A Series of Post-90s Generation’s Bad Behaviors


One of the hot topics on the Chinese internet is the Post-90s generation (people who were born after 1990, Chinese teenagers). The general impression is Post 90s kids are “out of control”, “behaving badly”. They “have metal problems” and are “engaging in sexual activities way too early” etc…


[nddaily] Over the past few days this video of Foshan high school students making out in the middle of the street led to enormous controversy. In the video the girl in yellow is high school first year student. A man dressed in black are making out with her in public. Is this is morally wrong or if people are making something out of nothing?

The reason people are so hang up on this is because recently, youth violence, pornography and other “bad” behaviors by the Post-90s are posted everywhere on the forums and videos were posted on the video sharing sites. Here are some of them.

1. Breast Fondling Gate:


This is a video of a Zhejiang high school girl allowing her breasts to be fondled by many boys in the class room, some even were licking her breasts.

Read more here at ESWN 7/05 post and CNReview  made comments on this

2. Pull Pants down Gate:


July 3rd morning, this video is posted featuring couple of school boys pulling a school girl’s pants down. Many netizens were angry and human flesh searched these boys. Police already got a hold of 7, 8 students, most of them admit the wrong doing.

3. This happened in a school campus.


4. Another video uploaded on students having sex in the Handan University class room. “613 Handan University Incident” became the hot search phrase. People are guessing 613 is the date of the incident June 13th.


5. Air Plane Gate:


This video featured a school boy masturbating in a school library. (Air plane or Hit the air plane is a Chinese slang for male masturbation).

6. This is a post about post-90s girl disrespecting money (RMB). One of them is using a 100 bill to light a cigarette. The other girl took picture of herself drawing pictures on the 100 Yuan bills and cut them up to play it as puzzles. She uploaded these pictures herself. Netizens were furious about it, I saw these 2 posts 2 weeks ago, I am sure some human flesh search were done on these girls.


7. Someone posted a picture black board in class room were full of names of Japanese AV stars, a picture of student drawing sex pictures during class.



8. Pictures of this university student at graduation spread all over the internet. Read more on this at chinaSMACK.


9. Breast Feeding Gate


A Shanghai Middle school girl got pregnant and had a baby. She said the father is her ex boyfriend. “We met at the school dance team, then I found out he has another girlfriend, so I broke up with him.” She was very calm when she talked about this. She said, when they were having sex, they never used any protection, also did not know she would get pregnant. She barely found out when she was 5 month pregnant, therefore it was too late to have an abortion. After she gave birth to the baby she came back to school. One day her breast milk seeped through her cloth. A school boy Chen found out about she was pregnant and black mailed her and forced her to breast feed him every day or else he will tell everyone she had a baby. This went on for long time and then it became 4 boys. Chen even started to collect money, in the end the school found out.

10. This was the blast from the past. July 2008 this “middle school girl beaten up and raped” video was spreading all over the internet.


Why are so many obscene materials about Chinese youth post-90s on the internet all of sudden? Maybe China does need Green Dam after all. See kids are being corrupted they must learned them from the unfiltered internet.

  1. Strangely though I can’t find online videos of things like this happening elsewhere, in countries where there is raw unfiltered internet.
    Maybe the Japanese influence can be imagined, but always confined to pornography, whereas this happening in China in real life.
    Maybe it is due to the huge population (1.6 Bn), so excellent elements would be more excellent, and mentally ill people would be more ill?

  2. Also, out of curiosity, say for the girl who burned money, what happens after the “flesh search engine” finds her?

  3. When people flesh out someone… depends on what the preson did and depends how many people care about the issue, but usually all her social netword accounts will be full of hate messages and curses, her IM will be under attack with many messages. if they find her phone number, she will have no choice but to change her number. All the calls and messages will run her account out of money.
    If they find her work, or school, depends on what she did, she could be fired or suspended from school. If she broke the law, people might report her to the police after flesh her out. she could go to jail…
    I think the worst is the feeling of the whole world is against you, criticizing you, judging you….

  4. (Re: the above)
    It wouldn’t be surprising if all this negative hype is voluntarily created/tolerated propaganda by the CCCP regime to legitimize further “toughening ups” and “strengthenings”. Those could lead the road to “revitalizing the race” and “10000 nations coming to pay respect to China and China becoming the most superior nation”.. etc..

  5. When I suspect these stories of being CCCP encouraged, my idea is triggered by the notion that this evil was imported from foreign:
    eg countries where sex is freely consented before marriage
    eg countries where the internet is raw and unfiltered
    eg countries where there are many local small officials wielding power
    eg countries where some form of free market economy is the standard
    eg countries where immigration is an accepted process as part of building the nation.
    Many of the “outrage stories” report blatant, sometimes gruesome excesses from one of the above coming into some form in China. But then the conclusion from reporters seems more to be “what a dangerous failure these ideas are on the whole” instead of “what a failure it is to adapt them in China”. Maybe it’s just a linguistic detail, or maybe it is a remnant of archaic ethnocentrism..

  6. The growing abundance of this behaviour can be explained (and remedied) very simply:

    The Chinese middle-education system shies away from sex. Sex education in Chinese middle-schools is conducted on a gender-specific basis, and in separate rooms.

    Moreover, the content is shockingly ommissive and leaves impressionable children completely unaware of and uninterested in a safe and mature attitude towards sex.

    The reasoning behind this depressing lack of attention to detail is the highly-mistaken belief that sex education leads to earlier sexual activity. As the above article shows, people will have sex when they want.

    European-style sex-education fosters a healthy and open attitude towards the completely natural and highly important topic of sex.

    China’s sex education has singularly failed to keep up with it’s shedding of Confucian values, and is in desperate need of reform.

    1. Amazing how this doesn’t seem to occur to those who are supposed to be the leaders of the communities, the supposedly rational, wise persons in charge of guiding the younger generation.

      Not that I’m surprised at the flailing and wanking of the people in charge, of course. It’s happening all over Asia. “OMG!” they cry. “What is happening to our children???” Puberty, duh. How about taking some time out to talk to them about it?

      Anyways, n’aawww, sexual experimentation. How cute. Hope the kids find their way in becoming secure, well-adjusted adults. I feel so old typing that.

  7. I doubt that these behaviors are new. It’s just that recently people have the ability to record them with their phones and post them on the Internet.

  8. Oh My Gawd ! Why are there so many girls kissing girls ?? I don’t get it !!!

      1. “Homosexuality=fashion”


        And ABC, it’s easy as 1-2-3: kissing girls is awesome. Why let the boys have all the fun? Where are you in America? The Bible Belt?

  9. For every generation – there seems to appear a question about the viability of the next – only thing that has changed is the ability to report instantly versus hours, days, weeks, months.

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  11. “Many netizens were angry and human flesh searched these boys”

    What is ‘ human flesh search’? This is not an English phrase and it sounds dirrrty but I think I may be misinterpreting it.

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