Guangzhou cancels free rides, giving out transport subsidies instead

| November 8th, 2010

(Netease) Guangzhou City Government announced on November 6, 2010: Starting from November 8, Monday, the subway, bus and ferry which were made free in the beginning of the month for the Asian Games are going to resume to paid system. Instead, transportation subsidy will be given. The detailed measures are as follows:

1. Starting from the 8th, the Guangzhou City public transportation metro, bus (including ferry) and the subway Guangfo line resume to the paid system.

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Chinglish signs in a school

| August 22nd, 2010

(From Renren) The following are signs found in a school in China (Huizhou Boluo Experimental School).  Clearly, English is probably not a subject they teach in this school.

Dormitory Affairs Office (Dormitory Caretaker’s Room)

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