A tooth for a tooth, farmers occupy main road as sunning ground

| September 27th, 2014

In a newly constructed Kexue Main Road in Zhengzhou City, the usual grey asphalt pavement turns into a golden boulevard of corns which covered 2/3 of the six-lane road and stretched as long as 5km. According to local villagers, the newly harvested corns can be properly dried in a couple of days and packed for sale on the spot thanks to the sunny weather and good ventilation on the road.

When asked why they occupied the public road for private […]Read more…

Driver dodges hundreds of steel rods during collision

| October 29th, 2011

(From ycwb) On Oct 26 in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a dark grey Volvo bumped into a taxi head-on then got a truck up the rear, causing hundreds of steel rods on the truck to thrust into the Volvo’s windshield. Surprisingly the driver managed to dodge all the flying steel rods that turn his car into a porcupine.

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Citizens of China rally to support the Occupy Wall Street Movement

| October 9th, 2011

The following news were once on majority of the Chinese mainstream news sites, most of them now have removed it. But it can still be found on various forums where Internet users have reposted it there.

Absolutely support the American people’s great ‘Occupy Wall Street revolution’’

Last week, the movement of Occupy Wall Street started in New York. Over 700 people were arrested. More and more people came to parade on Wall Street. It also aroused some heavy media coverage in China. […]Read more…

Pedestrian crossing runs through grass and trees, walkway for the blind leads into river

| September 17th, 2010

(From QQ) Recently, a netizen from Zhengzhou posted in a forum, “The most awesome zebra crossing in the history found in Zhengzhou”.  This intersection is Nansan Road and  Fengzhuang Road in Zhengzhou.

According to reporter, this pedestrian crossing that runs through grass and trees does exist.  Zhengzhou City traffic police officer Wang Zhiyong said, about a year ago the zebra crossing was added to Fengzhuang Road.  The police has received complains and now is contacting the construction company to correct […]Read more…

Migrant workers surround boss’s BMW for unpaid wages

| January 30th, 2010

From Sina: Zhengzhou Evening News:

8 migrant workers “kidnap” the boss’s car

Not paying salaries? Then don’t think about leaving. On January 25, construction migrant workers in Zhengzhou surrounded the project leader’s BMW, not letting him to leave. However the project leader called for another car and forcibly left the scene. For this matter, the director of debt settlement office of the City Construction Commission Zhang Shunhai said, the City Construction Commission starting from today suspended this construction company […]Read more…