China Orders Google to Suspend Foreign Internet Searches

| June 19th, 2009


From Financial Network, Beijing, Intern reporter: 王奇华
China internet department on June 18 announced to impose penalty to “Google China” website ( to suspend foreign internet searches, also the feature that automatically suggests different search keywords once start typing in search textbox. Google is being punished for linking to pornographic content. Chinese government ordered its rectification to immediately cleaning up pornographic and vulgar content.

Prior to this, China has cracked down over 10 times on websites “contain pornographic and vulgar content which breach the social morality, physical and psychological damage to young people”. China’s punishment to Google indicating that Chinese government kicked up a notch on internet regulations.

On June 18 Chinese government called in and met with personal in charge of “Google China”. According to Xinhua News agency reported that “’Google China’ admits the site links to a large number of pornographic and vulgar dissemination of information. It is a serious violation of relevant state laws and regulations. It is harmful to the physical and mental health of young people. Google apologizes to the public on this matter and will reform according to government’s law enforcement requirements.” Financial network reporter contacted responsible personal from Google China regarding this, but he did not comment on this news.

Prior to this, “China’s reporting illegal and unhealthy information center” (referred as reporting centers) in the official website issued a statement said, according to verification by the public, Google is “strongly condemned” for spreading vulgar and pornographic content. It is required a thorough clean-up.

In January 2009, the state Council information Office, ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Culture, Commerce and Industry Office, the State Administration of Radio and Press and Publication Administration 7 departments across the country carried out “action to rectify low and vulgar content on the internet” This is the third time Google being condemned for the same reason in last six month.

May 19, the Ministry of Industry and Information issued a circular calling for July 1st in China in future production and sales of computers must be pre-installed “Green Dam – Youth Escort” Internet filtering software.

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Read this news from Final Times:
China tells Google to end Foreign site access

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