Two Female Students Born after 90s were Impregnated by the Same Boy, Putting up Their Babies for Adoption Online


From NetEast

Recently, On NetEast forum netizen posted a story about a love triangle between a boy (born after 1990) and two girls (also born after 1990). Two girls both were pregnant with this boy’s kid. Because they’d been pregnant for month, they are going to give birth to their babies. They are now finding someone to adopt their babies online.


Translation from the forum:

Two high school girls born after 90, were pregnant for over 6 month, and the father of the babies are the same person, a high school boy (also were born after 90). Right now all three of them are already suspended their schooling, two girls decided to give birth to their babies and put them up for adoption. Afterwards all three of them will go back to school.

These three are classmates, both girls were pregnant because of many times having sexual intercourse without contraceptive measures. Now both of them were pregnant over 6 months, it is too dangerous to have abortions now also it might cause inability of pregnancy later. Therefore they have decided to give birth to their babies. But the relationships between these three are too complicated, so they have reached a decision to put their kids up for adoption after birth.

Reporter: How old are all three of them in this story?
Answer: 90, 90, 91 (the year they were born in)

Reporter: All three of them are in Hangzhou? They are classmates?
Answer: Yes, Three of them are good friends, at the same school, in high school first grade and 2nd grade.

Reporter: Are these three boyfriends and girlfriends? One boy has two girlfriends? Do two girls know each other’s relations with the boy?
Answer: Yes they knew. One of them is the girlfriend, the other is not… Now I don’t know their relationships anymore.

Reporter: Do you think there is love between them?
Answer: I think there is.

Reporter: Why wait till being pregnant for 6 months then come out asking for help?
Answer: When they were pregnant for 4 months, they were not aware of it. Or else they would have had the abortion already. Now it has been 6 month, they cannot have abortion anymore.

Reporter: It has been so long, how come they have never noticed?
Answer: They were not feeling good, but never thought it is because they were pregnant. Maybe they never thought about pregnancy. If they were just being a little more careful, this would never have happened.

Reporter: This kind of relationship, one boy have sexual relations with two girls at the same time, can you understand that?
Answer: When “after 80s” (people who were born after 1980) were liberating sex, we already put it into practice. I think sex is a physiological need, nothing evil about it.

Reporter: Around you, are there a lot of underage people are having sex?
Answer: Yes, it is very normal, mostly before they turn 20, nominal age. (Jiangsu and Zhejiang region is generally considered the actual ago of nominal age +2)

Reporter: Now these three all left school? Even the boy left school?
Answer: It is suspension of their schooling.

Reporter: After everything is over, they will come back to school?
Answer: Yes they do not dare to show their faces right now. The boy is taking care of the two girls right now.

Reporter: Why don’t their parents and their school know about this?
Answer: Parents do not know, and school also does not know. Now days many schools are unreliable… Their stomachs are getting bigger everyday that’s why they suspended their schooling.

Reporter: Why don’t their parents know? How come they don’t even know what happened to their kids?
Answer: All these three’s parents are not in Hangzhou. They are business men, only putting their kids in school in Hangzhou.

Reporter: They do not see their parents all the year round? If they can keep this hidden from their parents, it must take at least over half a year. Can they really hide it?
Answer: They only see each other during winter break and summer break. Normally their parents just give them allowance. During Chinese New Year they already have seen each other, at that time they were already pregnant but no one noticed.

Reporter: Among people around you who are same ago as you, why do you think they get into early love relationship and even have sex?
Answer: I think the main reason is the “One Child” policy, why do we develop early love relationship? Loneliness, this kind of loneliness follows you ever since you are young. We need a companion emotionally. Also I think other reason could the because trend of young people, we just follow the trend and compare us with others.

Reporter: Among people around you who know about this, what do they think about this whole thing? Are they sympathetic, or not understanding or other?
Answer: Most people are sympathetic.

Editors Postscript: Born after 90s, love triangle between one boy and two girls, two girls are pregnant… Are we hunting for freaks? No. Do we want to raise more anger and point them towards the “After 90s”? Also no. We are trying our best to let people see the real life of the “after 90s”. Among three kids in this story, the oldest is not even 19 yet, they are all high school students. But because they cannot often see their parents all year round, they are lacking of love and caring from their parents. Chinese education system puts too much effort on students’ academics, but no one is putting any efforts to care about their worries growing up, no one really understands their loneliness and feeling of insecurity. We have reason to believe, this story is not crime case of “after 90s”. We also hope this kind of story will never happen again. Before this wish can come true, this story needs to be carefully reflected upon, other than with the “after 90s”, more ever with their parents, school…. and also the adults who are close to the “after 90s”.

  1. stupid ppl they r now tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo opppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

    1. try adopting kids in your own danm country. Whats up with these fucken westerners coming here to adopt. DO you think its cute? why not help ur own kids in need first….

      1. You should help those with the greatest need. China, being poorer and social programs for orphans being more terrible, it is better karma to adopt from China.

  2. Dumb ass kid, he must have not thought of the consequences when having sex, AND not thought of bidding babies online would make matter worse…

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