Beijing man sues Yao Ming over fish oil pill

| May 15th, 2014

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A Beijing man is suing Yao Ming for endorsing an apparently misleading health food product, according to

Feng Changshun is seeking 500RMB from a Beijing retail chain for allegedly exaggerated the benefits of By-Health fish oil capsules, and requested $0.01RMB from spokesperson Yao Ming for his involvement. Beijing’s Xicheng district court will hear the case.

“(The lawsuit) is symbolic. I want (Yao Ming) to admit to infringements of my rights,” he said.

Feng is […]Read more…

One-legged student inspires netizens with basketball skills

| December 17th, 2012

Qu Shitao became known as the “Inspiring Basketball King” (“励志篮球帝”) after a video surfaced of him playing basketball despite having just one leg. The video first became hot on Sina Weibo and then was reported on by a number of television stations across the country, including CCTV.

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The Transformation of Yao Ming

| February 21st, 2012

This article originally appeared on Kun Kun’s blog. Written by Kun Kun Yu Translated by Cathy Song


Kun Kun Yu writes for Bloomberg Businessweek China and is the author of “Not Polite, Not Vulgar.” Her work has appeared in GQ China and Sanlian Life Week. She blogs at

Last December I stood with Yao Ming on the balcony of the Roosevelt Hotel in Shanghai. Located on the seat of the Bund, we had a sweeping view of the city. Across from […]Read more…

2010 Forbes China celebrity list

| April 29th, 2010

On April 28, Forbes China Magazine released 2010 China  celebrity list, Jackie Chan took the number one overall spot, And Yao Ming who was ranked number one for the pass 6 years since 2004 fell to 4th place.  However Yao is still number one in income with 255,300,000 yuan.

1. Jackie Chan (成龙)

Occupation: Actor Income: 206,000,000 yuan Income Rank: 2 Internet Search Rank: 5 Newspaper Rank: 2 […]Read more…

Qiu Shaoyun and Yao Ming – Icon Vs. Entertainment – What a nation follows as example

| February 5th, 2010

The following is a guest post by Matt Sawtell


Qiu Shaoyun and Yao Ming – Icon Vs. Entertainment – What a nation follows as example By Matthew A. Sawtell, a.k.a. Uncle Laowai – January 25, 2008

As a laowai, it has been interesting to observe the history of P.R. China from an outside perspective – especially in the terms of icons and entertainment that have come into the national consciousness since the early 1950s to today.  From […]Read more…

Yao Ming Bought His Former Club Shanghai Sharks

| July 15th, 2009

[MOP] July 15 2009 Yao Ming announced through Shanghai media he will buy all of Shanghai basketball club team’s shares, becoming the sole owner of the team. People praised Yao’s courage and sense of responsibility but could not help worry about him becoming the boss – how to put a precarious team back on track in the current non-profitable market. Being the owner definitely has more pressures and challenges than being a player, Yao Ming does not have an easy […]Read more…