Illegal immigrants: the most helpless Chinese people in Haiti earthquake

| January 24th, 2010

From Southern Weekend:

After the Haiti earthquake happened for couple of days, Huang Keqiang’s (黄克锵) cell phone and QQ was vibrating nonstop, messages coming from his hometown Fujian surged at him. After Heidi’s earthquake, the president of China Lin Zexu Foundation (中国林则徐基金会) who is now the permanent resident of New York City immediately released all of his contact information online. January 16, the fourth day after the earthquake struck, he gathered over hundreds of the missing fellow villagers’ names, these people […]Read more…

Avatar tickets in China most expensive in the world

| January 8th, 2010

Avatar ticket prices will go up next week in China because the demand is so great, which means the ticket prices for the movie in IMAX-3D will be the highest in the world! Chinese netizens are complaining that, people in China, where the average income is 20 times lower than the U.S., have to pay three times as much as the people in the U. S for the same ticket. There are even talks of viewing strikes on the BBS […]Read more…

“U.S. threat theory” and how we talk about threats

| December 20th, 2009

For the past decade or so, there has been debate about the validity of the “China threat theory.” The above picture shows the presence of US military bases in relation to China in the region. My first reaction to this picture was: Is there talk of a “US threat theory” in China that I am not aware of? When I first saw this picture, I was very intrigued. In my studies of international relations, I have never heard the […]Read more…

Avatar photoshop kuso

| December 19th, 2009

[From MOP:] Avatar is a 2009 epic American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron who also directed Titanic.  The making of the film took 10 years. The film is estimated to have cost over $300 million to produce, and another estimated $200 million for the distribution and other costs, thus totaling to about half a billion dollars.

To worship this epic film, one netizen photoshops various stars into his own epic work. Sheng Dan Shi Zuo Pin = […]Read more…

President Obama took questions from fake Chinese students at town hall meeting

| November 16th, 2009

President Obama spoke with several hundred students at the museum of science and technology in Shanghai today where he answered students’ questions in a Town Hall Meeting. However according to this post, some of the “students” who asked the questions were not exactly current students? These fake students were actually university officials?

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China bans “ObaMao” T-shirt during Obama’s presidential visit

| November 15th, 2009

If you ever walked through souvenir shops in Beijing this past year, you must have seen the line of “ObaMao” souvenirs – wallets, posters and T-shirts etc. The design is President Barack Obama’s face dressed in Chair Mao’s Red Guards’ cap and uniform. Ever since Barack Obama was elected as the U.S. president over the past year this T-shirt was selling like hot cakes. However Chinese government just banned this product, at least during Obama’s presidential visit in China. The […]Read more…

The Death of an Overseas Returnee

| October 29th, 2009

Haigui (海归) – Overseas Returnee: People returned to their home country (China) after finishing overseas study, mostly in order to start enterprises. This term is quite popular in mainland China. Because Haigui (海归) has the same pronunciation as “sea turtle” (海龟), therefore the use of “sea turtle” also referred to this group of people.

Tu Xuxin 涂序新

(originally from Southern Metropolis Daily, but the link is dead now, here is a copy)

Suicide note:

“At this moment, I think my original decision […]Read more…

Chinese Orphans Adopted Overseas Finding Home

| September 5th, 2009

[Southern Metropolis Weekly] August 29th Chinese boy Christian met his long-lost birth parents in Beijing. As one of the75,000 Chinese orphans adopted overseas, Christian is one of the few lucky ones that found out about the truth of his life. However, his tortuous experience of finding home is thought provoking, how many children have the same experiences as him? When it was still possible to find their lost love ones, they were sent to overseas for adoption.

Christian told his […]Read more…

American Youth VS Chinese Fenqing

| August 29th, 2009

Fenqing (愤青) which is itself an abbreviation for Fennu Qingnian (愤怒青年), means literally “angry youth”. It mainly refers to youth who display a high level of Chinese nationalism. This term first appeared in Hong Kong in the 1970s, referring to those young people who were not satisfied with Chinese society and sought reform. It has now evolved into a term used predominantly in Internet slang. Whether fenqing is derogatory or not usually depends on the person. Critics describe them […]Read more…

Yao Ming Bought His Former Club Shanghai Sharks

| July 15th, 2009

[MOP] July 15 2009 Yao Ming announced through Shanghai media he will buy all of Shanghai basketball club team’s shares, becoming the sole owner of the team. People praised Yao’s courage and sense of responsibility but could not help worry about him becoming the boss – how to put a precarious team back on track in the current non-profitable market. Being the owner definitely has more pressures and challenges than being a player, Yao Ming does not have an easy […]Read more…

Nanjing Fans Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson, Chinese Reactions

| June 28th, 2009

From NetEase: CFP reported on June 26, Nanjing many fans gathered in front of 1912 plaza to pay tribute to the sudden death of superstar Michael Jackson. Fans played Jackson’s music, lit candles and prayed for their idol in silent.

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I Brought Michael Jackson into China

| June 27th, 2009

From NetEase Blog by Zhang Yanbin (臧彦彬):

This morning heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death I felt sorrow and regret. This world lost a great musician.

Jackson is the representative of an era. He represented a prosperous era, this era is irreplaceable. I feel very lucky to be the one who first officially introduced Jackson’s music to people of China in 1994.

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One Chinese Blogger’s View on “Transformers 2”

| June 23rd, 2009

One Chinese Blogger posted his view on “Transformers 2” on QQ:

Basically, “Transformers 2” is more “transformed” than “Transformers”, but writing a regular file critic is like “please write down the feeling of driving a Chevrolet” or “please analyze the characteristics of how KFC taste” dry and boring. Therefore, I will write it unconventionally.

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China Reduced 4.4 Billion Dollars of U.S. Treasury Bonds in April

| June 15th, 2009

From NetEase:

China Securities News reported on June 16: China continuously holding of U.S. treasuries has finally stopped. Reporter was informed from United States Ministry of Finance website as of the end of April this year China’s holding of U.S. Treasury bonds was 763.5 billion U.S. dollars which is lower than end of March of 767.9 billion dollars. This means that China reduced about 4.4 billion dollars of U.S. Treasury bonds in April.

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