The Cousin of Shui-bian CHEN(陈水扁)Establishes “Communist Party of Republic of China” to Promote Reunification


From Global Times, Special Contributor in Taipei Reports (Xian ZHOU / 周先): Following the formal establishment of “Communist Party of Taiwan” last year, “Communist Party of Republic of China” was formally established last week and became the 147th Taiwan political party, the general secretary of “Communist Party of Republic of China” is Shuibian CHEN’s(陈水扁)cousin Tianfu CHEN(陈天福).

“Communist Party of Republic of China” was approved of establishment by Taiwan’s Minister of the Interior on March 31st, Shuibian CHEN’s cousin Tianfu CHEN as the general secretary.

It is reported by China Review News that in the interview with Tianfu CHEN, who is doing business in Shanghai, he indicated that “Communist Party of Republic of China” had already obtained the approval of establishing the political party from “Minister of the Interior” last week and became the 147th Taiwan political party. Because of the decree, the party chairman is only a legal representative. He does not deny that the party is registered per capita and he is the general secretary. The party flag is the national flag of People’s Republic of China.

Tianfu CHEN indicated that he hoped to promote the reunification of both sides of Taiwan straits with actions. He said, “Communist Party of Republic of China” kept firmly to the socialist road, he had stayed in the mainland for over 8 years, and hopefully the establishment of Communist Party can make Taiwan people have a better understanding of Communist Party.

The Founding Meeting of Communist Party of Republic of China

Tianfu CHEN further pointed out that Taiwan did not fit in the existing system anymore. It needed for carrying out the revolution of economic thought. And “Communist Party of Republic of China” is a revolutionary political party and a party with precision, the purpose is to make sure everyone have adequate food. After formally getting the registration permits of political party, he plans to call upon millions of party members. The party members do not have to pay the membership fee. They will launch a full range of activities to encourage people to join the party in the next few days.

20090407-communist-04The Soul of Founding Communist Party of Republic of China, Laoyang WANG(王老养)Proudly Showing the Red Flag

The party chairman of “Communist Party of Republic of China” registered in the “Minister of the Interior” is Baoyao LU(吕宝尧), the party held the founding meeting in Zhongshan Building at Yangmingshan in last October, on June 20, 2000, Baoyao LU had been invited to lead more than 20 chairmen and representatives of Taiwan political parties to attend the cross-straits political party association in Beijing.

Baoyao LU is also the party chairman of China Tiantong Party. “Minister of the Interior” has already approved the establishment of “Communist Party of Republic of China”.

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  1. So there you go, that’s the difference between China and it’s parting province. One is more open then the other.

    Whereas the communist party will get nowhere in Taiwan; even if PRC allowed a democratic party to flourish, it would be less than beneficial for the PRC and ultimately prove to be disastrous for the country as a whole. Much like the Falun Gong, government thought it was good for the public to exercise, then it got out of hand when its leader wanted political power.

    Anyways, I think this communist party of Taiwan is just nut. China had long diverted itself from actual communism (even socialism for that fact) to an earlier stage of capital accumulation (if we keep going with marx here), whereas Taiwan is already capital wealthy in comparison. So even a socialist Taiwan will still be very different from China as a whole. Even though China is not same throughout.

    Ah… just some random thoughts.

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