Thousands of Police Hit Recreational Places for Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs, Women Laughing at being Arrested


[QQ] and everywhere else: July 7th Futian police station sent out over one thousand police to varies recreational places like clubs and bars. The crackdown is targeting recreation clubs which provide sexual services, private rooms of bars and clubs which allow people to use drugs and private rooms of bars and clubs allow people engaging in gambling. This operation named “Hurricane” to crackdown on “Pornographic, Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs” will continue for one month.

July 7th afternoon Futian police reports during the first operation they hit 764 places, arrested 98 suspects who were involved in “Pornographic, Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs”, amount them 31 people were involved in pornographic and prostitution, 37 people in gambling and 19 people were arrested for drugs. Two places were closed for allowing drug use and gambling.

Futian Public Security Bureau chief said this operation is to use long term control combined with focused cracking down. Any places in violations will be cracked down to form this “high pressure” system on crimes of “Pornographic, Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs”. “During the operation, resolutely oppose any ‘begging’ situation, whoever begs for these places will be suspended, must continue the investigation.”

What do the netizens think of this? While a few think it’s a good step to take on cleaning up the society, most are unconvinced and laughing. “Is he new? (Referring to the chief) Sent over 1000 police to catch how many people? Are those who were caught the ones who have no powerful officials to back them up?” Most people agree the numbers don’t add up, “…arrested 98 suspects… 31 people were involved in pornographic and prostitution, 37 people in gambling and 19 people were arrested for drugs.” “Adding a zero at the end is not even enough”.

Shenzhen Stadium “Club 99” private room, 12 men and women busted for doing drugs.



Woman arrested for prostitution, waiting for investigation, some don’t care and even laughing


Shenzhen tea house 20 some were detained for gambling, due to large number of people at the scene, to prevent these people escape in the crowed, police ordered each person to hold a playing card in their mouse. LOL

  1. You should cite your pictures with sources and links, as should you do with every paragraph of alleged ‘fact’. Doing so would turn this blog from passée gossip level titillation to credible, trustful, even newsworthy, publication – and increase your viewership figures dramatically.

    1. or not. Why put a target on himself/herself ? Paul do you even live in china? The “Fact” is that these types of things happen every day here and I am proud of being a reader of this passee and titillating gossip. 🙂

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