Migrant Worker Eating next to a Naked Woman is Art

Netizen 落雪是花 posted this in ifeng BBS:


Recently, there have been several so-called artists engaging in “performing art”. They hired a dozen migrant workers to eat next to a naked woman. Its name was “fantasy performance art”. What is “performing art”? I really do not understand, but I laugh at the idea of letting a group of men eat around naked woman and call it art.

It was understood that the artist gave 15 yuan to each peasant worker, and also gave them a meal. The condition was they cannot stare at the naked woman while they are eating, cannot do two things at once. Easily making 15 yuan, of course the migrant workers are happy. What an absurd “performing art” I think the person who is making the art must have had his dead kicked by a donkey. Letting a group of physically and mentally healthy men eat around a naked woman, can they really eat at peace? If a man really is eating at ease he must have problems. I want to question the artist(s): are you making art or playing men? This is pornographic art.


Let a group of men eat around a naked woman, cannot do two things at once, this has made me thought of a joke: the emperor of an ancient kingdom indulges in sex every day, oblivious to the issue of the country. Ministers all advice the king, men should put the country first, cannot indulge in sex all day. The Emperor broke out laughing and said if you are a man you would like woman. Ministers said no, the monks on Wutai Mountain stays away from women. To prove what minister said, the emperor called in 10 monks from Wutai Mountain, striped them naked and strapped a drum right under their belly buttons. He then ordered 20 beautiful women dancing naked around the monks. As the women dancing, drums on the monks’ waist started drumming non-stop “dong dong …” The emperor broke out laughing, Ministers quickly said, emperor, all the drumming monks are old monks, damn them, this young monk’s drum did not make a sound. Emperor looked at him and laughed again, because this young monk’s JJ already pierced through the drum skin. Although this is only a joke, it is as funny as this “performing art”, make people think, migrant workers have desires too, do not use sex to hurt their feelings.


Although I don’t understand art, but as if I suddenly seemed to understand, art is unconventional, that is do others not dare to do. Art is disregard feelings of others, boldly breaking the law and morality. Art is using exaggeration to win support, self-admiration. But I still don’t understand one thing, woman take off their cloth is art, if that is true, cavemen were all artists, because they don’t were any cloth.

Do not abuse art under the guise of art, abuse women. This is using naked body abusing art and culture, it is not civilized, it is shameless. Don’t give yourself glory, person who makes this kind of “performing art” has a very dark and ugly heart. And the woman involving in this is so naïve to the point of shameless. This kind of “performing art” is like shit, no matter how much chocolate and cream you put on it, it is still shit. It’s just chocolate shit, cream shit.

Society is moving forward, people’s thinking is improving, once again begging you artists, do not brand the name of art, let naked body pollute our perspectives. Do break the moral bottom line and say it is appreciating art.

  1. how much was the woman paid to slut herself out on?
    Why was not mention made of this

    I am sure that the men did not feel any sense of trickery. The probably came back the next day for the free food.

    The probably thought the artist was nuts.
    Beauty is also in the eyes of the beholder, it could be that these men did not find her attractive at all.
    Maybe the men like women of their own culture…maybe they like real women that don’t look like 12 year old boys….
    who knows
    but to say that they were tortured in the name of art is really silly

  2. no idea what those artists think they are doing. Maybe they are bored or something…some of the artists who cant get apiration will ususally go to extreme

  3. I read the article, figuring there would be something of substance in it, but there was nothing!
    If someone will bother to write an article on an art installation, some research or perhaps some kind of interview would be necessary. Or at least some thoughts on the interpretation of the piece.
    I’m sure there was a reason behind it, some kind of statement. Maybe the contrast of the migrant workers and the naked woman stood for something, or was supposed to provoke something in the viewer’s minds.
    That was a very weak article. Either avoid art topics, or do a little more research.

  4. I don’t mind paying 15 yuan and pay for my own meal to participate in that so call art.

  5. Perhaps the point this piece is trying to illustrate is how impoverished and hungry migrant workers are that survival is their first priority.

  6. This is a poorly written article, and I don’t think the author understood the intention of the piece.

  7. “The condition was they can not stare at the naked woman while they are eating. Can not do two things at once…..”, then can they stop eating and stare at the naked girl??? This way they are not doing two things at the same time. LOL

  8. How come all the worker dudes in the photos are only eating?? Man, they must not had food for a while. I guess our physical hunger over powers our desires…. N. Korea knows wassup.

  9. All you people who who think Chinese are closed minded.. lol, define art.

    Actually no, that’s too easy. Find me a definition for “art” that everyone in the world would agree on.


  10. On the 3rd last paragraph, the writer starts with, “Although I don’t understand art”.

    If you don’t know art, then you don’t comment on someone’s art.


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