Story of a “Virgin” Prostitute


[nddaily] Ayan was embarrassed about her experiences. “My first time, sold to a 40 some year old man, he gave me 4000 Yuan, and 100 Yuan for the cab.”

“It was disgusting, in the beginning I could not eat, always feels the animal blood is still in my body.”

Wearing a pair of dark sun glasses, carrying 2 little bags, she dressed casually walking on the street. Almost no one would have thought she used to pretend to be a virgin selling her body for half a year. July 2nd when Ayan (阿燕) not her real name) came to see the reporter, she seemed worried her hands were shaking. After some time of conversation, she calmed down, told the reporter that half year of her experiences.






Ayan is from Guangxi province, 21 years old. June 26th, she came to Shenzhen from her home town. This is her third time coming to Guangdong province. She told the reporter first 2 times she came to work and make money, but this time she wants to find the people in the prostitution business who had control over her. She hopes to send these people to the police through media, so they can be prosecuted by the law.

She describes, in 2005 she came to Dongguan (东莞), worked at a toy company as an assembly line worker. Her income was not even 900 Yuan a month. “Even though my salary was not high, I send money to my parents every month to support my little brother in middle school.” Ayan said, till June of 2007 she wanted to have a job that pays more, so she quit her job.

“I clearly remember, during that time I wonder in front of the factories everyday if there were jobs posted there I would always go check them out.” Ayan said, one day morning, after she filled out a job application at a factory, she prepared to go home and wait for further notices. Suddenly, she was stopped by a woman in her 30s, she asked Ayan to be friends with her. After she talked Ayan for about one hour finally left her phone number with Ayan and left.

“We talked about everything, about life and dreams and our home situations.” Ayan said, in the beginning she did not mention anything about prostitution. She said she was working for the factory before also, but soon started her business and now has substantial income. “I thought she was really sincere, and working out here I also needed friends, so I started to trust her” Ayan said, she only knew her name is Axiang (阿香), but did not know what business she had.

Afterwards, while Ayan was waiting for the result from the factory job interview, Axiang called Ayan every day. They would go to the park and talk, slowly they became close.

Three days later Ayan was hired by another toy factory as an assembly line worker, monthly salary was about 1000 Yuan.

Ayan said, after that Axiang still kept in touch with her. Until end of 2007, Axiang asked her to go out. That time totally changed Ayan’s life forever.

“Even though my income was a little higher, but I was still not satisfied.” Ayan said, Axiang told her that she could help her to make more money. “She asked me if I ever had a boyfriend, when she found out that I have never had a boyfriend before she smiled.” Ayan said, Axiang told her to “sell her virginity” first time will equal to her half year of salary.

Ayan was hesitant in the beginning, but Axiang advised her that many girls have sex before marriage. Also after girls sell their “first time” they can pretend to be virgins to make more money. “I wanted to make more money so I agreed.” Ayan said, she and Axiang agreed that every time money made from prostitution, Ayan would get 30% and Axiang would get 70%. “Customers” were to be introduced by Axiang; she only needed to go to the designated locations.

“My first time, sold to a 40 some year old man, he gave me 4000 Yuan, and 200 Yuan for the cab.” Ayan said, that time she only kept the 100 Yuan cab fares, gave the rest to Axiang, Axiang stated that she would calculate the profit later.

“Ever since then, I had to see 2 to 3 customers everyday each time the price was anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 Yuan.” Ayan said every time the customer was introduced by Axiang, she would go to the designated hotel and have sex with the stranger. Every time she gave all the money to Axiang, but Axaing never split the profit with her.

Ayan said, during that time she was completely controlled by Axiang and this other guy. Until June of 2008, because of that she still could not get money from them, and she was also beat up by some people they hired she escaped from the controlled area.

Ayan recalled how she pretended to be a virgin every time. “Price was very high for virgins.” Axiang and this other guy would go the market and buy a duck, pigeon or other small animals. They killed the animal and collected the blood. When there was a customer, after negotiating the price, they would make her bring a piece of sponge soaked with blood and go to the designated hotels.

Every time before she had sex, she would put the piece of sponge soaked with blood in her, afterwards, if “customer” saw blood, they would think she was a virgin and gave substantial amount of money.

“It was very disgusting. In the beginning I could not even eat. I always feel the animal’s blood was still in me.” Ayan said, but because she needed to make money she still did it. And just like that, she pretended to be a virgin sold her body for 6 month.

“In order to pretend to be a virgin, every time I had unprotected sex” Ayan said, she was always worried about catching sexual diseases. But for the money she could not refuse “customer’s” demands.

Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital medical staff, Mr. Wang told the reporter in Ayan’s case, in addition to the catching sexual transmitted diseases through unprotected sex, she may also catch diseases from the animal blood. Dr. Wang said that put animal blood in her and mix with her body fluids increases the risk for her to get infected.

Ayan said she sold her body because she wanted to make some money, but in the end she go nothing. She told the reporter, this time she came to Shenzhen, is to find the Axiang who controlled her.

She did not go to Dongguan directly, but went to the neighboring city Shajing and lived with a friend she met at the factory she worked in before. “Shajing is very close to Dongguan, it is convenient to go there, and also not letting Axiang to take notice.” Ayan said she already went to Dongguan where she use to live, but did not see Axiang there anymore.

The friend told the reporter, she got to know Ayan when she was working in a factory at Dongguan, but not long Ayan left the factor, they did not contact each other since. This time Ayan came to her, every day she was very secretive, don’t know what she was up to  and she only seems to be worried.

Ayan said when she went to see the customers the locations were usually hidden, never the same place. Axiang who was responsible to bring the customers had the phone numbers of many business owners. Usually she would call them directly or send text messages to them about there is virgin available. Reporter learned that cell phone users received such information was not uncommon, last year Dongguan relevant department have already issued a request to deal with such illegal activities.

Reporter went to the place where Ayan and Axiang use to live. A convenient store owner Mr. Chen was not intrigued by the virgin prostitution story, he told the reporter “prostitution activities are not secrets around here, at midnight 2 am my store has great business, men and women would come here and snack on duck necks and such.”

Mr. Chen said, where Ayan used to live there are many young men live here and they do not need to go to work. They eat, drink and play Ma Jiang every day, live with young girls. Local people called them “princes” but in fact they are mostly “pimps” in the prostitution business.

A woman used to be the manager at a “some star” hotel now worked at a local bar told the reporter when she was working at the hotel, some customer would come to hotel manager ask for virgin girls to accommodate them. “Mostly middle aged business owners, saying money is not an object if we can find virgins, in fact who knows if these girls were real virgins.” She said she was never involved with these deals, but she has heard about it “hotel of course will not have these kinds of services, but if manager know customer have these needs, they can find contacts for them.”

A lawyer from Guangdong Zhuijian law firm Yang said that if the above is true, she can go to the police, so that those people who controlled her can be prosecuted by the law. Yang also said that although Ayan broke the law for prostitution, but if she surrender to the police willingly they will reduce her punishment.

Why will she give a fake name?

July 1st, a woman called herself Wu called us on the phone, told us that she was controlled by some people to pretend to be a virgin and conduct prostitution. But after 6 month, she was not given any money and also those people beat her up.

“I can only talk to you on the phone, cannot see you and no pictures.” She was on the phone with the reporter claim to be at a friend’s house at Shajing.

After the phone conversation, she agreed to see the reporter. July 2nd morning, reporter met her at a bus station. From her ID her last name is Dang (唐), only 21 years old.

“Why do you say your name is Wu?” reporter asked her. “I was embarrassed, so just picked any name.” Ayan said the reason she showed the reporter her ID is to prove what she was saying are true. She said, she is afraid to go to the police, because she knows what she did was against the law, she is afraid being punished. But she hates the people who had control over her, hope she can tell the truth to media, and bring more attentions from the police to capture those people.

Should she go to the police?

Ayan said, last year June 3rd, she had a dispute with Axiang because she was not getting any money, and then she was beaten up. She ones asked police for help. At the time she called the police with her real name, when police came, Ayan did not show up because she was scared, therefore after she never went to the police again, in the end the police did not find anyone. Afraid of Axiang taking revenge on her, she never went to the police again, and went back to her home town.

July 3rd, reporter went to the police to check the validity of her story and see if she indeed once called the police for help. However, because it happened last year and with lack of detailed information search was unsuccessful. But the local police officer said, the cases like Ayan described using animal blood to pretend to be virgin and conducting prostitution was not uncommon. Regarding to whether the police once investigated this case, they could not say. The local police said, if Ayan turns herself in, this case will be sent to federal police department.

Reporter (李朝红 黎明)

  1. I do NOT feel sorry for her one bit.

    I do not see how someone allows this to happen for SIX MONTHS

    If she would have gotten her money, she would still be in a hotel room with pig blood in her hole, lying to men about being ‘fresh’.

    This is not a story here.
    NO one forced her to do this, she knew what she was getting into and she is only coming forward about not getting her wages.

    I would be willing to bet if she was given back pay, she would go right back to work doing the same thing.

    p.s. Why did they use animal blood, no food coloring mixed with water?

    1. I wonder who you are to talk like that.
      Could we know things like the country you’re living in, your income, your social situation and origins, etc…? I find this always useful in order to better understand someone’s values, or behaviour.
      Well, it seems you don’t.
      I guess it’s more comfortable to think she did that for pleasure and greed. And helps you thinking you’re better than the others.

  2. This is sick. Paying for a Virgin? A virgin should only give her virginity to her husband or boyfriend. These people are evil and this girl is evil for participating in this, blood in herself? GROSS!

    The government should arrest her and give her freedom only as she helps them catch her owners and put them to death, then they should let her go and give her a reward.

  3. i agree with jandoe. Her greed lead her to this curse. Even now she may sex with some one if he offer a good amount. Becoz as far as she found her body as a means for earning, i didnt think the other side.

  4. It is easy to judge a person’s values, integrity or dignity by looking at the physical force. All of you except vie revee, has excluded Ayan’s mental force that lead her to this disaster.

    I know how easy it is to be the one who condemns instead of the one being condemned. All of you should ask yourselves this “If Ayan is my daughter, how would i feel”.

    You only have professional charterers and judge someone like an evil. You all have forgotten that you have evil mind inside yourself.

  5. I totally agree with janedoe. Ayan knew she’s gonna sleep with somebody, she knew she’s gonna cheat some pervert men. When she didn’t get the money, she wants justice. This sounds more like looking for a revenge.

    After 6 long months of doing that thing then only she claimed it was disgusting? What a joke. Despite the money issue, they are all in the same boat. All of’em shall be put behind the cell

    1. And apparently you understand very well.

      There is no excuse in prostitution period. There are moral priorities even when one says they’re not given a choice due to financial burdens. But is it always really just that?

      Please, there is no way to simplify these things like the article has done.

  6. she quit because she didn’t get her money they didn’t steal her from her home and force her to prostitute or lock her in a room and just let men in to f her she had a job no kids and was making enough to send home and CHOSE to sell her body because she wanted more if she was being forced and didn’t want to do it she could have left loooong before the 6 months

  7. you fools, it’s easy to criticize.
    her only alternative is to be paid like a slave to produce cheap goods for you consumer pigs. look at you in the mirror. you’re buying these countries’ virgnity.

  8. Hi! I am a 11 year old and I do not understand what the word prostitute means… Can somebody explain to me?

  9. Is it normal to get an erection while reading such an eerie story? I feel extremely uncomfortable… And also Matthew I know you we’re from the same school!

  10. Is it normal to get an erection while reading such an eerie story? I feel extremely uncomfortable… And also Matthew I know you we’re from the same school! Lol

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