Homosexuals Banned From Donating Blood, Protests Soared Online to Protect Equality


[NetEase] College student Li, Yu (李玉)was in an uncomfortable situation last week while completing her registration form for blood donation — she lost her right to donate blood as a result of her honesty regarding her sexuality. As such, Yu signed her name on an online petition to encourage the government to eliminate the existing discriminating terms against homosexual people in the blood donation regulations.

During the interview, Yu, 20 years old, stated, "I don’t understand the purpose of this (banning homosexuals from donating blood). I think this is a discrimination against all homosexuals." Yu is a lesbian, who truthfully identified her sexuality during her blood donation registration process, and received a rejection from the health center staff for the same reason.

Both Yu and Liu, Mei (刘梅), also a lesbian in Guangzhou, China, has signed the petition online asking the government to eliminate the decimating terms in the current regulation to protect gay rights. Mei mentioned that at least 540 lesbians have signed the petition, and it is their goal to collect 1,000 signatures. Mei said, "I hope the government can eliminate the discriminations against homosexual people, accept and respect our kind wills in blood donation."

Shi, Wei-wei (史唯唯), Vice Chief at Beijing Red Cross Blood Study Center, stated the decision to ban them [homosexual people] from donation blood is largely based on the safety issue. Ms. Shi added, "We all know that there is a much higher chance of HIV/AIDS infection among people who are homosexual and/or is addicted to drugs."

Zhang, Beichuan, a famous scholar of homosexual studies in China, suggested to update and to better refine the languages in the current regulation. He said, "The term ‘homosexuality’ should be updated with ‘male homosexual people who are active in sex’." He stated that male homosexual and bisexual people stand a much higher chance, 50 times higher, in carrying and/or getting infected by the HIV/AIDS disease. In consideration for the blood transmit safety, it is understandable that the government banned this particular group from donating blood. Mr. Zhang further clarified, "This [banning male homosexual or bisexual people who are active in sex] is also consistent with the international standard. It needs to be noted that female homosexual people carry a much lower chance in carrying and/or getting infected by HIV/AIDS disease. They should have the same right and equality in blood donation."

  1. I cant believe that in this day and age we are so hung up on giving people labels whether regards to someones sex practices or preferences or their preferences. All blood products are thoroughly screened to prevent transmission of anything so why the discrimination. Seems that the world is being policed just a little bit too strictly – even more so now with the introduction of online records about everything…

    1. It’s because of the Gay Cancer scare in the 80’s. Yes, that’s what AIDS was called back then. There’s even discrimination in the US as far as blood donation, because the incidence of AIDS (and other STDs) *is* higher in gay men, because unprotected anal sex has a higher transmission rate than any other form. Lesbian sex, however, is *the* safest form (yes, safer than straight sex), which is what makes this policy outrageous. Lesbian blood, according to this way of thinking, should be in the highest demand.

  2. In you UK you can’t give blood i

    if: you have ever had syphilis, HTVL (Human T – lymphotorpic virus), hepatitis B or C or think you may have hepatitis now

    You’re a man who’s had sex with another man, even safe sex using a condom. For more

    You’ve ever worked as a prostitute.

    You’ve ever injected yourself with drugs – even once.

    You should not give blood for 12 months after sex with:

    A man who has had sex with another man (if you’re a female).

    A prostitute.

    Anyone who has ever injected themselves with drugs.

    and there is no fuss in the uk

  3. Homosexuality condemnation. 1 Cor 6: 9. Rom 1: 26, 27. I shall quote.
    That iand s why God gave them up to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature, and likewise even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one-another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error.

    Aids is that full recompense!!! Had two men been created, what chance would there be of re-production? None…!

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