Virginia Tech Chinese Graduate Student Murder Case Update

From Sohu BBS


Graduate Student Xin Yang was decapitated in a cafe at Virginia Tech university after had only arrived to United States weeks from China. Suspect Zhu Haiyang, a PHD student also came from china has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Netizens soon discovered Killer Zhu Haiyang’s Chinese blog on


Below is his last post of the 3 posts he wrote, and the direct translation


2009-01-07 00:49

在今年《福布斯》富豪榜排 94 位,身家达 92 亿美元的德国商人默克勒 (Adolf Merckle) ,前天(周一)被火车撞中死亡。警方估计默克勒可能自杀,料和银行谈不拢借贷有关。 岁的默克勒经营水泥、机械和药品业务,但去年投资福士股票失利,蒙受巨大损失。默克勒近日和银行商讨拯救他的投资公司,但一直未有突破,警方前天在默克勒居住的布劳博伊伦 (Blaubeuren) 附近火车路轨发现他的尸体,初步推断被火车撞死。 我的股票也亏损很多,几乎没有翻盘的可能,可能要吃咸菜 3 年了。 现在有点后悔莫及,农业经济学这个专业很没有前途。而她,也让我的烦恼雪上加霜!

Stock falls sharply, lately very annoyed, even want to kill someone or commit suicide… 2009-01-07 00:49

This year Forbes’s ranked 94 richest man, net worth 92 billion dollars German business man Adolf Merckle, the day before yesterday (Monday) was hit by a train and killed. Police suspect of suicide, and has to do with bank refused his loan proposal.

74 year old Merckle is in cement, machinery and medicine business. But last year investment of Fukushi stock had a huge loss. Merckle recently was trying to get a loan from the bank to rescue his company, but with no success. Police yesterday found his body near Blaubeuren train station. Initial diagnose suggests he was hit by a train.

I also lost a lot of money on my stocks, there is almost no way to make them back, maybe have to eat salted vegetables() for 3 years . Now I regret but it is too late, and agricultural economics has no future. And her, troubles even me more, one disaster after another (snow plus frost).

Xin, age 22, was having coffee with Haiyang in the campus Au Bon Pain Cafe on Wednesday at 7pm. It is believed they have recently become friends. Haiyang was also listed as one of Xin’s Emergency contacts, according to the university records.

More photos of the victim from Sohu BBS:




20090201-virginia-tech-murder-05 20090201-virginia-tech-murder-07 20090201-virginia-tech-murder-08 20090201-virginia-tech-murder-09 20090201-virginia-tech-murder-11 20090201-virginia-tech-murder-12

  1. This is ironic. A Chinese national kills another Chinese national by decapitation in the USA and is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in the USA.

    Why doesn’t the USA send Zhu Haiyang to China and have the Chinese courts prosecute and sentence him instead? It was a Chinese national murdering another Chinese national, and no USA nationals or other nationals were involved.

    1. If you were in that situation would you want to be in USA jail or China jail? Yea IDK if I would press the issue too… just saying

  2. I was referring to the point of view of the governments, not the criminal. It would make more sense if the US government just returned the murderer to China. It costs a lot of money to incarcerate criminals, and this one is going to be here for the rest of his life.

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