Tianya BBS.  Here is our version.


Around noon, July 30, 2009, two 10-year-old looking girls were spotted playing around naked on a residential building’s balcony. The building has 8 stories, and the two girls reside on the top floor. The writer took a quick glance at the balcony and noted it is filled with recycled paper, plastic, cans and other disposed items. The environment for the girls doesn’t look quite satisfying.

Per inquiry with the sales persons at an electronic store near by the building, it has been few days since they noticed the girls crawling around the balcony naked. According to the residents in the same community area, the building belongs to the City, and is rented out to the low-income families as part of a welfare program. The family, the Liu’s, has been living in the same unit for more than a decade. Mr. Liu is handicapped and takes on few jobs outside to provide financial support to his family. As the neighbors have never seen the family during day time, the Liu’s are quite mysterious to the community. One of the ladies mentioned that she once saw the wife leaving the unit with the kids at 2 a.m., and she also saw them coming home with much disposed items at dawn.

Looking at the two girls being on the balcony at 8th floor, their safety becomes quite alarming, and it also makes the writer to wonder what is going on at their home?

The building locates right behind the electronic store in District FanChen(樊城区)

The balcony is full of garbage, disposed/recycled items.

The two girls are quite enjoying themselves on the balcony.

Walking on the edge of the balcony.

One of the girls is feeding a cat.

They are fighting over an empty water bottle. What would happen if one misses it and falls over??

Climbing over the garbage.




To some city officials, the picture below illustrates nothing but a normal person’s home. Education, career opportunities, and other resources have been dominated by the wealthiest ones in the city. Who is there to take care of the poor?

The writer decided to pay a visit to the girls’ family.


Residents near by have also indicated that all garbage around the building actually belongs to the girls’ family.20090805-balcony-girl-14

The girls’ family lives on the 8th floor in this building.


Knocking to see if anyone is home.20090805-balcony-girl-16

The door is opened up and a strong smell of rotten items came through it.20090805-balcony-girl-17

The tiny apartment is filled with garbage20090805-balcony-girl-18

There are two people lying on the bed.20090805-balcony-girl-19

Mr. Liu is handicapped as a result of infantile paralysis.20090805-balcony-girl-20


The apartment is extremely dark and he slowly led us to the two girls’ room.

One of the girls is reading at the bed side and the wife is ill in bed.




Food in the corner caught my attention – all the cookies have expired and the veggies were home made.20090805-balcony-girl-25


Even the cabbages were picked up from the local market’s floor, which were mostly rotten.20090805-balcony-girl-27 20090805-balcony-girl-28

If i didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed a family lives under such conditions in a big city.


The living room is the only area out of the whole apartment that has room for people to stand/sit. All other rooms have been filled with cans/bottles brought back by the family.


One of the little girl was proud to tell us that she has 9 cats as her pets.



Mr. Liu finally found his Certificate of Low-Income, which was provided by the government to indicate their status as a low-income family and gives them 300RMB (approximately $40USD) as living expenses each month.


Based on the certificate, we noted the husband’s name is Li, JiaQing (李家清),the wife’s occupation is garbage collector, and the girls are 11 and 9 years old respectively.



The little girl has a beautiful name, Li, Meng (李梦,Dream).She’s a fourth grade and is quite good at school.


  After getting to know the situation, we have decided to come back the day after with some life necessities. The dad was extremely grateful for it and walked us out the door.


The following day, we met up around 8am and brought much food, cloth, and books to the family.









We kept emphasizing the importance of giving the girls a good living environment to the wife, who was also grateful for our appearance and helpless with her situation.











  1. My mom used to always threaten me and say that if I didnt study, I would grow up to be a garbage collector. Little did she know that US garbage workers are union workers and make a decent living. I wonder if she this in mind instead…

    Is there any particular reason why the girls like to play naked on the balcony? Global warming cant be THAT bad…..

    1. weird, thats what my mom told me too! but more like the person cleaning the street… street sweeper. the girls seemed happy to me.

    2. Lol hahaha, “Is there any particular reason why the girls like to play naked on the balcony? Global warming cant be THAT bad…..” i understand. You’re right. I wonder why they would play NAKED. hmmm. Yes thats also what my mom told me but she also knows that the money is high in Canada (we live in canada). she was like “If you do not study well then you will end up like that uncle of there *points to garbage men*, You will be trying to get the same money as me but only a harder job. You wont be able to wear fancy clothing as well since your a girl.” heheheh.

    3. i am masterbating too this
      btw awsome nude chicks i wanna buy an apartement nexto them and bee theyre friend and invite them over and rape them … hard

      1. You are a fucking cold blooded animal that deserved to be hanged and get your fucking dick cut off and feed the hungry dogs.

    1. Of course they still follow the family, where are they going to go? they were helped for awhile but soon will be forgoten, their life goes on…

  2. did the visiting well-wishers, clear out all the garbage from the Room.. ?
    and did they urge the mother, not to bring home all the city garbage back home.. ?

    1. The balcony is filled with garbage. There are no more space to clean out the garbage from the room. I suspect they were trying to collect bottles and cans for recycling purpose. Once sold, the process of collecting, storing and selling begins again.

  3. By reading this article, i am so grateful to be able to live in a good house and in Canada.

  4. I always wanted to be a garbage man when grew up. It looked like all you had to do was collect the trash and bring it in. No one bothered you. It’s also good exercise and you get strong.

  5. I hate to say it, but seeing the pictures of the naked girls made me think of one word: pedophile. Those photos would be a pedophiles dream. Are we really going to exploit those poor girls like that and leave these photographs up for the perusal of anyone who cares to look?

    1. All you can from these pictures are the girls buns, the private parts are pretty much covered up. Do you feel excited looking at these pics MoxMox, since you are the one who brought this “paedophile” thing up?

  6. i had tears in my eyes when i saw they were finally attended by some social groups ….am happy …otherwise would have just lingered in my mind what must be going on for the two girls …….good work…..request to take spoonsorship and take care till the two girls till they earn for themselves ………………great work

  7. Children will play naked at times. They don’t even think about that! The danger is with all the trash on the balcony! I think many Chinese people are very private about their lives. I wonder if this family wants all this publicity. The mother seems very pained in some of these pictures. It almost seems like she’s sick or something! I know that in some parts of Europe children play outside naked. They don’t even think twice about it. I have seen this as I’ve been to Europe! they,( this Chinese family), are probably pack rats and make some money off of the recycles that they collect. I pray for this family and wish them the best! The girls actually look pretty healthy to me , and happy!

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  9. KhanKeee ur wonderful
    love ya

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    u seem sweet


  10. Two little honeys here! I hope their lives get better! Poor things have bad conditions! So they get naked and say the heck with it! I pray for them!

  11. me and my sister take baths togerher, i am 12 and she is 11 so what is the big deal? nothing wrong with naked

  12. You don’t get it kid they are starving and naked on the balcony its not there because its obscene.

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