Photo of street peddler clutching onto Chengguan’s thigh goes viral

| July 20th, 2012

From QQ:

Yesterday, a photo of a street peddler clutching onto the thigh of a municipal inspector known as the Chengguan was widely distributed on the internet. In the photo, the Chengguan wore a pair of sunglass and was smoking. According to Lu Xueyuan, the street peddler in the photo, he was hugging the Chengguan because his scale was confiscated and he was beaten by municipal inspectors in his previous trading on the street. The Bureau of City Administration and Law […]Read more…

New generation’s unconventional graduation photos

| June 12th, 2011

From Sina:

Mid June to July is the graduation season in China. It’s a tradition that classmates gather together and take a group photo as the graduation photo. It’s kind of important to most graduates, without a group graduation photo their university lives seem incomplete. In the group graduation photo, graduates put on cap and gown or suite up, line up orderly and the photo shooting is done fast and nicely. However, that’s the conventional way to take graduation photos, this […]Read more…

Happy national day, make a national flag

| October 1st, 2010

Happy 61st birthday China, and happy national day to everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your week long vacation if you are currently working in China.  Here is a forum post on Tianya, a gathering of China’s national flags made and submitted by Tianya users.  Enjoy!

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Get the photo wrong, but the society picture right

| April 25th, 2010

From nddaily

A photo with the title of “Chengguan(城管,local urban administrators) arresting prostitute” has been around the net for 6 years while the real content of the photo is really about policemen saving a woman that attempted suicide. Those figures in the photo are nowhere to find after all these years, still many citizens stubbornly stick to the mistaken interpretation regardless of constant clarifications made by both photographer and relative media.

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