Jet Li Became Singaporean Citizen


From BBC:

Singapore media said that the Chinese martial art star Jet Li (李连杰) has been naturalized in Singapore, and also purchased a mansion cost of nearly 20 million Singaporean dollars (14 million U.S. dollars).

Singapore’s “Financial Times” reports but did not say when Jet Li became Singapore citizen. But the report said that in June last year, Let Li set up a charitable institution in Singapore, “Jet Li One Fund in Singapore office.”

Singapore immigration authorities do not want to comment on the media reports.

The charitable institution “One Fund” has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Hong Kong.

In September last year, Jet Li was invited to “Forbes Universal President of the General Assembly” in Singapore said he decided to set up the Foundation office in Singapore, so that Singapore will become ideal place to train future charity leaders.

According to reports, Jet Li and his wife Lee-chi and two daughters which were giving both Chinese and western-style education in 2007 moved to Singapore.

Jet Li in the last century 70’s had won for five consecutive years of Chinese martial arts titles, and later starred in the movie “Shaolin Temple” let him become famous.

Later, he went to Hollywood starred in many western action movies.

Jet Li and his family barely survived Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 he later began to shift the focus of his life to charity and established the charitable organization “One fund.”

Chinese movie star Gong Li (巩俐) was in Singapore in November last year took oath and became Singaporean citizen. It is reported following Going Li, this is second well-known Chinese movie Stars naturalized as Singaporean citizen.

  1. Singapore is like America, anyone can become a Singaporean if they choose.
    People immigrate to Singapore and become Singaporeans to find something what Singapore has to offer, whether it be economic, social, or political reasons.

    As an American, I’ve always been interested in Singapore because I see that country having similar qualities. There is no such thing as an American race because America was established by immigrants. Anyone can become an American, coming from China, India, or Brazil.

  2. I did not get to see much of Singapore, besides the airport. Perhaps I should consider a prolonged stopover next time around. Lots of hot chicks I hear. I like the air hostess type myself. A sort of fetish I inherited from watching too much Japanese porn. Still don’t let them catch you cheating on them, because all hell might break loose…

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