Traffic Police Drunk Driving Kills Young Man


[nddaily] When I saw Zeng Junjie (曾俊杰), this 22 year old young man from Guangdong province is on the verge of death. On June 28th 2:30 am, he was riding an electric bicycle, during the accident he was sent flying by a car driven by a Guangzhou traffic policeman, resulting in serious brain injury. Doctor says he has maximum of 2 days to live.



Yesterday it was raining heavily in Guangzhou blood at the accident scene has already been washed away. But many unanswered questions is still haunting Zeng Junjie (曾俊杰)’s family “Why was the perpetrator let go for no reason? Why is the accident report only has victim’s information but did not mention any perpetrator’s information?” “Why was the sobriety test on the perpetrator done 7 hours after the accident? How much value does this test result have on the case?”

Speed limit of the street which the accident occurred was 20-40 kilometers per hour.

June 28th 2:30 am, business owners on the Guangzhou Huangpu district Shihua road heard a loud thud. Mr. He looked towards the direction of the sound and saw a fast moving car hit a motor bicycle, sent it flying, the person riding the bike was airborne and did couple of flips in the air fell heavily onto the ground.

“I was about to close the business, accident came so suddenly, the young man was thrown out about 50 meters.” Mr. He said, the license plate of the car was AG555Y, when reporter first arrived, there were still a lot of blood at the scene.

“At the time the car and the bicycle was going the same direction from south to north on Shihua road. That car was going about 100 kilometers per hour, I also drive, so I know. If you don’t believe, check out video from the street camera” Said one witness pointing at the traffic camera.

Yesterday 10: 50 am, reporter drove to the accident scene and found that part of the Shihua road is under construction. The road speed limit signs clearly indicated that in this section speed limit is 20-40 kilometers per hour.

“Traffic police investigated the scene, they told me my nephew was hit and flew for 50 meters.” Zheng Junjie’s uncle Zheng Qingcun said. Victim’s family led the reporter to measure the accident scene by steps, one step was 1.1 meters and it took 39 steps from the head of the car to where victim landed.

“Where my husband landed was far away from the head of the car.” Zheng’s wife the first person to arrive to the scene after the accident said, perpetrator’s car was an off road vehicle.

Perpetrator was arrested and set free

Yesterday 11:20 am, Victim’s family came to Guangzhou Huangpu District traffic police unit accident center to ask for information. Family members said, before this there have been a number of witnesses at the scene confirmed that the driver is a traffic police.

“At the scene of the accident, many people told us that the driver was on duty, he was wearing police uniforms. There are 2 stars on his shoulder pad.” The uncle said after the accident traffic police arrived at the scene arrested the perpetrator but very soon he was released. What is most unacceptable to him was when police officer was filling out the report he covered up the identity of the perpetrator.

Victim’s family showed the reporter a “road traffic accident contact card” with serial number 4401092006001136. Reporter noticed the card does not contain any information on perpetrator’s name and contact information.

“This is intentional concealment, it is a serious violation.” The wife said. But the answer police gave was “because at the time perpetrator was in a hurry to gather money (for the victim), so did not have time to fill out his information”. The family thinks this kind of reply was unacceptable.

Police said it was private car

Yesterday afternoon, two leaders from Guangzhou Huangpu traffic police department negotiated with family members. To answer the questions from the family, vice caption Jiang said they will further investigate the case and ask the family to be patient.

The reporter met with one of the police officer Mr. Gao. After repeated questioning at a press conference, officer Gao acknowledged that the driver’s surname is Fan and he is in service to the police department, he was driving a private car during the accident.

“They said, at 8:30 am perpetrator was given a blood test. This is unacceptable, after accident happened over 6 hours already. What kind of value does this test have?” Zhang’s family said, during the meeting with the police family still has not seen the perpetrator or any reports on him.

Yesterday a Police officer with serial number 014622 told the reporter during an interview, no matter what level of the police officer was involved we will deal with this with justice.

But family members questioned “Why is there no information on the perpetrator on the reports?” “Why was the sobriety test on the perpetrator done 6 hours after the accident?” Police officers at the meeting did not answer these questions. “Ever since the beginning, they try to conceal the truth, we do not believe them anymore, and we hope that superior public security organs can be involved in the investigation.” The family said.

Yesterday morning reporter once again contacted the traffic police department and asked questions about “why isn’t perpetrator’s information in the report” etc. But did not get any answers from the police.

Doctor said victim will not live

“We cannot save this young man’s life, he will live at most for 2 days, the injury was too serious” said Doctor Liao from Sun Yat-sen University Hospital yesterday 1:20 pm. When he was sent to the hospital all of his biological reflexes were gone. He was diagnosed with severe brain injury in addition his left thigh was fractured.

“The perpetrator never showed his face, we are very disappointed about that.” Zhang’s father in law said, on the 28th 3 am, there was a mystery man came to the hospital and paid 5000 Yuan for Zhang’s rescue. But since then the one who is responsible never showed up.

Lawyer said “Traffic police who deal with the case seriously breached the law”

To answer family’s many questions, Beijing (Peking) University Dr. Li Baiguang (李柏光) a well-know lawyer in an interview with reporters said the traffic police department clearly broke the law in handling of the case. Victim’s family can hold them accountable.

“Road traffic accident contact card” is the traffic police standard legal instrument, the police officers did not accurately fill out the information on the perpetrators, and this is illegal.

Dr. Li said “in a hurry to get money, didn’t have time to fill out the information” is too far-fetched reason. Family can report this to higher authorities of the traffic police department as violation of the law.

As to the issue of perpetrator was not given a sobriety test until 7 hours later, Dr Li said “ this is seriously irresponsible, sobriety test is greatly relevant to the case, the police is clearly being unfair. Alcohol level can easily changed in 7 hours, this changes the nature of the case. Victim’s family should go to public security authorities to seek justice”

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