16 people threaten to jump off the bridge together for wages

| November 4th, 2009


[Daqi] Because of labor disputes with the factory, more than 30 Hunan province contractors from a (beer) brewery in Guangzhou went to the Haizhu bridge (海珠桥) together performed a “jumping off the bridge show”. Police yesterday said, after the investigation 16 people involved in climbing the bridge were punished accordingly. Two organizers were held in criminal custody, 14 others were held for civil detention.

The afternoon of November 2, Guangzhou Haizhu bridge was paralyzed. 16 workers climbed on top of the […]Read more…

Singer Chen Lin Jumped off a Building to her Death at age 39

| November 2nd, 2009

October 31 2009, mainland singer Chen Lin (陈琳) jumped to her death from Dongba Olympic Garden building 701 9th floor (in Beijing). She was 39. Her current husband Zhang Chaofeng (张超峰) when contacted by the reporter said “I feel terrible, even have difficulty breathing”.

Chen Lin’s body was found in a garden under the residential building at around 6 in the morning. She was “wearing a surgical mask, a gray jacket, jeans, a hat and a pair of red leather shoes. […]Read more…

The Death of an Overseas Returnee

| October 29th, 2009

Haigui (海归) – Overseas Returnee: People returned to their home country (China) after finishing overseas study, mostly in order to start enterprises. This term is quite popular in mainland China. Because Haigui (海归) has the same pronunciation as “sea turtle” (海龟), therefore the use of “sea turtle” also referred to this group of people.

Tu Xuxin 涂序新

(originally from Southern Metropolis Daily, but the link is dead now, here is a copy)

Suicide note:

“At this moment, I think my original decision […]Read more…

Shenzhen University Beauty Committed Suicide, but Why?

| September 21st, 2009

Yesterday morning. Shenzhen university third year female student leaped from the top of her home building ended her 19-year-old life. It was not yet four month since she wrote on her blog “Cherish and love life”. Police have determined Yang Jing Qian (杨倩) committed suicide by jumping off the building. Her family and friends said she have made mistakes during the welcoming of 2009 new students at school and was criticized by the teacher severely. However Yang’s teacher advisor […]Read more…

Chinese Worker at Foxconn Committed Suicide after iPhone Prototype was Missing

| July 22nd, 2009

[NetEase] July 16 morning Foxconn (in Shenzhen Baoan district) 25-year-old worker, Sun Danyong leapt from his apartment, a 12 story building to his death. Before this, he was in charge of the 16 Apple iPhone prototypes and one of them was missing. Therefore Sun was under company’s investigation. On the 18th Sun’s university classmate said, during the investigation Sun was illegally searched, detained and also physically abused.

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