Brother Tricycle, Brother Running and Brother Train

| May 25th, 2010

Recently a video of a car accident made “Brother Tricycle” popular on the Internet. On May 9, 2010, a traffic video camera captured a deadly car accident in Beijing.  A fast moving black car hits a white car in front waiting on the red light in an intersection. One dead and two injured, but amazingly a man riding a tricycle through the tragic accident was able to escape without a scratch.  So netizens called him “Brother Tricycle” (三轮哥).

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Drunk Mainland Chinese girl makes a scene in Hong Kong

| May 18th, 2010

Recently this video titled with “Mainland Chinese post 80s beauty makes a scene in Hong Kong” has already been viewed over 800,000 times and generated over tens of thousands of comments.

In the video:

This 28 year old mainland Chinese girl even had the look of a star.

“I am a reporter of China, can you stand a side?”

“I will not lose my temper ok? Thank you, boss.”

“Don’t block me, ok?”

“I spent 600,000 HK, Chanel, LV, Armani, all mine. That’s nothing.”

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International relations “expert” forgets his lines on CCTV

| April 28th, 2010

CCTV channel 2:

Host: “The Conflict between the Thailand red shirt protestors and the government army continues. Can this crisis end with peace? Will there be more painful bloody confrontations? Now we are linked to China International Relations Research Center, South East Asia department Dr. Chu Hao. Hi Chu Hao, From the program yesterday we can see that Thai prime minister Abhist Vejjajiva rejected Red Shirt’s peace overtures.  We also heard the news that Thailand Army may take actions within the […]Read more…

Awesome Chinese version of a kimchi commercial

| April 23rd, 2010

This Korean kimchi company EXCELLENTLAND (金地杰) is developing a market in China. Check out this awesome commercial…

First version is a music video.

Version A: What does youth taste like? What does love taste like? What does missing someone taste like? What does kimchi taste like? delicious, good life, Korean kimchi, Excellentland (金地杰)

Version B: The passion when first met The sweetness of being […]Read more…

Kung Fu Bunny series by Vincent

| April 10th, 2010

Kung Fu Bunny was created by Vincent (李智勇),  28 years old independent animator and lecturer at the Animation Department of Communication University of China (中国传媒大学). The first episode of Kung Fu Bunny “Toto & Gogo” came into the spotlight in 2005 when Vincent was pursuing his master degree on transportation at Jilin University (吉林大学).

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Torture video exposed, Chinese casino over the border

| January 11th, 2010

Video from

According to the Chinese law, it is illegal to operate casinos inside of mainland China. Any individual or organization operates gambling business constitutes criminal act. So in order to avoid the crackdown, criminals in mainland China opened casinos nearby outside of the Chinese border. For various reasons, many people from mainland China go to these casinos to gamble. Let’s take a look what happened there.

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Funniest videos on Youku in 2009

| January 5th, 2010

Youku has top 10 lists of videos in all categories, thanks Kaiser Kuo for the link!  I picked out the funniest videos from the top 10 list that do not require you to know Chinese. Enjoy!

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Mixed race girl, Beijing vagabond from Sweden

| December 22nd, 2009

[From Sina]

Actually when many people meeting me for the first time, they will think I am pretty cold because I don’t like to talk, but that’s because I am very shy. Therefore people who know me all know that I am really very warm.  Growing up in Sweden and coming to Beijing this time, many things are my first time. For example, shooting for a TV show, magazine or a show, also climbing the great wall and then the first […]Read more…