16-year-old girl forced into prostitution by parents, diary reveals her love with a client

| September 18th, 2010

“1:58 am, I am sitting on my bed and thinking about my dear baby. Baby came to see me today, because he got paid today. Baby, we have met for ten months now and you have spent quite a bit of money on me. For that I am sorry, even thought you said you that you were most willing to. But I still feel guilty. My dear, today you said you don’t want me anymore, do you know how […]Read more…

White Day, write a three line love letter

| March 14th, 2010

March 14 is White Day (White Valentine’s Day), originated in Japan and now is also observed in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. It is an extension of the February 14 Valentine’s day. In Japan, February 14 Valentine’s Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts, usually to a male as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. On White Day, the converse happens: male who received a honmei-choco (chocolate of love) on Valentine’s day are expected to […]Read more…

12 years of reading of another woman’s love letter wakes her husband up from coma

| February 8th, 2010

From Sina:

Liu Hong, a 40-year-old woman in Minquan, Shangqiu City, woke up her husband from a 12-year coma by repeatedly reading her husband’s love letter from his period of puppy love for the entirety of the 12 long years when he was in a coma.

Some 13 years ago, a car accident turned Huang Jianjun, Liu Hong’s husband into vegetable patient. Liu stumbled upon Huang’s well-kept secret of a love letter as she turned their house upside down trying […]Read more…