Going Global, start here in northeast China

| August 26th, 2011

The following is Jacky Huang’s report after a month of bicycle riding in China, participating in the Summer Universiade event.

Ten routes of bicycle riding through China

The 26th summer Universiade in Shenzhen has already ended. This game showed the whole world a different excitement of a thrilling international Olympic game. Low carbon dioxide, green, environment protection and creativity are the main themes. Even in the opening ceremony, almost all the performances were done by university students. And one of the great […]Read more…

Third son of Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un is the next leader of North Korea

| October 11th, 2010

On October 9, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his third son Kim Jong-un held a brief meeting with the visiting Standing Committee Member of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Central Political Bureau, CCP Political-legal committee secretary Zhou Yongkang to exchange views on China-DPRK relations.

On October 8th, Standing Committee of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly vice chairman Yang Hyong-sop confirmed that Kim Jong-un is the son of Kim Jong-il, on September 27, was promoted to Korean People’s Army General, on […]Read more…

North Korea Football Team spotted in Beijing, eating BBQ

| June 29th, 2010

Netease Sports, June 28:


Today a group of Korean-speaking men came out of a Korean style barbecue restaurant near the East Bridge in Beijing.  Several of them were wearing the red Korea DPR football team jerseys, and one of tem was the world-famous “People’s Rooney” Jong Tae-Se who burst into tears during the match against Brazil.  It turned out that the North Korea team did not return home directly after the World Cup loss in South Africa, (nor were they […]Read more…

North Korean football players sent to coal mine after World Cup loss?

| June 22nd, 2010

Recently the Chinese websites and forums are filled with the talks of North Korea National football team are going to be sent to coal mine as punishment if they lose at the World Cup.  Is this true?  Netease talked about this “as a not verified news” on June 17 after North Korea’s 1-2 loss to Brazil.  Some sites claimed this news came from U. S. blogs and small websites. This article from IFeng talked about a “rumor” found on a […]Read more…