Chinese people’s complex feeling toward Japan’s catastrophe

| March 20th, 2011

Source: MOP

The current catastrophe in Japan is all over the news in China now. It is so predominant that the earthquake in the country’s southern city Yunnan province was eclipsed to some extent. However, behind the attention is Chinese people’s different and mixed attitude toward this tragedy in Japan.

While most people expressing their concern and empathy to the people in Japan in various forms, voice of different opinion are not any weaker.

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April 21st, China’s day of national mourning for victims in Yushu earthquake

| April 21st, 2010


7:49 a.m. on April 14th, Yushu Tibetan autonomous region of Qinghai Province (33.1N, 96.7S, located on the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an average elevation of 4493.4 meters) was shaken by an earthquake of MS 7.1, resulting in 2064 dead, 175 missing and 12135 injured of which 1434 are of severe condition, as calculated by 5 p.m. April 20th.

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