New sex education textbook is condemned as pornography

| August 20th, 2011

From QQ:

Illustrations from the new sex education textbook

Beijing’s first sex education textbook for elementary school students has triggered heated discussion. Many parents find it too sexually explicit and some condemned the new textbook as pornography.

This sex education textbook, titled The Footsteps of Growth (《成长的脚步》), consists of different sections, such as “My body”, "Where do I come from?" and “How to prevent AIDS.” To better explain the content, the textbook employs many bold illustrations including sexual intercourse.

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Sexual repression of the stay at home women in China’s rural areas

| March 16th, 2010

From dbw:

留守妇女 [liúshǒufùnǚ]:  noun. wives who stay at home in rural areas while their husbands are away in urban areas for long periods of time

Not long ago, Dr. Zhang Hongyan encountered an embarrassing moment at the hospital emergency room: a woman dressed in rags was sent to the hospital with her lower body attached to her pet dog’s genital. When the medical staff pushed the bed into the operating room, the female patient’s face was colorless. No need […]Read more…

A 9 year old girl gives birth to a 6 pound baby boy

| January 29th, 2010


City Evening News reports on January 25, Changchun hospital gynaecology department took in a special patient, a 9-year-old girl who was 8 and half months pregnant. On January 27, at noon, this girl gave birth by cesarean section to a 2.75 kilogram (about 6 lbs) baby boy.

On January 25, reporter went to the gynaecology department of the hospital, most of the patients and family members were asleep; the hospital hallway was very quiet. Reporter approached the hospital staff […]Read more…

The Blank Slate of Sexual Education in the Chinese Countryside

| November 19th, 2009


As Chinese youth are exposed to more and more sex via the Internet in China’s rapidly expanding economy, the education system still has to catch up to their newfound curiosity. Even many schools in Beijing have only recently started true sex education classes, and these only usually begin in high school. There is an inconsistency in the way that China is becoming increasingly liberalized in some ways, but not quickly enough in some important ways and the problem of sexual […]Read more…