Mother forgives hit-and-run driver who paralyzed her son

| October 24th, 2011


(The couple take little Mengshi out for a walk everyday)

(From Jinghua Times) In the afternoon of Oct 2nd 2008, 4-year-old boy Mengshi got hit by an agricultural truck while playing at roadside. Driver sent the boy to the hospital and disappeared after leaving 3000 yuan behind. Little Mengshi woke up from coma 3 months later only to find that he has to stay in bed ever after due to severe brain damage. He can’t walk nor talk and his […]Read more…

Operating room on fire, doctors and nurses escape except a patient under anesthesia

| August 29th, 2011

From Sina:

A hospital in Shanghai was caught on fire, doctors and nurses all left the building, safe and sound, but a patient undergoing an amputation surgery was left on the operation table and died of asphyxiation.

Spokesman of the hospital later confirmed the news. When the fire happened, doctors are performing an amputation operation. The patient, around 49 year-old, was sent hospital after a car accident. The operation began around 8 pm and was about to be finished when the […]Read more…

Old woman give herself a surgery by slitting her belly

| May 26th, 2011

From Zaobao news And Xin kuai News:

A female farmer in Chongqing Municipality performed a surgery on herself because her family couldn’t afford the 50,000 medical fees.

According to Qilu Evening News, Wu Yuanbi, 53, performed the surgery on May 8. She slit her belly open to let the fluid out. But the intestines also went out and almost killed her.

Wu Yuanbi suffers from Budd-Chiari syndrome, a chronic condition that causes the belly to fill with fluid, larger than a pregnant […]Read more…