Car accident turns into murder, college student faces death penalty

| April 23rd, 2011

A junior of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Yao Jiaxin, who murdered a woman and fled away, was sentenced to death on 22th April, 2011. The crime happened around midnight on 20th October last year when Yao drove his Chevrolet and hit Zhang Miao, a young mother lived in the local village. Instead of taking her to the hospital, Yao stabbed her 8 times in the chest for the fear that Zhang had seen his car’s license plate and would recognize […]Read more…

Xi’an villagers steal chickens from crashed delivery truck

| October 7th, 2010

(From CRI) Three trucks crashed into each other on a highway of Xi’an City, resulting in two people injured and many chickens dead. The car wreck took place on Sept. 26th due to too much fog. The most damaged truck was delivering thousands of chickens, some of them got out from the cages and ran about on the highway. Villagers nearby came over the help, but some were only helping themselves out by secretly taking chickens home.

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