Female executive expelled for nude photo

| May 11th, 2011

From Shanghai Youth Daily:

The Nude picture Gate of Edison Chen, a popular young Hong Kong singer and actor, was the most shocking and frequently talked topic of China’s showbiz three years ago. In 2008, a repairman stole Edison’s nude pictures taken with other female actors and singers such as Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Maggie Q and uploaded them on the internet. But recently, a female executive lost her job because of downloading Edison’s nude picture onto the company’s computer.

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Nude boat trackers return

| March 27th, 2010

From people.com.cn

Nude boat trackers on Shennong Stream (神农溪) of Badong County are living fossils of the time-honored boat tracking culture in the Three Gorges. Once is renowned in 1990s, the activity fades out ever since the Reservoir Area of the Three Gorges (三峡库区) functioned. Voices of restoring the primitive ecological activity are making their present these years.

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