Jet Li Became Singaporean Citizen

| June 17th, 2009

From BBC:

Singapore media said that the Chinese martial art star Jet Li (李连杰) has been naturalized in Singapore, and also purchased a mansion cost of nearly 20 million Singaporean dollars (14 million U.S. dollars).

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Ziyi ZHANG (章子怡)Kneels for Foreigner and Takes Piles of Sexy Photos in Her New Film, Accused of Disgracing China

| April 28th, 2009

From NetEast Chongqing Times Reports on April 25: Recently, the great international film "Horsemen” has been released in China Taiwan region. Chinese actress Ziyi ZHANG(章子怡)developing her career in Hollywood plays an important role in the film. Stacks of her "Sexy Photos" in the film "Horsemen" are bold undisguised.

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Yu LEE (李钰), “Romance in the Rain” Star, Dies At 33

| March 21st, 2009

From NetEase

Actress Yu LEE, who had performed in “Romance in the Rain”, “A Chinese Ghost Story” and many other TV dramas, died of a lymphoma illness at Beijing Union Medical College Hospital. She was 33 years old.

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“24 City” Showing in France, Japan and United States, Three Countries Show Different Movie Posters

| March 20th, 2009

NetEast March 13th reports, Jia Zhang ke (贾樟柯)’s new film “24 city” will start showing in various countries all over the world, First showing in France is on March 18th 2009, Japan and Unite stats will also have the first showing next month. All three countries presented their versions of the movie posters.

French poster used Zhao Tao (赵涛)’s modern look, Japanese version of the poster used stage photo of actress Chen Chong (陈冲) putting her makeup on. It appears to […]Read more…