Gay, Lesbian Couples Shooting Wedding Photos on Beijing’s Street


From NetEast, CCTV and everywhere…

2009 Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day, afternoon, two gay, lesbian couples dressed up and shooting their wedding photos on Beijing’s Qianmen(前门) pedestrian street.

They are with other gay and lesbian friends giving away roses to pedestrians. The couples stat, they are hoping to use shooting wedding photos in public to promote the society’s awareness and acceptance towards the gays and lesbians community.








Most comments from NetEast are negative and opposing.


From Blog post of  a supporter / event volunteer:

Today, we chose to be brave

As a gay, normally my life is very low-key. We never hold hands when I go out with my boyfriend. That’s why when I found out 2 of my gay friends will go to Beijing’s busiest street to shoot wedding photo on Valentine’s Day, I really admire their courage. When first two brides posed, a large group of people came and watched the fun. At first, people thought they are bride and bride’s maid. Then when two brides suddenly kissed each other on the lips, the crowd started shouting surprisingly. At this time, we and other volunteers started to tell the crowd, these two brides are lesbians. At this time, I feel like my blood is boiling. Yes, today we choose to be brave! Gays and lesbians should have the rights to possess love.

Below let’s enjoy their happiness together, and hope everyone can also gain more courage!


“I say, let’s hurry up and pose? See the grooms are already started”


“Wow, Brides are so pretty!”


“Westerner, come and take a picture, never seen a pretty Chinese bride, he drags the bride, you are lucky today.”


“See so popular, can’t help it!”


“Don’t push, I am photographer, let me have some space! Can only shoot through people”


“Don’t believe? Can you go inside?”


“So many people, should we report to our boss?”


“Let’s find a new place.”


“We are getting married will you come to our wedding?”
“Do I have to give money?”


“Is this the wedding invitation?”


“Supporting Chinese Gays and Lesbian, promote egalitarian society, Let all pair of lovers are deeply in love be together!”


“I am not going, embarrassing…”


“Use a smile to answer everyone”


“Dear, Muah , I love you!”


“Let’s do it also, Muah”


“We support you guys, give you blessing”


“As kids’ parents, we should respect their choices; our society should be more forgiving!”


“They are brave!”


“I brought my dog to support them!”

Two brides at once caught everyone’s eye, they were surrendered by people, everyone is asking “what is going on?” below are the different versions of that.

“Wedding photo? Why two girls where is the groom??”

“Shooting a commercial?”

“Is this for art?”

“One bride and one bride’s maid? Where is groom?”

“Shooting a TV show?”

At the same time two grooms are being ignored aside… As people slowly realize they are gays and lesbians, we started to hear people’s voices. The most unforgettable is a visitor to Beijing; middle aged woman gives her thumbs up and said in front of the camera “I believe we have these kinds of people in my home town. But no one is this brave and stood up, they are all in the corners and afraid of people to find out. You guys are so brave, admire…”

A girl in her 20th said “this is nothing, if two people think they are happy, that is all it matters. If my friends and family are like them, and if they are willing themselves, I support them.”

A middle age visitor said “now there are not many of this kind of things or people, we need more of these events, so people can see it more. When society pays more close attention to them, people will not think it is weird anymore.”

There are many friendly foreigners, followed us till the event was over. Also some of people asked to take pictures with the brides.

Of course there are opposing voices:


“If my son is like this, then I won’t want him anymore. I will break all ties with him. They don’t even think for their parents!”

“I totally oppose, if my kids are gays, I will for sure do not let them this way, I will do whatever I can to change them back”

There are many many of this kind of opposing voices.

Because of the streets were crowed with people for long time, there is a “scary” moment. A group of security guards got our flyer with “legalize gay marriage” printed on them. “What is this? Leaflet?” “Is this a leaflet?” “Nah? It came with the roses.” …

This event is so great; I admire the brides and the grooms. Also hope though everyone’s hard work let everyone understand and respect gay, lesbian community.

Most comments from his blog are supportive.

  1. i like to be a lesbien but i dont find my other cupel i wish to find her
    i wish my cuppel to be as sexy as she can (have a big ass a sexy aneus thin bg and sexy booooobs) iam a good kisser i wont to rupple u

  2. interesting..i applaud them for their bravery!
    btw, is it legal for same sex couples to be married in china? or did these couples get married without legal recognition of their marriage?

    1. yeah i was wondering that too?!

      respect to them for being proud of who they are is my reckoning!~

      good effort

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