Zhejiang Province bans 37 songs in KTV

| April 21st, 2011

From Netease:

Recently netizens of Wenzhou noticed a yellow sign appeared in the local KTV (karaoke clubs). The sign listed 37 songs that are now banned from playing at these places by the provincial authority. The 37 prohibited songs included popular titles like Su Rui’s “qian shou” 牵手 (Hold hands), Richie Ren’s Xiaoxue (snow) and Bobby Chen’s One night in Beijing.

The sign says “Prohibited songs announcement, according to regulation of the Provincial Department of Culture, the following 37 songs […]Read more…

Middle school holds a luxurious funeral, vice-principal suspended

| March 15th, 2011

From Netease | Translated by Roy | Edited by Key

A rich merchant in Wenling, Zhejiang held a luxurious funeral for his mother in a local middle school. Classes were suspended and the playground was used. The funeral cost 6 million yuan. The vice-principal of the school has been suspended.

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Students meet on QQ to commit suicide, court rules Tencent 10% responsible

| December 5th, 2010

(Netease) Lishui City, Zhejiang province People’s court reached the first instance verdict on a civil case regarding university students meeting on QQ to commit suicide. Tencent, the maker of QQ was sentenced to bear 10% of the responsibility.

The plaintiffs are the parents of the suicide student named Fan. They stated, in June of this year, accused student Zhang used QQ sending “suicide invitations” to the public with his cell phone number. Plaintiff’s son Fan accepted the suicide invitation upon receiving […]Read more…

Spooky! Eight children with the same last name in the same county died of accidents within 12 days

| March 21st, 2010

From Zhejiang Online:

After the Chinese New Year, Tiantai (天台) County, Zhejiang Province became the hot topic of the public, from ordinary folks to the media, the concern over the 5 missing children (later found drowned in the local fishery) was still not yet over, another 3 children with the last name Cai (蔡) died of unnatural causes.

The incidents were amplified in forums like MOP and Tianya because of the bizarre coincidences: all of them had the last name Cai […]Read more…