Former Deputy Head of Haidian (海淀) District, Beijing Sentenced Life in Prison for Accepting 5 Houses as Bribe

| May 8th, 2009


From Global Net:

According to China Court Network’s report, morning of May 8, the Beijing Municipal First Intermediate People’s Court convicted XU Shuying (许树迎) in first instance for bribery, sentenced him life in prison, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property.

68-year-old XU Shuying is former assistant inspector of department of Beijing Municipal People’s Government of Haidian district, former deputy head of Haiidan district, leader for the repair of dangerous buildings of Haidian district group and deputy head of the Haidian district in the information industry base office. After the hearing, the court found that: during 1995-1998, XU Shuying served as the deputy governor of people’s government of Haidian district, in charge of urban construction, such as the district office. He facilitated the work and provided assistance for the Beijing Tai Yue (泰跃) real estate company to develop a residential building construction projects. In return he received the 1 housing set from the company’s legal representative LIU, valued at 934,667 yuan. From 1995 to 2003, XU helped Beijing Tai Yue (泰跃) real estate developing a project as the transformation of dangerous houses, and received another house from LIE, valued at 1,306,629 yuan. From 1996 to 1990, XU helped Beijing Yuan Chuang Fang (原创房) real estate developing similar project, transformation of dangerous houses. He asked for another house from the company’s legal representative YANG, valued at 1,474,252 yuan. From 1997 to 2001, he helped Bejing Dahon Foundation real estate company developing another transformation of dangerous houses project, and received a house from the company’s legal representative LIU, valued at 1,303,870 yuan. From 1998 to 2002, He helped Jing Qiu Zhi Chun (锦秋知春) real estate company’s development of residential projects, and received 1 more house from company’s legal representative DU, house is valued at 1,279,172 yuan.

According to the court, XU Shuying is guilty of taking advantage of his position to facilitate for the benefit of others in order to obtain 1 set of residential and accepting 4 sets of houses, for a total value of 6,298,590 yuan.

In March 2008, the discipline inspection departments started the investigation on the lead of XU accepting 1 house from Tai Yue real estate. During this period, Xu confessed facts of his other bribes. April 8 the same year, XU was under house arrest as a suspect of bribery. After the incident, all involed real estate have been frozen or seized.

The court accused XU Shuying, as national staff, to facilitate the use of his position to obtain and illegally accepting properties for the benefit of others. His behavior has constituted the crime of accepting bribes. XU Shuying committed a serious crime of accepting bribes and the amount is huge. He should be harshly punished according to the law. Because during the investigation, XU confessed most of the other crimes other than what the court has obtained, and all illegally acquired properties were returned he can be punished more leniently. According to XU Shu Ying’s crime and the nature of the crime, the circumstances and extent of social harm, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, a Court of First Instance made the above decision.

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  1. Mango says:

    Life in prison for less than 1 million dollars…

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