Ziyi ZHANG (章子怡)Kneels for Foreigner and Takes Piles of Sexy Photos in Her New Film, Accused of Disgracing China


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Chongqing Times Reports on April 25: Recently, the great international film "Horsemen” has been released in China Taiwan region. Chinese actress Ziyi ZHANG(章子怡)developing her career in Hollywood plays an important role in the film. Stacks of her "Sexy Photos" in the film "Horsemen" are bold undisguised.

The professionals in this field think that the film is hopeless to pass the examination in the mainland. Netizens named her as the actress of “sexy photos” in "Horsemen" and accused her of disgracing China.

"Horsemen" Trailer

Ziyi ZHANG Seduces Dennis Quaid in “Horsemen”

Ziyi ZHANG seduces Dennis Quaid in “Horsemen”

Ziyi ZHANG in “Horsemen”

As a oversea Chinese killer in new film

In the film, the Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid who has appeared in the film "The day after tomorrow" about disasters, "Phoenix Robbery" and "The Assassination of Positions", plays as a western police who just lost his wife. He investigated a serial murder alone and found out that Ziyi ZHANG was related to the case. Ziyi ZHANG plays as an oversea Chinese girl Kristen, with a delicate and touching appearance. However she was suspected to be the killer and soon put in prison. In prison, she started the psychological battle with the police played by Dennis Quaid.

"Sexy photos" bold undisguised

Ziyi ZHANG performed well in the film, but two of the scenes in the film brought out controversy debates. One scene is during a detective process of tracing the case, a pile of nude and sexy photos of Ziyi ZHANG were displayed. Ziyi ZHANG was violated in the photos. She looked warn and haggard. Despite not fully exposing her body, but the film’s close-ups clearly shows her gesture is rather bold undisguised. She was named as the new "Sexy Photo Girl". The other scene is when Ziyi ZHANG provokes the police for their unsuccessful investigation in the prison. She slowly kneels down in front of the western guy, and provokes the western guy by rubbing her hand on his thighs.

Netizens criticizing it as a “disgrace to China”

Chinese audiences who have watched the film feel dissatisfied with Ziyi ZHANG’s "Kneeling down to foreigners" in the film. They have accused her of embarrassing and "humiliating our contry". Although it is only a short scene in the film, as an international star, she "enslaved" herself in a foreign film. This provokes the "humiliating China" Criticism again! A lot of Netizens said that although Ziyi ZHANG is only acting “kneeling down” in the film, it implies another meaning when she kneels down in front of foreigners.

Hopelessly to pass the review screening in mainland China

Reporter called the person who is in charge of the ZHANG’s mainland businesses yesterday (24th), but the phone call never went through. Some viewers said that, "From the point view of a movie fan, this is only a plot of a drama; it is not the behavior of Ziyi ZHANG. Since it is only a film role and a part of plots, she does not humiliate China." However, one professional in this field indicated that there are many rather undisguised images in "Horsemen" and it is hopeless to pass the review screening in mainland China.

  1. Chinese humiliate themselves by projecting everything every Chinese person has ever done in recorded history onto themselves.

  2. What a gigantic overspun load of rubbish. “Disgracing China” You have GOT TO BE JOKING?

    Seriously you people will jump up and down at ANYTHING.

    I just had some noodles for lunch and I thought they were average…….OMG i can’t say that I’m “disgracing china”.

    Get a life. She’s an actor she plays roles. Grow up.

  3. I really like the Avatar 3D film, particularly the story line, not only it brings a completely new feelings however eye opening thoughts of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to see it again…!

    1. Hey b-real !!! I think you’re wrong buddy!!! She is one of the best chinese sexy breed around.You should go and see her chinese movies. cheers

  4. She’s a typical sellout portraying negative stereotypes of Asian females. Hollywood movies from the past are promoting Asian and Native American Bashings. John Wayne cowboy movies are portraying native americans (red indians) as savages. Chuck Norris movies degrade Vietnamese and mexican men.
    White men and Black men are portrayed as strong and macho while Asian and Mexican men are portrayed as weak, jerks,sexist, etc.

  5. Only those who are lacking in self esteem will worry about how others perceive them. That goes for countries, too.

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