Live Report Beijing’s “Reddest” Restaurant

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Beijing’s has countless uniquely themed restaurants even to the oldest Beijing residence. Today, the one I am talking about is at east Wuhuan (五环). The name I need not say, the owner very genuine, and has a typical Beijing men’s temperament.

Very hospitable when friends come to visit, he also arranges assistance to take photos. Otherwise, even if you are the reporter from the united nation, taking out your camera is strictly forbidden. The word is many news paper voluntary requests to interview him and the place, whether the presses from the government or local media, most of them were respectfully refused. I was introduced by his friends, even though the owner knows my position, but he still warmly welcomed me as his friend’s friend. I have been to this restaurant 3 times, the first 2 times, I explored the way and took pictures, and last time is for having dinner with my friend. Everyone who has been to here all like this place, joyful, lively, and also have those theatrical performance from the past generation. Young people come here for the novel experience. Older folks come here to find their shadow of youth. Impressed by reputation, foreigners especially like this place. This is their best gate way to learn about Chinese present history.

Inside restaurant a few of the luxury rooms, ten red flags, a touch of “governmental” .

People say the dining hall is converted from a large warehouse.

Welcome the guest with a cup of soy milk.

Restaurant entrance with a unique door

Every night 8pm, when guests are dinning, theatrical performance starts.

Wearing unique uniforms, managers are in green and waiters are in red.

When performance peaks, waiter directs and sings a old song with the guests with high emotions.

Performers are from all other the country, before performance starts they are waiters and waitresses, once it starts, they are actors and actresses.

Ruminate on the past, graffiti on the wall looks cozy.

Shelf on the wall displays historical items, as if they are telling stories.

Factory worker, Farmer, Solder sculpture in the front welcoming guests.

Pretty and pure waitress

Restaurant looks like commune cafeteria.

Food recalls the sorrows of the past, like vegetable buns are vigorously supported by young people which never starved in a day of their lives.

Restaurant front door. Says “red classics – passion years themed restaurant”

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