16-year-old boy convicted of rape for living with 13-year-old girlfriend

| July 19th, 2012

From Baidu news:

Recently, a typical rape case with warning significance was tried in Shenzhen Luohu District Court. A 16-year-old boy (at the time of the crime) was in love with a 13-year-old girl and had lived together. Although both parents did not take further legal action, the boy was prosecuted by the authorities. First instance trail convicted him of rape, the court sentenced him 1 year and 3 months imprisonment.

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Victim in coward husband rape case attempts suicide after adultery rumor

| November 10th, 2011

29-year-old Wang Juan curls up in bed, trembling.  She couldn’t eat or drink regularly and attempted suicide several times. She has gone delirious after what happened on Oct 23rd night.

Following up the most talked news in China lately – man cowardly hides next room while wife being raped. According to Netease, the female victim in the rape case attempted suicide because of rumors of calling the incident “adultery” rather than rape.

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Man hides in next room while wife being abused and raped for 1 hour

| November 8th, 2011

(From ifeng) In a small rental apartment in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, 29-year-old Wang Juan lies on the bed staring at the ceiling, she looks pale and trembling. Suddenly she sits up, puts her hands in the air and waves frantically and starts crying.  For the past half month, she couldn’t eat or drink regularly and attempted suicide several times. She has gone delirious after what happened on Oct 23rd night. She couldn’t decide which man did more harm to her […]Read more…

Rape? Woman mistakes man as boyfriend and has sex

| July 5th, 2011

From GZSB via Sina

Xiao Juan is a 26-year-old woman living in Weining (Guizhuo Province). On the night of Jun 27, she and her boyfriend went to their friend’s birthday party. It was very late and they decided to settle down in a hotel nearby. At midnight, Xiao Juan went to the public toilet outside their room. After that, she went into the neighboring room by mistake.

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Taxi driver connives at rape in his car

| May 25th, 2011

A 15-year-old girl, Xiao Wei (alias) was raped by a passenger in the same taxi. Facing the crime, the taxi driver did not stop the car nor called the police, instead he detoured a long way to make this happen. This cold-blooded driver was sentenced to 2 years in prison for rape.

The rape happened on December 31, 2009. That midnight, Li Wenkai, the taxi driver and his friend Li Wenchen were waiting for passengers near the Wen Zhou railway station. […]Read more…

16-year-old girl leaped to her death from hotel after being molested, two policemen are involved suspects

| September 23rd, 2010

(From Netease) September 20, Hunan Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau issued a public notice which revealed the brief course of events about the death of a 16 year old girl in Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang), Hunan Province.

September 4, at 7 pm, a 16-year-old girl leaped to her death at the Phoenix Grand hotel. Many spectators were at the scene, for a while, this girl’s jump caused public uproar in the local area. Faced with various speculations, Fenghuang Country police […]Read more…

SOS paper note found, two girls rescued after being locked up in a basement for a year

| May 23rd, 2010

From Hangzhou Daily:

May 14, 2010 Wuhan, an electronics repairman found a paper note inside of a TV. It read “Help! I am locked up underground for over a year”, and with the address of the location. After reporting to the police, they found 2 girls being locked up in the basement of a home. Two girls’ feet were locked with metal chains, wearing no clothes, and one of them had been missing for nearly a year. When the girls […]Read more…

A 9 year old girl gives birth to a 6 pound baby boy

| January 29th, 2010


City Evening News reports on January 25, Changchun hospital gynaecology department took in a special patient, a 9-year-old girl who was 8 and half months pregnant. On January 27, at noon, this girl gave birth by cesarean section to a 2.75 kilogram (about 6 lbs) baby boy.

On January 25, reporter went to the gynaecology department of the hospital, most of the patients and family members were asleep; the hospital hallway was very quiet. Reporter approached the hospital staff […]Read more…

Shanghainese girl gives birth to black baby, her parents ignore the matter

| November 10th, 2009

[EASTDAY] November 7, 2009, 5 am in the morning, a 20-year-old girl gave birth to a brown-skinned mixed-race baby in the People’s Liberation Army 411 hospital in Shanghai. It is reported that this girl got pregnant and gave birth to the mixed-race baby due to her lack of judgment while making friends. With no parental care, the girl was not able to induce labor. The hospital lent her a helping hand to help her pull through the difficult time […]Read more…

Temporary Rape, the birth of a new vocabulary

| November 6th, 2009

It all started with the following news report from China News Net:

October 29, 2009 China News reported two police associates, being part of the law enforcement knowingly violated the law. They raped a woman while she was drunk and passed out in a hotel. Eventually they could not escape from the moral and legal punishment. Today Zhejiang Huzou Nanxun court came to a first instance verdict. Two defendants were sentenced to three years in prison.

Evening of June 10, 2009, […]Read more…

Posting and Making fun of a Rape Case online, Policewoman accused of being Unethical

| October 8th, 2009


 The post on Tianya named “Talking about the hot and spicy rape case…” was apparently posted by a policewoman who was the transcript recorder for a rape case reported on October 7th. In the post, this policewoman called the content of the report “ridiculously shocking” and gave her own opinion on the case. However some netizens strongly criticized her work ethic as a police officer, accused her action of “making fun of rape case by posting it online” and “exposing […]Read more…

14 Year Old School Girl Sent as “Birthday Present” to be Raped

| August 6th, 2009

[wccdaily] 14 year old school girl Sisi’s (not her real name) nightmare: she was stopped by two strangers (girls) in front of the school and forced to be taken to a guy’s house. Sisi never thought the strangers (girls) “gave” her away as a “birthday present” to a man. Sisi was raped. When her parents found out about it they reported this crime to the police, finally in July of this year the criminals were brought to the court. Yesterday, […]Read more…

University Security Guard Raped and Killed Female Student Sentenced to Death

| July 3rd, 2009

A third year female student at Guangdong Business University was killed because of her beauty. School security guard 22-year-old Zheng Chenlue (郑成略) after pursuing her and got rejected several times, filled with hate on August 14th 2008 he carried a knife ones again demanded her to be his girl friend. After being rejected again he took her hostage into the men’s room raped and killed her. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zheng to death in the […]Read more…