Guiyang bus fire that killed 6 is the latest bus arson in China — a brief timeline

| March 1st, 2014

After noon on February 27, a man boarded bus no. 237 in Guiyang and ignited a barrel of gasoline on fire. The fire killed six and injured 35. Yesterday, a man surnamed Su was arrested for allegedly causing the arson. Su is alleged to have caused the fire because he believed his wife was having an affair.

Bus arson is apparently a fashionable way for Chinese men to “take revenge on society” by attempting murder and/or suicide. A brief history of […]Read more…

Railway police intern loses legs saving suicide train jumper

| July 15th, 2012

From nddaily:

In the afternoon of July 9th, a man jumped off the platform in Changli railway station, in Hebei to commit suicide, and Li Yabo, the 20-year old railway police Intern, went to save him. Both of them were hit by the train. The suicide fell into a deep coma while Li Yabo had to have leg amputation, because his legs were badly mutilated when his colleagues dragged him out from under the train.

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Man cuts his penis off on Valentine’s Day in China’s top university

| February 14th, 2012

From Jinghua News:

A 26-year-old man cut his penis at a fruit stand in Tsinghua University on Valentine’s Day. He then committed suicide by jumping off a hotel.

The incident started at a dental clinic of the Tsinghua University. According to Dr. Li, a stranger came in before noon with his hands holding his private part. He was asking for anesthetics, but the only anesthetic they had was for teeth. Then the man left, with his jeans soaked in blood. Dr. Li […]Read more…

West Lake heroine on saving life: nationality is not the question, human is

| November 1st, 2011

In mid October, the headline “foreign beauty rescues West Lake suicidal Chinese woman” appeared on almost every news paper in Hangzhou City and many online press. The rescuer left soon without leaving name or contact, Chinese folks and netizens then named her “West Lake heroine”. Her identity remains mysterious until a recent interview where she talked about her opinion about saving life.

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Afraid of being beaten by teacher, 10-year old boy commits suicide

| June 24th, 2011

From Sohu:

The family is mourning after the tragedy, Xiao Nan’s unfinished homework is on the table

Xiao Nan, the ten years old primary student committed suicide by drinking a whole bottle of dichlorvos (DDVP, organic phosphate used as insecticide) at home, leaving his family in great despair.

It happened early in the morning

Xiao Nan lived in Lan Tian County, Shan Xi Province with his brother Xiao Jun and his grandparents. His mother, Mrs. Fan had a job in far away Xinjiang Provence […]Read more…

Lovers jump to death in Shanghai subway, more subway suicides pose hazard

| May 6th, 2011

April 29th, at around 7:30, rush hour in Shanghai subway, a man and a woman, who later confirmed as lovers, jumped in front of a coming subway train. It was rush hour when the incident happened, lots of people witnessed the horror and the 22 year-old driver was not yet recovered from the frightening experience.

A witness said he saw the couple almost every morning on his morning commute. That day, before they dived onto the tracks, the couple was […]Read more…

High school student commits suicide after being scolded by teacher

| March 23rd, 2011

From Mop | translated by Jue | edited by Key

On the afternoon of March 14th, 10th grade student Zhang Zhipeng from the Third Secondary School of Pucheng, Fujian was scolded and insulted by his homeroom teacher in the teachers’ office because Zhang had been playing with his cell phone in class. Then his parents were called to school by the teacher. Zhang Zhipeng had made apology to the teacher but she didn’t accept it and continued to verbally abuse Zhang. […]Read more…

Students meet on QQ to commit suicide, court rules Tencent 10% responsible

| December 5th, 2010

(Netease) Lishui City, Zhejiang province People’s court reached the first instance verdict on a civil case regarding university students meeting on QQ to commit suicide. Tencent, the maker of QQ was sentenced to bear 10% of the responsibility.

The plaintiffs are the parents of the suicide student named Fan. They stated, in June of this year, accused student Zhang used QQ sending “suicide invitations” to the public with his cell phone number. Plaintiff’s son Fan accepted the suicide invitation upon receiving […]Read more…

Why do Chinese officials commit suicide rather than go to trial?

| September 29th, 2010

(From Netease) September 21, another high ranking Chinese government official died abnormally. Zhejiang Higher People’s Court Vice President Tong Zhaohong was found dead in his office bathroom. Tong Zhaohong committed suicide by drowning himself. According to reports, Tong ZhaoHong had been depressed for months prior to his death. A short suicide note was also found on his office desk.

President Qi:

I have been depressed for several months, it is unbearable, extremely uncomfortable and I lost faith. In particular, I cannot […]Read more…

Singer from “the first lip synching case in China” attempts suicide

| August 13th, 2010

Remember her? I posted a funny video of the singer having her microphone backwards, lip syncing a song a couple of months back. It turned out, this singer named Fang Ziyuan was later charged for lip synching by the authority which makes it “the first lip synching case in China”.  

(Netease) Last night, Beijing star agent A-Long told the reporter that the singer from “the first nation lip synching case” attempted suicide by cutting her wrist in her rental […]Read more…

Armless man writes calligraphy to brothers and sisters of Foxconn

| May 22nd, 2010

From MOP:

May 19, 2010 at noon, an amazing scene on the pedestrian bridge walkway in front of the south entrance to Foxconn Corporation, Shenzhen captured people’s eyes. From Shandong province, an optimistic man with no arms used his feet and wrote down some inspirational words in Chinese calligraphy for the Foxconn employees, to advice them not to do any more foolish things – jumping off buildings and committing suicide.

On May 12, I wrote about Foxconn employees’ “8 consecutive suicides” since […]Read more…

Why do Foxconn employees keep jumping off buildings?

| May 12th, 2010

May 6, another Foxconn worker leaped to his death, and this is jump number 7 since January, another suicide, again jumping off a building, again at Foxconn.  People call it the “7 consecutive jumps”. I also recall writing about an incident last July, a Chinese worker at Foxconn committed suicide after iPhone prototype went missing. Everyone wants to know why so many Foxconn workers are jumping to their death, 7 of them just this year? What was behind the […]Read more…

New tools for suicide: Paper bills and shoelaces?

| December 17th, 2009

The death of a suspect named Xing Kun in the Kunming Xiaonan police station has attracted the attention of Chinese media and netizens. Netizens are skeptical about supposedly a suicide happened in the holding cell of a police station. Many speculated about the “real causes of death” and phrases like “faked suicide” once again became the hot phrase on the internet. Xing Kun was arrested on October 11th and died the next day – less than 24 hours after he […]Read more…

Poverty-stricken female graduate student commits suicide at school dorm

| December 12th, 2009

[From Netease]

Summary: On December 10, a forum post started to spread on the Chinese major BBS – Shanghai Maritime University female graduate student Yang Yuanyuan (杨元元) committed suicide in the dormitory bathroom. Criticisms pointed to the University. University publicity department then scrambled to post relevant information about the incident over night. Professor of Sociology at Fudan University in Shanghai, Hu Shoujun said the deceased already passed way, to show respect, everyone please stop judging her. He also hoped people who […]Read more…