Chinese God of Wealth vs. Western Valentine of Love

| February 17th, 2013

The following is a guest post by Philip via, edited by Key.

Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day in the west and also “Chu Wu”, the fifth day after Chinese New Year, which happens to be the day for Chinese to welcome the god of wealth.

The coincidence that the two popular holidays happen to fall on the same day dilutes the festivity of both. However, Valentine’s Day seems to be the losers.

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Man cuts his penis off on Valentine’s Day in China’s top university

| February 14th, 2012

From Jinghua News:

A 26-year-old man cut his penis at a fruit stand in Tsinghua University on Valentine’s Day. He then committed suicide by jumping off a hotel.

The incident started at a dental clinic of the Tsinghua University. According to Dr. Li, a stranger came in before noon with his hands holding his private part. He was asking for anesthetics, but the only anesthetic they had was for teeth. Then the man left, with his jeans soaked in blood. Dr. Li […]Read more…

White Day, write a three line love letter

| March 14th, 2010

March 14 is White Day (White Valentine’s Day), originated in Japan and now is also observed in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. It is an extension of the February 14 Valentine’s day. In Japan, February 14 Valentine’s Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts, usually to a male as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. On White Day, the converse happens: male who received a honmei-choco (chocolate of love) on Valentine’s day are expected to […]Read more…

Gay, Lesbian Couples Shooting Wedding Photos on Beijing’s Street

| February 16th, 2009

From NetEast, CCTV and everywhere…

2009 Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day, afternoon, two gay, lesbian couples dressed up and shooting their wedding photos on Beijing’s Qianmen(前门) pedestrian street.

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Valentine’s Day E-Marriage Proposal Guarantees to Woo your Lover

| February 12th, 2009

Valentine’s Day is near, it should not cost you a fortune to woo your lover or even propose for marriage. A Chinese netizen shares her love note that she got from her "husband". He gets her head over heels; she gets every Chinese girl envious and jealous.

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