Lightning strikes and instantly kills 53 pigs

| July 9th, 2012

From Sina:

Around 11am on July 5th, lightning flashed over the sky. After hearing a booming thunder, a stream of blue smoke rose from Ms. Chen’s pigsty, which was located in a lychee garden in  Guangming Xinqulou Village , Shenzhen.

The pigs screamed like they were being slaughtered, and Ms. Chen, who was just three meters away from the pigsty, had never dreamed that the 53 ready-for-sale pigs would die in a second. “The pigs that were lying on the ground could […]Read more…

Mother passes away before Red Singing performance in Beijing

| June 15th, 2011

“Ringing Red”, singing nationalistic songs, songs that show love to the party love to the country.

From Hualong via Netease

“Here they come!” today 4:48 pm, at Caiyuanba train station, a T9 line train from Beijing to Chongqing slowly appeared in front of people’s eyes. As the doors started to open, the crowd waited at the station burst into cheers. Carrying flowers, our city’s “Singing Group” performed in Beijing has returned home.

4 days, like a spiritual baptism

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High school boy sells kidney for iPad2

| June 3rd, 2011

From Sina | translated by Jenny Jiang | edited by Key

Brief: The 17-year-old boy Zheng met an agent who sells kidneys on the Internet. The agent used 20,000RMB as a bait to take him to a hospital in Hunan Province. A so-called doctor removed the boy’s right kidney. Zheng’s health has declined a lot in the past month, and he regretted for his decision.

Zheng is a first year student at high school from Huishan, Anhui Province. Now we still […]Read more…

Who invented Confucius Peace Prize?

| December 9th, 2010

“China is going to give its own Confucius peace prize just a day before this year’s Nobel prize ceremony”. I read this on one of my friend’s renren status an hour ago. That sounded like a really bad PR campaign. And not like what Chinese authority would usually react to this type of things. Usually it would try to block information and let the fuss die down quietly—many Chinese still don’t know who won the 1989 Nobel peace prize and […]Read more…

Caught cheating in public, official sues police for causing impotence

| November 3rd, 2010


October 23, 2010, at around 9 pm, when a Yizhou Road, Linyi City policeman was patrolling Phoenix Plaza, he saw a parked black Santana rocking and swaying. When forcefully opened the car door he saw a man and a woman, naked in the car, the front seats were leaned all the way back, tissue paper and red bull cans on the back seat. After interrogation, the man named Li Jingwei turned out to be one of the leaders […]Read more…

Mirror Baby’s last wish before death?

| September 22nd, 2010

(From Baidu wiki) “(Dextrocardia) Heart is displaced to the right side of the chest. Liver is positioned backwards; heart is also positioned backwards with the bottom facing right.” At 10 am, on September 12, 2010, West China Hospital of Sichuan University director professor Tang Hong held the probe that was slowly moving across the body of 12-year-old Zhu Hongmei, he muttered his discoveries slowly, “All internal organs are backwards!” Staring at the monitor with Professor Tang, the Deputy Director […]Read more…

Pedestrian crossing runs through grass and trees, walkway for the blind leads into river

| September 17th, 2010

(From QQ) Recently, a netizen from Zhengzhou posted in a forum, “The most awesome zebra crossing in the history found in Zhengzhou”.  This intersection is Nansan Road and  Fengzhuang Road in Zhengzhou.

According to reporter, this pedestrian crossing that runs through grass and trees does exist.  Zhengzhou City traffic police officer Wang Zhiyong said, about a year ago the zebra crossing was added to Fengzhuang Road.  The police has received complains and now is contacting the construction company to correct […]Read more…

Hairstyles that are banned by our school

| September 2nd, 2010

Legend of Hairstyles banned by our school 

(MOP) School has just started! which reminded me of these tragic photos in our school bulletin board.  Reposted from my classmate’s space to share with you all, let’s together danteng the person who posted these, who in his last life was an angel with broken wings, every student must love him.

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Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar drives police car drunk with hookers, crashes and dies

| September 1st, 2010

[Picture: The Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar of Wen County, Henan Province, Comrade Fan Yongxiang who loves the opposite sex meimei very much.]

(Taobao Finance) Recently, an “explosive” news which the Public Security Bureau could not lock away spread through the streets of Wen County in Henan Province. About 10 days ago, on August 17, the Public Security Bureau deputy political commissar of Wen County, Henan Province Fan Yongxiang (范永祥) drove his police car and took 4 escort girls […]Read more…

Man of Chinese descent in New Zealand wears poster calls Chinese pigs

| August 27th, 2010

According to New Zealand’s Chinese website reported on August 25, at local time 4pm on August 24, a man of Chinese descent stood at No. 268 Queen Street, Auckland  “protesting” wearing a poster of English writings. Because the content of the “protest” contained many views of racial discrimination violent conflict almost broke out.

This man’s poster started with “Chinese is pig, do you agree it?” (I wish I could read the entire thing from the photo, but apparently his […]Read more…

Elderly falls in the middle of the road, no one helps because fear of being framed

| July 12th, 2010

(Netease) Yangze Evening news reported, on July 11 at noon, an old man felt on the ground while riding a tricycle on the Xinghua Yangshan Bridge. He lay on the ground and could not get up. For as long as 15 minutes, many people passed through there, some even stopped by and watched, but not one person gave the old man a hand to help him up. Why is that? According to explanation, the main reason why many people […]Read more…

Man selling his children to pay for kidney transplant

| July 11th, 2010

A man in Jianxi who is suffering from uremia, can not afford his medical cost and hopes to sell both is daughter and son for his kidney transplant operation.  The man had a happy family, but after suffering from this disease he was unable to work and his wife also quietly left him…

(Form Netease) In order to treat uremia he had almost gone bankrupt. After his wife left him left him with his son and daughter , in order […]Read more…

Fake ATM in Beijing steals from bank customers

| June 23rd, 2010

From Sina:

Recently, a shanzhai (fake) ATM appeared on the street of Xuanwu district, Beijing. Customers who used this “ATM” soon found that all their money in the bank account disappeared without a trace. Sina Reporter was told by the Beijing Police that the suspect Huang who set up the fake ATM was already arrested on the charge of credit card fraud. This is the first fake ATM case ever cracked in Beijing.

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Housing developer dragged sleeping residents out and torn down the wrong home

| May 15th, 2010

(From "We were sleeping when a group of people broke in and dragged us out, next moment our house was bulldozed flat with computer , freezer and everything still in it." cried a woman crouching in front of the ruin of her home with her son still searching his textbooks among the rubbles. It happened at 5 in the morning on May 13rd. Later that day it was revealed that the house was not up for demolition yet, and […]Read more…