How to Identify Fake Chicken Eggs


Not long ago people discovered fake chicken eggs being produced and sold in China. So if you are in China be very careful buying eggs, don’t buy the fake ones! This post from 39Net teaches you how to identify fake chicken eggs from the real ones.


Fake egg’s shell is made of calcium carbonate. Egg yolk and egg white are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, eatable calcium chloride and then add water and food coloring. First pour a set amount of sodium alginate into warm water and mix it into egg white like shape, then mix it with gelatin together with benzoic acid, alum and other chemicals to make the egg white. Egg yolk is just adding lemon yellow food coloring. Together with calcium chloride to form egg mixture into the mold to produce the egg membrane. Egg shell is made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials.


Fake egg is full of chemicals, the main ingredient calcium alginate, at most is a gel. Alum, gelatin etc are only as additives, auxiliary agents. There are national standards on the use of additives; the amount of them is clearly defined. In the artificial eggs they have become the major components; they are not beneficial to the human body. Artificial egg has little or no nutrition value compare with the real egg.

Cooked fake egg


How to identify fake eggs: After opening the egg, egg white and egg yolk will soon mix together.

1. Fake egg’s shell is a little shinier than the real egg, but it is not very noticeable.

2. When touch the fake egg by hand, it feels a little rougher than the real egg.

3. Shake the fake egg will make some noises, because water overflows from the solid agent.

4. Real egg smells a little like raw meat.

5. Tap the egg lightly. Real egg makes a more crisp sound than the fake egg.

6. Shortly after opening the fake egg, egg yolk and egg white will melt together. This is because the egg yolk and egg white are made of the same raw materials.

7. When frying a fake egg, the yolk will spread without being touched.

20090424-fakeegg-06 20090424-fakeegg-07
Between real and fake

After opening the egg, egg white and egg yolk will soon mix together.

The following is the process of making fake eggs:


The production of raw materials

Mainly are sodium alginate aqueous solution of calcium chloride and other chemical materials

Let’s calculate: 1kg of real egg worth about 6.5 Yuan. 1kg of sodium alginate only cost about 42 Yuan can make 150kg of fake eggs, plus other costs, 1kg of fake egg only cost about 0.55 Yuan to make.


Use sodium alginate which has been soaked in aqueous, adjusting the concentration, stirring evenly. Soon it will look slightly white and transparent, and should have the same viscosity as the real egg white. This is the main part of the “egg”. Separate part of this liquid and add a small amount of lemon yellow food coloring, adjust the color depth to look like the color of egg yolk. This is now the prototype of the “egg yolk”.



Fix the “egg yolk”

Then, pure the liquid into egg yolk shaped container, and promptly add calcium chloride dissolved in water. The outside of “Egg yolk” rapidly solidify and form a layer of transparent material. After one minute, “egg yolk” is formed.


Pour “egg yolk” into “egg shell”

Put solidified artificial egg yolk into artificial egg white, the egg’s basic “content” is done.
Finally put “egg yolk” and “egg white” into “egg shell” made of calcium carbonate. After seal the opening, an “egg” produced by raw material and chemicals is done. The entire production is less than 5 minutes, which is much more efficient than waiting for a hen to lay an egg.

The following are some other information:

Raw materials and chemicals




Side effects and harms



Metabolism disorder

Benzoic acid


Harmful to brain, nerve cell. May cause liver dieses, senile dementia.

Calcium Chloride

Egg Shell

May cause nerve, liver dieses. May affect ability to produce blood.



Metabolism disorder



May cause nerve, liver dieses. May affect ability to produce blood.

Amino Acid


Metabolism disorder

Food coloring

“Egg yolk” color


Sodium alginate

“Egg white” and “egg yolk”



“Egg white” and “egg yolk”



Pour “egg yolk liquid” into the mold about 2/3 full, and put it into calcium chloride water. Shake it slightly so that egg yolk appears to have a thin layer of membrane. Soak the “egg yolk” in calcium chloride water for one hour, then wash it and dry it for later use.


Pour “egg white liquid” into the mold about 1/3 full, then put in the “egg yolk”, and add some more “egg white”. Put this into calcium chloride water again and shake it slightly. A whole egg without the shell will start to appear. Then let the “naked egg” harden for an hour, then wash it and dry it.


Put a sewing line through the “egg” and use it to dip the egg into liquid made of beeswax and calcium carbonate. Immerse and repeat several times, until a dry shell is formed then immerse it in cold water and pull the sewing line out. Now you put an “egg shell” coat on the “fake egg” and you are done.




I have learned the techniques of making artificial eggs in this company. The eggs we produced were exactly the same as the real eggs, and the fake eggs actually taste better than the real ones. Now I stopped working, on average we make over 1,000 artificial eggs, making over 100 Yuan a day. I made a fortune making artificial eggs. Many villagers also came to me for leaning my technique.


Frying a fake egg, will generate more bubbles but it looks more tasty than the real egg.


Varity of fake eggs, add brown and orange coloring, it turns into 100-year egg (preserved egg) immediately.


No matter how good the fake egg tastes, are the egg makers afraid one day they will eat one of their own fake eggs?


    1. No, this is not a joke, Chinese people have managed to make fake chicken eggs,they are very profitable do a search online yourself.

      1. Why would they fake the inside of the egg if all you’re going to see until you buy it is the shell?

        1. …because they WANT repeat customers! You moron!

          You’re not a business minded person aren’t you!???

          1. And why would someone buy again from the person who sold them a fake egg?

            You’re an idiot aren’t you?

            1. Bearfoot:

              It’s cheaper to make fake eggs than to harvest real eggs. So the people who make the fake eggs will make a higher profit if they sell their fake eggs the same price as the real eggs. But they can also sell it for a price that’s a little lower than the real eggs. This way, more people would buy their product over the real eggs and they can keep making more money. The whole point is that they’re tricking the customers to make more money.

              Someone would buy again from the person who sold them a fake egg because they don’t know that it’s a fake egg. That’s why this article exists in the first place – so that people can be educated about the difference between a real and a fake egg.

              1. *facepalms*

                And you really think that people are that stupid?


                But then again, you did feel the need to reply to something I posted FOUR YEARS ago.

                1. *facepalms* Of course people are not that stupid. Who would willingly buy food that will cause them dementia in the long run? Why do you think those fake egg producers are making it look like real eggs?
                  Again, that’s why this post exists – to educate people so that they can spot the difference themselves.

                  Although China is a major economy, it is still a developing country. In their population of 1.3 billion, many are still stricken by poverty. So if they see eggs for sale at half price, why wouldn’t they take the opportunity to buy it? And do you think those people would have access to the Internet to see posts like this, posts that could educate them about this whole fake egg business? No. You can’t just assume that everyone thinks the same way as you or that they have the same opportunities as you do.

                  Besides, your post isn’t four years old – I replied to your comment dated 2012/01/21. I suppose you mean four /months/ ago. Either way, just thought I’d express myself. I live in a free country, after all.

                  1. Ah.. the “free country” argument.

                    yes, you do live in a free country…

                    And I’m free to think you’re an idiot for what you do and say.

                    And BTW, freedom of speech only applies to the government, you do not have freedom of speech on this forum.

                    so gawd blezz amerka, dude.
                    *tips his hat*

                    1. You’re free to think whatever you want. However, that does not change the fact that your internet personality is obnoxious. 🙂
                      Besides, you can think what you like, but if you act upon your disdain, it could turn into all sorts of illegal crimes that you’re /not/ free to do.

                      By the way, USA is not the only country that has freedom of speech in their human rights codes…so I have no idea why you would assume I’m from there. o.o

                    2. first off, while he didnt do so very diplomatically in his first comment he made a very good point., and has continued to make valid educated points every time he responded to you. also im assuming you knew to which post he was referring to, so trying to bring in the previous post from ’09 was just childish.. i dont know what country you are from, but if you are from the states, you should be ashamed of yourself for your last reply, and if you are from another country you can kiss my middle finger. i also notice you are the only one who resorted to name calling… grow up, and learn not to comment until you do so

                2. Bearfoot, you are the idiot and it is proven with every post of yours. Are you mentally defective 12 year old? You sure sound like one. Idiot.

            2. My roommate bought fake eggs from walmart. He is an idiot, he thinks he was saving 4 cents over the package beside. He didnt open the carton to see and paid for 2 that were broken as well. I thought it was neat how the entire white/yoke was under the other 10 eggs. He will buy them next time he shops, he is an idiot and will try to save 4 cents at any cost

      2. These harmful act should be stopped immediately. Otherwise history remember Chinese as fraud and suppliers of fake things. Don’t you stupid think about those victims who have to suffer from your killer act.

  1. What a good idea! Showing in detail how everyone can cheat and make fake eggs to make a few yuen. Poison people, commit fraud and teach the Chinese how to be more tricky than they already are! YOU should be arrested and made to consume these eggs everyday as you sit in jail for the next 10 years. Go f^%k yourself.

    1. considering china censors the internet i doubt any of them ever even saw this, not to mention the racist comments you make of the Chinese, and on a final note, only people too dumb to come up with anything intelligent resort to the f word

  2. I have a really hard time buying this story. Conceivably one could eventually make this process profitable, but it seems a stretch to believe that it could become profitable quickly enough to take the place of real egg production. It just doesn’t even make sense why you would experiment and perfect this process.

    1. Believe or not, Fake chicken eggs were really common since last year and the beginning of this year in China and profitable. Just do a search on the subject yourself.

  3. NO! Fake eggs are real! They were used in the moon landing hoax because real eggs would have caused a vorpal discongruency in the flux capacitors!

    1. The fake Chinese landing or the fake american landing ?
      Please be clear … thats 2 diffrent kinds of flux capacitor yer talkin bout !

      Get yer vorpal discongruencies straight !

  4. I am assuming this must be fake BUT certainly making the yolk the same way as alginate based food pearls is perfectly workable.

    the reason I am guessing this is fake is that there is no mention of flavourings (unless I missed something), and the idea that the white and yoke taste the same and have the same texture is a nonsense – but it seems colourant is the only difference between fake white and fake yolk.

  5. what the hack and why on earth mus be such thing being invented??
    shit chines.everything they want to copy..

    1. What the fuck semi-literate racism.

      English,motherfucker, do you speak it?

      apparently not.

  6. It is good you are telling and warning everyone about this, what you posted not just teaches us how to identify fake eggs but explaining in detail of how it is just gave an idea to so many other people who doesn’t know about this to make a business out of this. When you post something don’t expect everyone is thinking the same. There would also be people who would think and take these things differently.

  7. The undeniable fact is some ruthless and greedy Chinese are producing fake eggs to deceive consumers and they don’t give a damn to your health. They know very well that the dangerous fake eggs would harm you and your family.

    Fake egg sellers face jail and fine
    New Straits Times
    Sat, Apr 09, 2011

    KUALA LUMPUR – Those caught selling fake eggs will be slapped with hefty fines or even jailed, warned the Health Ministry and the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry yesterday.

  8. Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi I attend a school in America called The Culinary Institute of America. I’m learning to become a chef. I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the fake egg in more detail. What do I need and how do I make it?

  10. wow.. is this for real?? hahaha cant believe Chinese would go so far as to make one of this just to make a profit.. but look at the bright side its show their ingenuity and “innovation”

  11. fake egg makers must be punished and capital punishment to death be imposed on this crime ,
    dont kill innoncent people one day their own baies will eat it

  12. Bearfoot is a pot calling the kettle black. Does he just hang around waiting for a supposedly racist comment? Is he the racism police? What does greedy people defrauding and poisoning innocent people have to do with race?

    1. I answer these comments because I have it set to notify me when a new comment is posted. If you said something intelligent and worthwhile I would reply in kind.

      But when you misuse saying in an attempt to insult me, I respond in kind.

      It’s not a position of the pot calling the kettle black, I never called anyone a racist.

      This post, and many of the replies I’ve seen, are rash and stupid attempts to make china look worse than it already is.

      Seriously, there’s someone in the comments calling for capital punishment against people who sell these.

      People calling me an idiot because i point out that there are flaws in the logic and generally harassing me with idiotic and poorly spelled out rants, simply because I don’t agree with them.

      Well excuse me for reacting in kind.

  13. Normally I don’t comment, but I just can’t help it after seeing some of the comments. I am an American, and I live in China. Yes, fake eggs definitely exist.

    Bob asked, “How can it be profitable?”

    Well, the answer is “poor peasants”. If a peasant makes fake eggs and makes 1 dollar per day, it is profitable! Labor is extremely cheap in China, so business that involves this cheap labor can be very profitable.

    Bearfoot said: “And why would someone buy again from the person who sold them a fake egg? You’re an idiot aren’t you?”

    Oh Bearfoot, you have some things to learn. The reason they have repeat buyers is because it is INCREDIBLY hard to spot a fake. I have some sitting in my kitchen right now(well, I’m pretty certain…I will verify it and report back), which is why I am on this site. I can tell you they look and taste real.

    Also, with a population over 1.3B, you will have plenty of buyers even if you are found out! Additionally, I would not be surprised if some of the markets that are selling these (after purchasing from the manufacturers) know the eggs are fake, but don’t care.

    I suspected something was not quite right with my eggs because they are delicate and the shell is fragile. After a couple days of using them (unfortunately) I realized the inner skin is missing.

    This is not the only fake product in China, ya know… Cooking oil from feces is another popular one. Cigarettes are also common. I believe that cigs are a multibillion dollar industry, and some people prefer the fakes! Sometimes I feel that everything in China is fake…

  14. Oh, and I also support the capital punishment for these guys. I understand that the plight for some of the poor Chinese is terrible, but that does not give them the excuse to poison countless people including children.

  15. I should say that they are really good at copying and almost everything is fake in China. Oh by the way, I’m not a racist, Chinese are, especially in my country…

  16. Chinese idiots, make fake pearls, there is more money in that than fake eggs.

    And it is much easier to make.

    Send me $99.99 and I will let you in on the secret.

    Look for my email, coming soon.

  17. You all know that some of these ingredients aren’t even harmful at all? Cellulose is actually just fiber, and “amino acid” is a vague term for things that are naturally found in nuts, meats, and most importantly you. Of course a lot of these are harmful so I still wouldn’t recommend eating it. Just don’t take everything you hear for granted.

  18. Fake eggs? It’s true. Read it on NYTimes. Also in USA, in Silicon Valley, they’re making “healthy” fake eggs. Read it in Forbes.

  19. Lol Wtf i have been eaten one black egg like the picture above when my cousin wedding about 2 years ago.

  20. How to turn real egg into ‘Fake’ egg?

    Easy, buy any real eggs and keep it for longer then 3 weeks. TADA!!

    Congratulation! You’ve successfully produce a *FAKE* egg.

  21. I’ve seen it on Discovery Channel, and it’s true back in China they’re making fake egg for shait provit. Fucking chinese!!!

  22. It is fake or real I am not thinking about that, but If it possible to produce an egg which would be 100% similarity in nature then that may reduce the hunger. The God gives us knowledge a vast to think and invent. So, we can try honestly.

  23. I put several fake eggs in my hatcher just for the heck of it, and chicks with dicks came out!!!

  24. Fake Chemical Chicken Egg & Plastic Rice Rubbish Toys Use and Through Products is producing in mass scale and dumping in Asia & African Country, What is this bullshit ? This Fucking Business policy of China and Polluting the whole Environments !!! Stop this Fucking Chines!!!!!!

  25. Chinese are dangerous for mankind. These scumbags making fake food igradients and harming people in this way.

  26. chinese always dublicate things, cheaper but not efficient. but when it comes to foods they are playing with human lives, crap minded people. i encountered several fake eggs thats why im here yelling

  27. chains people are very intelligent they can make all type of clone or copy . i have allso posted an content about fake egg.

  28. Bearfoot you are a bitch. Your family is a dick!
    Full of dickheads, idiot!

    I hope you have the worst life ever and suffer and die slowly. HAHAHA!

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