Chinese swingers sentenced to jail time

| May 23rd, 2010

ChinaHush reported on April 3, 2010 that prosecutors charged 22 alleged swingers in east China for “group licentiousness,” a crime subject to a sentencing of a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Last Thursday, associate professor Ma Yaohai, 53, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, according to a Global Times article. The other 21 people were also sentenced for jail time.

Ma, who works at an unnamed university, organized a swingers club in Jiangsu Province, which hosted 35 parties […]Read more…

Swingers in China arrested over group sex parties

| April 3rd, 2010

Story background: Prosecutors in east China have charged a group of 22 alleged swingers with criminal licentiousness, state media said Wednesday, stoking calls for greater sexual freedom in the Asian country.

From Netease:

55 year old Ma Yaochun (马尧春) is going to be associated with “the crime of group licentiousness” (“聚众淫乱罪”) becoming a footnote of the history.

Because of the alleged criminal licentiousness, the former associate professor of an unnamed university in Nanjing is being prosecuted at Qinhuai District Prosecutorial office. The […]Read more…