Get engaged in a bed of cash in China

| January 23rd, 2010

I saw these pictures on the Ifeng BBS. In Shaoxin Qiaohe, a couple got engaged and the future groom took out 988,888 RMB (150,000 USD) engagement money for the bride’s family, a 200,000 RMB (30,000 USD) engagement ring and a 100,000 RMB (15,000 USD) golden necklace.

This is really nothing rare or new in China, and there are certainly way more extravagant engagements or weddings in China, but it is still pretty impressive among the common folks in China […]Read more…

Chinese netizens say goodbye to Google with Google doodles

| January 17th, 2010

One Mopper posted a thread on MOP calling all netizens to say farewell to Google by posting a collection of Google doodles. He wishes everyone by posting these pictures and by leaving messages on this post to say “take care” and “safe journey” to this friend just before parting.

How appropriate to start with this doodle: “How happy we are. To have friends come from afar!”- Confucius

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Chinese netizen lists the most worth watching horror movies

| December 11th, 2009

From MOP: Looking for a good scary movie for the weekend? Chinese netizen recommends a list of horror movies that are the most worth watching.  Surprisingly most of them are from Korea and Thailand, then followed by Japan.

I always think good horror movie should not be purely gruesome and purely scary. When people finish watching a good horror movie other than feeling scared, they should also ponder some social issues…  Enough talking, let’s start the pictures.

Chinese name: 变鬼(609猛鬼套房) […]Read more…