A Father’s Letter to Human Traffickers


From Sohu:

Women who took my child:

You look pretty, but your action is cruel. Ever since 1997 you kidnapped my child away, our family is no longer a family. Looking for our son, our family has gone to poverty and full of debt, no longer can live in a normal life.

Over 4000 days and nights, kid’s mother often has a tearful face, and out of her mind. From 27 years old to 40 years old, I worked all over the country, making money to looking my son, spent the best days of my life.

On the journey of looking for my son, I sink to become a beggar, begging to go through the day. In Zhengzhou, after not eating for couple of days, first time I begged a small restaurant owner for food. When telling him I wanted food, my tear just started pouring out. Even though I fed my stomach but I lost my dignity, a man’s dignity. Even though experiencing so much hardship, these past ten years, facing elders’ hopeful eyes at home, every time I tell them helplessly “nothing again” but elders always repeat the same words “keep looking!”

Human traffickers, you pushed families into abyss of misery, just for selling children to making couple thousand yuans. Because of kids went missing in some family, couples were separated, some became mentally ill, even committed suicide.

You also will become parents, imaging your kids got stolen, taken away. What will you do? Put yourself in our shoes. I advise you to wake up, tell us our children’s whereabouts. Compensate your guilty conscious a little bit, ok? Thank you!

And for those that still plan to kidnap children, please “put away the knife” doing any work can make a living, why do you have to kidnap and sell children.

The Woman who kidnapped my son, if you read this letter, hope you can have some empathy, no matter how, please tell us our child’s whereabouts, don’t let us wander from place to place again to look for him. Kneeing and begging!!!




He also wrote a letter to his missing son.

Poor child:

How are you living far away from home? Are your adopted parents treating your well? Do other kids bully you? You have to be good at home, if you were mistreated you have to be smart, do not fight with other kids. Your grandma told dad being at a disadvantage is really good fortune. Child, parents are not with you, you have to remember that being at a disadvantage is really good fortune.

It is your mom and dad’s fault that we were not good guardians for you, let you apart from your parents at the age of 2.

Mom and dad are useless, looking for you over 10 years and still did not find you. Dad is worthless. But Child, dad, mom and everyone in the family will never give up on looking for you. I believe one day we will be together.

Child, you are 14 now. If your adopted parents let you to go to school, you should be in Jr. high school now. Even though dad and mom have more faith to find you every day, you should also try to look for home. Your left foot between the toes has a burn mark. It was burned by hot water. If your adopted parents did not take you to have surgery, the scar should be obvious.

Do you remember dad drove a tractor took you out? Do you remember “Liaochen news”, “Dongchang news”? Do you remember the shopping mall? Do you remember Liaochen development center? … if you remember you must find home.

But child, no matter how your adopted parents treated you, you must not forget they raised you. Even if we see other later, you must be good to them. After all they raised you. Dad does not want anything else, only want us to forget about the past, be together with our flesh and blood.

Child, after your were kidnapped, your mother gave birth to 2 more little brothers, please don’t blame your mom and dad. We have no choice, your grandma go sick right after your were kidnapped, before she passed away she told your mom must find you and bring you home, and must have 2 more kids, to live and wait for you to come home.

Child, please come home, tell use you are ok, and you are living a good life.

Shandong Liaochen Guo Zhen’s father


20090622-kidnap-03 12 years ago, 2 years old Guo Zhen were kidnapped in Shandong Liaochen by the human traffickers, since then every members in this unfortunate family have a tearful face every day . Guo Zhen’s father went all over the country to look for his loved son. Above are letters he wrote to his son and the human trafficker on 2009/6/10. In this world full of people, these 2 letters have no addresses and have nowhere to mail to. Hope this can wake up the human trafficker and the buyer’s conscious. Hope our Guo Zhen will come home soon!

After writing these 2 letters, Guo Zhen’s father got back on his motorcycle, again started the journey of looking for his son.


There are family everywhere, volunteers from “baby come home”


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