78-year-old construction worker crushed to death by excavator

| July 4th, 2010

Recently, this set of chilling photos was circulating the Chinese websites and forums with the title “Peasant worker crushed into meat pie by excavator, where is justice”. Was it a murder or another housing demolition gone bad? Netizents speculated.  Then I found the news report of this incident on Netease.

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Yet another kindergarten killing in China, now guarding children with submachine guns

| May 13th, 2010

“Dear dad and mom, I am going to school. Hope it is not parting forever, I want to go home alive. Dear teacher and principal, I am coming to school. You cannot let bad people touch me, I want to go home alive. Dear uncle and auntie, I am at school. If you have grievances please go petition to higher authorities, I want to go home alive!” Blogger Zheng Yuanjie (郑渊洁) wrote in his blog after the April 30 Taixing, […]Read more…

Convicted murderer set free after victim returns home for welfare check

| May 11th, 2010

(Picture from People’s Daily: “Resurrected” “victim”  Zhao Zhenshang)

Zhao Zuohai, a 57-year-old resident of Zhaolu village in Henan Province, was recently declared innocent by the Henan Provincial Higher People’s Court on Sunday, May 9. He had been in prison since 2002.

In October 1997, Zhao Zuohai and his neighbor Zhao Zhenshang had gotten into an argument, after which Zhao Zhenshang went missing. It wasn’t until four months later that a member of Zhao Zhenshang’s family reported that he went missing.

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China beefing up school security with police steel forks following recent attacks on schoolchildren

| April 30th, 2010

China’s recent series of attacks on schoolchildren and even children in kindergarten stirred up public outrage.   In response, schools all over the country took actions to improve security on campus.

Yesterday, April 29, a man burst into a kindergarten in Taixing, Jiangsu province and stabbed 25 children and three adults.

And it was just one day ago, on April 28, a teacher carrying a knife broke into a primary school in Guangdong province in southern China and stabbed 15 students […]Read more…

Man stabs 13 elementary students in front the school, 9 dead

| March 24th, 2010

From Netease:

March 23 Morning, in Nanping, Fujian Province a man appeared to be mentally ill brandished a knife at the entrance of Luantong Nanping experimental elementary school during the time when students were just arriving to school. He continuously stabled and cut 13 elementary students. Currently, 9 children were killed and the other 4 are in critical condition and being rescued in the hospitals. The suspect was arrested by the police. 42 year old Zheng Mingsheng (郑民生) born in […]Read more…

The kidnappings and killings of children in Shenzhen, the truth and reactions

| December 14th, 2009

[NetEase] Recently, there were rumors in the Shenzhen community with news about elementary students being kidnapped and killed, causing students and parents to live in fear. Reporter learned from the Shenzhen police that since the second half of this year, three child kidnapping cases had happened in Futian district in Shenzhen, and one of the cases involved a death of one of the children hostages. There were also many kidnapping cases in Nanshan district. At least one child was […]Read more…

Wal-Mart: Violence and Lies

| October 16th, 2009

The night of September 2nd, Yu Xiaochun (余小春) who was viciously beaten by Wal-Mart workers, passed away after three days of rescuing efforts by the doctors. Since the exposure of the incident, Wal-Mart murder case was the hot topic of the internet forums.

On August 30th 7 pm, 37-year-old Yu Xiaochun went to Wal-Mart supercenter in Jingdezhen plaza. When she walked out of the store, five Wal-Mart employees (four men and one woman) chased up to her. They accused Yu […]Read more…

Daughter Killed Both Parents and Cut them into Pieces

| September 23rd, 2009


2009-09-16 Guangzhou Daily reported in “Parents getting a divorce, daughter kills both parents and cut them into pieces”

Evening of September 11th in a rental apartment in Zhongshan City (中山市沙溪镇云汉村) a man and a woman were killed and cruelly cut into pieces, the remains were still in the room. Until September 15th 8 am, their corpses were discovered by the landlord. Police came to the scene after receiving the call. They took the daughter of the victims in for questioning. Police […]Read more…

Female College Graduate Beaten and Killed in Busy Street over Dispute

| August 16th, 2009

A 27 year old female college graduate serving as a village official was beaten and killed in a China’s crowded street by a man who was riding an electric tricycle at the time. The suspect does not previously know the victim. He committed this violent act all because of a simple argument. After committing the crime the murder suspect flee the scene. This incident led to huge responses on the Chinese internet. With tens and thousands of netizen’s help […]Read more…

University Security Guard Raped and Killed Female Student Sentenced to Death

| July 3rd, 2009

A third year female student at Guangdong Business University was killed because of her beauty. School security guard 22-year-old Zheng Chenlue (郑成略) after pursuing her and got rejected several times, filled with hate on August 14th 2008 he carried a knife ones again demanded her to be his girl friend. After being rejected again he took her hostage into the men’s room raped and killed her. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zheng to death in the […]Read more…

Shishou (石首) Incident: Tens of Thousands People Guarding one Dead Body, Armed Police Suppressed Crowd

| June 23rd, 2009

From Popyard:

June 17 to June 20, Hubei province Shishou (石首) (city) a hotel chef’s strange death caused tens of thousands of people gathering and road blocking. Party secretary of Hubei Province Luo Qingquan (罗清泉) and Hubei governor Li Hongzhong (李鸿忠) visited the city to dispose the case. Till 20th to 21st morning, the situation has gradually subsided. The corpse were in the hotel were sent to a funeral parlor and crowd dispersed.

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Virginia Tech Chinese Graduate Student Murder Case Update

| February 1st, 2009

From Sohu BBS

Graduate Student Xin Yang was decapitated in a cafe at Virginia Tech university after had only arrived to United States weeks from China. Suspect Zhu Haiyang, a PHD student also came from china has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

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