Interview with a factory worker for the new iPad: much easier than making iPhone 4S

| March 10th, 2012

From Sina:

“I thought it’s called iPad 3, we always call it that before.”  Li Qi (not his real name) looked at the news about release of the new iPad on the Internet, felt proud and somewhat worried.  As a Shenzhen Longhua Foxconn factory worker, he was involved in the production of the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

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First successful sexual harassment lawsuit in Guangzhou

| June 22nd, 2011

From Netease:

[The 3 photos taken at the year-end party by Miss A’s colleagues which were later used as critical evidence in her lawsuit against the Japanese molester. ]

Miss A worked in a Japanese company. From September 2008, her Japanese supervisor started to sexually harass her by touching her body, like her neck and her waist. After she rejected him, he complained to A that he thinks she is too cool. "I feel extremely stressed at the time and was afraid […]Read more…

Sudden death of woman postgraduate from overwork alarms Shanghai white collars

| April 26th, 2011

By Chen Tingting, China News of Shanghai, 16th, April, Translated by Jenny Jiang

Pan Jie, 25-year-old white-collar died from overwork at Price Waterhouse Coopers in China

Pan Jie, an energetic young lady, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a master’s degree, had been an envy of many. She had a well-paid job at one of the four famous auditing companies, Price Waterhouse Coopers in China, 25 years old with a bright future. But, the delicate flower withered overnight. She died suddenly from […]Read more…

Along the years, China’s image in posters

| October 27th, 2010

(From Posters use vivid visual symbols to get messages across in a strong way. During the time when arts only served for revolution propaganda, Chinese posters has developed its unique styles, which many artists happily utilize to express totally different meanings. As China is now trying to rebuild its “country image”, let’s check out how China looks like in posters.

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