Yu LEE (李钰), “Romance in the Rain” Star, Dies At 33


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Actress Yu LEE, who had performed in “Romance in the Rain”, “A Chinese Ghost Story” and many other TV dramas, died of a lymphoma illness at Beijing Union Medical College Hospital. She was 33 years old.

Yu LEE was born on December 20th 1976 and was a student of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Grade ’93. She gained fame performing as Yu FANG in the drama of “Romance in the Rain” and later starred in “A Chinese Ghost Story”, “Love Season”, “When We Were Young” and other films and TV dramas.

Yu Lee performed as Yu FANG (方瑜) in the drama of “Romance in the Rain”


Memorial Held For Yu LEE, Bingbing LEE (李冰冰) Wails At See-off

The memorial service of the young actress, Yu LEE, who performed as Yu FANG (方瑜) in the drama of “Romance in the Rain”, was held in the morning of March 18th in Beijing. Her classmates from the Shanghai Theatrical Academy, Bingbing LEE, Quan REN (任泉) and others came to “see-off” their friend for the last part of the road. “Er Hao” Xin GAO (“尓豪”高鑫), Lan YANG (杨澜), Hong WENG (翁虹), Houlin LEE were among many other actors who attended. Yu WANG (汪雨), Yu LEE’s boyfriend, accompanied Lee’s mother.

Yan HE, Yu LEE’s teacher, who arrived early in the morning, said, that except for Zhibo FAN (范智博), who is currently performing in a drama, all Grade ’93 classmates of the Shanghai Theatrical Academy would be seeing-off Yu LEE for the last part of the road. At 9am, after the arrivals of Quan REN, Bingbing LEE, Xiaohu LIU, Lin LEE, the memorial service formally began. Bingbing LEE, who was dressed in black and without makeup, declined to talk and could not control her crying. After the service, she rushed back to Tianjin, where the drama she currently is acting in is being shot.

“Er Hao”, “Ke Yun” (“尓豪”、“可云”) See-off Yu LEE

After Yu LEE’s death, the staff members of the drama, “Romance in the Rain”, expressed their yearning for her in an interview. On the same day, Xin GAO, Yu LEE’s on-screen partner as “Er Hao”, and Lu XU, who performed as “Ke Yun” in the drama, saw her off on behalf of the drama staff. Friends held a pink carnation, which was Yu LEE’s favorite flower. Lu XU brought a large bouquet of red roses. Xin GAO revealed in an interview that his mother was Yu LEE’s class sponsor of the Theatrical Academy, so they knew each other for a long time. Even though he knew that Yu LEE had been ill, he did not understand the specific condition until he learned of her death. The news came to him the day after she died and was a sudden shock.

Boyfriend – Yu WANG Attends Memorial

Although the originally scheduled memorial service for 8:30 am was postponed to 9:00 am, Yu LEE’s mother still came to Ba Bao Shan in the early morning and was accompanied by Yu WANG. Yu WANG and Yu LEE were in a relationship. In the farewell interior, the scroll that held Yu WANG elegiac couplet reads “Yu Wang sobs out, hope you all is well on the other side”. In addition, Yu LEE’s family expressed at the mourning hall that they appreciated Yu WANG’s constant support over the past two years.

In addition, Lan YANG, Hong WENG, Houlin LEE, Guoqiang ZHANG, Siyi WANG (visit her blog), Quan LEE and Gao SHU were some of many entertainment business friends who attended. ZHANG said that he had talked with Yu LEE on the phone before the new year, at which time, she had been already in the hospital. “I got the news on the same day she passed away…She is a very sweet, very dedicated girl.”, said ZHANG. Tao LIU, Yuan NIE, Zonghan LEE were among many who did not attend the service but sent condolences wreaths.

Bingbing LEE (李冰冰) Wails At See-off

Boyfriend – Yu WANG Attends Memorial

20090319-Yu-Lee-06  Quan REN (任泉) Attends Memorial

Lan YANG (杨澜) Attends Memorial

Yu Lee’s Mother (middle)

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